Arozzi Milano Gaming Racing Style Chair

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Arozzi - Milano Ergonomic Computer Gaming/Office Chair with Swivel, Tilt, Rocker, Adjustable Height and Adjustable Lumbar Support - Red

This Arrozi Milano gaming chair offers the kind of luxurious comfort you always desire in a perfect gaming chair. Its ergonomic design is inspired by a racing theme.  It is a lightweight chair, easy to move around on 5 strong nylon casters but still of strong design to support video gaming enthusiasts of up to 200 pounds / 90 kg.

The Arozzi Milano Chair comes with ergonomic features as well as thick padding for comfort after long hours of playing video games.

Features of the Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair

  • Made with synthetic polyurethane (PU) leather for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Adjustable height gas-spring allows you to adjust the height of the chair according to your preference
  • 360 degrees swivel rotation and seat-tilt features allow you to change positions smoothly
  • Lightweight
  • Equipped with a lock-in function to hold you firmly in your place while playing games
  • Built with 5 nylon wheels to provide stability.
  • Designed with thick cushioned arm, seat and backrest for extra
  • Class-4 gas lift gives the entire construction the capacity to handle up to 120 kg of weight


  • Comfortable

This chair has thick padding around the armrests, headrest and backrest. This gives maximum comfort and the right support on your body when you sit for longer sessions. The swivel and tilt capabilities make it comfortable to change positions at any moment.

  • Affordable

This affordable gaming chair offers some great features that are only found in more expensive chairs.

  • Easy to clean

The PU material makes it very easy to clean. This saves a lot of time and effort. Simply wipe it off with a clean cloth and you’re ready for your next gaming session.

  • Stable

The lock-in function keeps the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair firmly in its place even if you are moving too much. This prevents you from any interruption of distracting movements while playing a video game. Moreover, the class-4 gas lift adds stability to the whole chair as it can support up to 120 kg of weight.

  • Mobile

Due to its light construction, this chair can be moved around quite easily. The nylon wheels also make it easy to drag around anywhere in your room.

  • Nice design

This chair is constructed with a racing theme. This gives it a very attractive design that can entice anyone who is into car racing games. The color highlights accentuate the dominant black color of the chair. The leather feel adds to its posh look.


  • Cushions wear away easily

The cushions tend to wear off after some time. If you encounter this problem, refill the cushions with some durable stuff.

  • Fixed headrest

The headrest on this model is part of the backrest and cannot be adjusted.

  • Armrests are not adjustable

An otherwise comfortable chair that has unfortunately non-adjustable armrests. So if you are not of average size, you may be better off choosing another size chair.

  • Take time to assemble

You need to assemble it properly, making sure that the parts have been joined tightly by screws or the chair will wobble. Check the screws regularly to ensure they have not become loose.

Verdict of the Arozzi Milano Gaming Chair

When you hear the name Arozzi, one thinks more of an Italian product. But it is a Swedish designer of gaming chairs and accessories that stands for quality and comfort.

The Milano is an entry-level chair that has everything you need. The padded armrests and the back support cushion ensure comfort. The rocking/tilt mechanism enables free rocking back and forth and either locking in any angle. A removable or adjustable headrest and adjustable armrests would have been desirable on this chair.

But all in all a great comfortable chair that is suitable for users who are petite to average built with a maximum weight of up to 200 pounds.

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