Are Bean Bags Good for Gaming?

gaming bean bag chairs

Sitting comfortably is the most important thing when gaming, otherwise it is only half as much fun. A cheap and simple alternative for console players who do not want to lounge on the sofa or have no space for a console chair, while playing their favorite game are bean bags chairs. In this post, we’ll look at the pros and cons and whether bean bags are good for gaming or not.

What is Bean Bag?

Whether it’s a very simple bean bag or the best bean bag chair for gaming, a bean bag chair is basically just a sack filled with granules, the beans. These two elements – sack and filling – are all it takes.

The sack is made of a fabric that is either made of synthetic material, cotton, a blended fabric, or leather. The loose filling of the bean bags consists of styrofoam beads or shredded foam, which adapts to the body individually when sitting down on the sack and thus offers a comfortable seat!

All in all, it is a very simple product and a very versatile piece of furniture. It is perfect for the living room, bedroom, and especially for the children’s room.

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Are Bean Bags Good for Gaming?

A gamer beanbag is light and can be quickly set up at the right distance from the console and the screen. A beanbag seat will adapt to the shape of your body whether you sit straight or lie down in it. They do not really offer ergonomic seating comfort, you rather sink in and chill, which is ideal for youngsters but not for older gaming fans that have already an issue with their back.

Pros and Cons of Gaming Bean Bags?

Just like any other product, Bean Bags also have its pros and cons. In this section, we will share some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Bean Bags which will help you know they are the right choice for you or not.


  • Bean Bags are comfortable. They come with a soft and squishy filling so the seat will mold itself according to your body which will help you achieve the ultimate comfort.
  • More affordable than the racing-style gaming chairs. So, if you are on a budget then Bean Bag is an ideal option for you.
  • Bean Bags comes with various materials but most of them are very easy to clean. They also don’t accumulate dirt on the corners due to their shape and you can easily clean them without any problem.
  • Bean Bags are also very lightweight due to their build. You can easily move them around in your house without any trouble.
  • Fits in every room, good for console gamers
  • Particularly suitable for children


  • No ergonomics to support an upright posture
  • Not suitable for PC gaming because the sitting position for the desk use is too low and a bit awkward
  • The biggest disadvantage of using the bean bag is the sweat issue. If you are using it in a humid environment then your back can get sweaty.
  • Some models are not water and dirt repellent
  • Needs a refill after a couple of years
  • Not too comfortable for the elderly

What’s the best bean bag chair gaming?

A Bean Bag is a simple product but there are tons of variations available out there which makes it difficult to pick the right one. That’s why you should consider these factors when buying a bean bag.


Pay attention to the beanbag filling and the fabric of the linning. Different surface materials are used for the outer covers. Polyester, nylon, synthetic fabrics, cotton, a blended fabric, or genuine leather, what’s best depends on your personal preference and what you are most comfortable to sit on.

Some synthetic fabrics and fillings may smell strongly of chemicals, make sure you avoid them. Look for a removable lining, this makes washing much easier.


Bean Bags comes in various shapes and sizes which you can pick according to your choice.

  • Round is the most common shape and it is also an ideal shape for gamers as well. Round Bean Bags shape and adapt to the body shape of the user and provide great comfort.
  • Square Bean Bag is another common type, it has a more defined shape very similar to the chairs. It comes with a defined backrest and armrests.
  • Gaming Bean Bags are advanced bean bags that come with semi-defined shape and some of them also features built-in speakers and other features.
  • There are also beanies that are designed for the kids. These bean bags come in various fun shapes such as animals, emojis, etc.

What are bean bags filled with?

As we mentioned in the intro section, Bean Bags are available with various types of fillings which you can choose for added comfort.

  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)– The best and most common bean bag filling, it is durable and most comfortable.
  • Polypropylene beads – Very common in bag bags and also very comfortable.
  • Shredded foam – It is the same material that is used for cushions but in bean bags, it comes in shredded form.

The type of filling determines how comfortable and how adaptable the bag is. It is also important that the bag is filled with exactly the right amount. It must not be too much and not too little. If the bag is underfilled, you will sink too deep into the bag, if the bag is overfilled, it will not give way and will not adapt to the body of the user. Also note that poor quality fill material compresses more and doesn’t expand as much, so the volume of the bag decreases.

Bean Bag Chair Refill

After some time of use, a bean bag may become a bit flat and lose its comfort. Refilling a bean bag is easy and fun too. A large selection of refills can be ordered online at Amazon.

Is there a bean bag filling alternative?

A bean bag filling alternative to the expanded polystyrene (EPS) are styrofoam flakes, which are made from recycled material and are a somewhat more environmentally friendly filling.

Other alternative bean bag fillings include beans, peas, rice, sawdust, hay, peanut shells, buckwheat hulls, scraps of cloth, shredded paper, and similar small particle materials. However, most of these bean bag filler alternatives are not really comfortable, too heavy, not long-lasting, etc.

Sizes of Bean bags

Bean bag seats are available in different sizes. Before buying, make sure that the size fits and that you also like the shape of the bag.

  • The adult size is the standard size. It can easily accommodate a 6-foot person with no problem
  • Teen Bean Bag size is the size of teens. It is meant to support up to a 5’2” inch person without any problem.
  • Kids’ size is obviously the smallest. These bean bags are small in size and they often come in various fun shapes such as animals etc.
  • There are also really big beanbags so people with plus size can easily find a suitable one, and there are also some on which more than one person can sit inside.

These are the most important criteria which you should consider when buying a gaming bean bag. You can also consider other factors such as the outer material of the bean bag. Bean Bags comes in various finishes such as Cotton, Denim, Suede, Linen, Twill, and many more.


Bean Bags are considered the ideal option if you want to be comfortable while gaming. They are very affordable and with a good filling, it takes a few years for the beanbag to lose its shape. Even then you can refill them very easily and inexpensively with just a few simple steps.

So get off the floor and throw yourself into a cool beanbag. A gaming beanbag is a good alternative for console gamers who would otherwise sit on a sofa or in an armchair with their controller. For PC gamers, however, an ergonomic gaming chair in which to sit comfortably in front of the computer table has very clear advantages.