Are Cooling Pads Good For Laptops?

Today’s laptops are more powerful than ever while being compacter and slimmer.  Overheating is one of the most common problems in modern laptops. Overheating greatly compromises the performance of the laptop. It slows the system down, it becomes sluggish in responding to input and in the worst case it simply shuts down. There are many ways to solve this issue. The easiest and least expensive options are laptop cooling pads. In this guide, we will tell you if laptop cooling pads are good for laptops or not.

What are cooling pads for Laptops?

The laptop’s own cooling is sometimes not sufficient to keep the device at safe temperatures. Especially when in continuous operation, during extended gaming sessions, heat generation can be extreme. High ambient temperatures, high humidity, and additional outside factors can also contribute to a lack of cooling.

Using the laptop as the name suggests –  placing it on your lap – may be comfortable, but often will reduce air circulation as the air vents on the bottom get blocked. The internal temperature of the laptop increases and the cooling fans turn faster producing even more heat. Sooner or later the unit will overheat reducing performance and in the worst case may shut down.  Using a laptop cooler can prevent this problem.

A laptop cooling pad is simply a flat board that is designed as a base for the laptop to sit on. Placing the laptop on it will either passively or actively support the cooling and prevent the computer from getting too hot.

Passive coolers improve air circulation around the laptop.

Active coolers have one or more fans, which provide additional airflow for improved heat dissipation.

Are cooling pads good for laptops? The advantages:

  • Reduction of operating temperature
  • Effective against the laptop overheating
  • Less wear and longer life
  • Alway optimum laptop performance
  • Comfy as the unit on the lap is not  too hot
  • Lightweight and portable

What should be considered when buying a laptop cooler?

Generally, there is a common perception that an expensive laptop cooling pad is better than the cheaper one but it is not the case here. When it comes to cooling pads, a $20 cooling pad will perform almost the same as a $70 laptop. If you are thinking of buying a cooling pad make sure to check its fan size, power consumption, and noise level.

When buying a laptop cooling pad, pay attention to its feature to find one that fits your needs best:

  • Multiple fans are more effective, cooling is better
  • A large fan that spins slower is better than a small fan that spins quickly
  • The noise level should be in the range of  no more than 25 and 35 dBA
  • 3 to 5 fans are the best
  • Should have a USB port, so no power outlet is needed, and can be used on the go
  • On-off switches allow various cooling and reduce energy consumption


The best Gaming Laptops in 2018 are equipped with the latest Intel Generation CPUs and Nvidia GPUs which are very powerful and consume a lot of power which can result in a lot of heat production.

To prevent your laptop from getting too hot, monitor your laptop’s internal temperature with free software such as Core Temp.  Read our tips on how to fix overheating issues and consider a cooling pad.

For a modern high-end gaming laptop, a cooling pad can definitely make a big difference in performance. If you are looking for a good notebook then make sure to read our laptop buying guide.