AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

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AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair with High Backrest, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms with 5/10 Warranty

AKRACING is a gaming chair manufacturer of high-quality seats and racing chairs for gamers. Akracing currently has 3 series of gaming chairs with a variety of model editions for you to choose from. All AKRacing Masters gaming chairs have one thing in common, they combine design with ergonomics and functionality. The variety of models in different sizes and color schemes allows everyone to find the right gaming chair to sit in comfort. Let’s have a look at the AKRacing Arctica Gaming Chair White.

AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

The Arctica is a concept chair out of the AKRacings Premium Series. As usual with all the racing-style gaming chairs, the design and looks of the Arctica remind one of a seat that belongs to the interior of a racing car.  However, the futuristic looks of the chair and its clean white design make it stand out to impress whether in an office or at a gaming desk.


Chairs Size Large
Recommended Weight up to 390 lbs
Recommended Height 5’6″ to 6’6″
Chair Cover Material PU Leather
Foam Type Cold Cured High-density
Frame Hand welded Steel
Base High-tensile aluminum base
Armrests 4D adjustable
Adjustable Back Angle 180°
Extras Lumbar Cushion
Head Pillow
Warranty Length Chair 5 Years
Frame 10 Years

Features of the AKRacing Gaming Chair

  • Ergonomic back contoured design
  • Adjustable Lumber and Head support
  • Backrest reclinable to 180 degree
  • Rocking function
  • Height adjustable armrests
  • Premium PU upholstery
  • High-density cold cured foam padding
  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Maximum recommended weight capacity of 400 pounds

Ergonomic Design

The Arctica gaming chair, as a member the AKRacing Premium Series is ergonomically designed with the mind on maintaining productivity and reducing fatigue that may result from extended sitting.

Providing support through a contoured backrest and effective placement of neck and lumbar support cushions, the chair aims at reducing strain and tensions on suffers in the neck and lower back when sitting at a computer for long periods of time. It is sure to increase your comfort level and make you even better at what you do.

Reclinable High Backrest

The backrest of the Arctica chair is fully adjustable and can be reclined from 90 to 180 degrees.

Height adjustable armrests are wide and provide sufficient comfort. Unfortunately, as in most racing-style chairs,  they cannot be tilted to the side.


The Arctica’s theme-style cover is made of high-quality PU artificial leather. It is easy to care for and provides a strong, durable, scratch and tear-resistant protection for the cold-cured high-density foam upholstery. The difference of high-density cold-cured foam is that the cushion is manufactured to the desired shape using a mold that has the final shape of the chair cushion, whereas cheap upholstery is cut out of mass-produced foam blocks. Those quality cushions will retain their shape and firmness throughout the life of the chair.

Solid Steel Frame

Underneath all the upholstery and PU synthetic leather is a solid steel frame for strength and durability that won’t break even when things get tough and occupants move around heavily. The seat’s height adjustment is controlled with the help of a very responsive heavy-duty gas lift.

AKRacing rates Master Max as suitable for occupants of up to 390 pounds. This may be pushing it a bit depending on how one is built. Anyway, the Master Max chair is designed for plus-size gamers, for the average person, this chair might be too big.

As with most office or gaming chairs, the chair swivels 360 degrees and the freedom of moving around is provided by tough nylon casters. Perfect for moving on carpets, but if you have a hardwood floor you better get soft rubber wheels that protect your floor and make moving on the same easier.



  • Great lumbar, shoulder and neck support
  • Well adjustable backrest and rocking mechanism.
  • Easy to operate height adjusting and reclinable backrest.
  • Durable PU leather
  • A quality high-density foam upholstery
  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Not well suited for very large people
  • Shoulder wings not comfy for oversized people.


From the workmanship and the high-quality materials used in this AKRacing gaming chair to the extremely sturdy frame made of steel, over the seat upholstery made of high-density foam up to the cover made of fabric or synthetic leather, AKRacing lives up to its reputation of making great and high-quality racing style gaming chairs. 


There are other gaming chairs and executive chairs that compare to the AKRacing gaming chair series. Two of the other most popular racing-style gaming office chairs are DXRacer Formula Series and the Kinsal Gaming Chair High-back Computer Chair.

Both of those ergonomic gaming chairs have similar features and a similar design. Also, both chairs come with a  headrest and lumbar support cushion.  However, they differ in size. So the DXRacer Formula is rather for people of a smaller frame and a bodyweight well below its recommended max of 200 pounds. The Kinsal Gaming Chair provides comfortable sitting for people of large build and much higher body weight. Pricewise both gaming chairs come a little cheaper than the Arctica.

Verdict about the AKRacing Arctica Gaming Chair White

This AKRacing Premium Gaming Chair is in terms of quality, workmanship, and ergonomic sitting comfort among the premium chair manufacturers. The brand has long been established in the market and knows what demanding customers want.

This shows in the noble and very appealing design and detailed precise workmanship in AKRacing chairs. The higher price of top-of-the-line gaming chairs compared to similar chairs that are cheaper is absolutely justified, when considering ergonomics and comfortable sitting, durability workmanship, and value for the dollar.

Akracing Premium Gaming Chairs are built to last and will be with you for many years.

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