Acer Predator Thronos – The Ultimate Chair for Gamers

Acer Predator Thronos – The Ultimate Chair for Gamers

The Acer Predator Thronos is a splendid and voguish gaming chair, which was revealed to the public in IFA Berlin a few days ago by the tech giant, Acer. The label Predator is Acer’s product line for gamers. The reveal of this futuristic gaming throne attracted quite some attention.

Predator Thronos Design

The Predator Thronos features a snazzy design with striking blue and black hues. There are three 27-inch gaming monitors embedded within a powerful 1.5-meter tall steel chassis. The designers have exclusively constructed this amazing smart gaming chair to include a deep impact vibration function that most gamers have been raving about.

This remarkable functionality has immense significance as it strongly contributes to in-game action responses through vibratory effects. Different gaming actions prompt these vibrations, which dissipate through the Thronos’ colossal steel exoskeleton.

Boasting a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design, the exterior of the Predator Thronos has a bright shiny body composed of polished, black steel. The exterior exudes ultra-cool vibes owing to the presence of striking color contrasts in blue and white that Acer designed to match the tones present on its devices like premium desktops and laptops. Aside from its brilliant aesthetics, the gaming chair features a comfortable, inherent footrest, integrated space for a Predator gaming PC and sprawls a complete 140 degrees, according to sources. With this new game accessory, the tech giant aims at pushing boundaries to offer gamers a dynamic gaming experience.


This Acer’s new reveal weighs almost 485 pounds and includes a steel-borne structure including a motorized cockpit, which allows you to adjust your display settings and screen setup. Sit back and relax in this massive yet durable gaming seat for a thrilling gameplay session. It is more like living in an engaging game world and going through real-life gameplay. Acer has designed this seat keeping in consideration ergonomics along with a reclining feature. You will also get to notice rumbling and vibrations during your gameplay.


The Thronos allows you to create full gaming set up by putting up three monitors around you. If you are interested in a flight simulator or racing theme games it will guarantee an adventurous gaming session. You will surely have great fun when the chair vibrates in response to your actions on the screens.

Release Date and Price

Acer has yet to announce the release date and pricing for the Predator Thronos but given its jaw-dropping features and specs, the chair will definitely come with an expensive price tag. We will just have to wait and watch.

A similar product by Imperator Works also comes equipped with three large monitors and a steel mount. It costs way more than regular gaming chairs. Before you think of dishing out a huge amount, please note that this gaming chair is for avid gamers only. You cannot use it for any other purpose. So, keep that in mind!