Benefits Ergonomic Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse vs Regular Mouse

The mouse is a fundamental input device that is inevitable for work or gaming on a computer. Choosing the type of mouse does not seem to be a big deal until the moment you notice some strange discomfort in your hand and arm.

conventional mouseA conventional mouse forces the hand and forearm into an unnatural position. It is only a matter of time until this prolonged and frequent stress on your wrist or arm will cause problems.

In fact, the computer mouse is a major cause of RSI complaints that arise from frequent use of the mouse in an unnatural position.

Ergonomic Mouse

That’s where the difference in the design and construction of an ergonomic mouse vs a conventional mouse comes in.

An ergonomic mouse is designed in such a way that it enables an almost neutral hand and arm position. While a regular mouse simply provides the basics means to give information to a computer so that interaction with the computer programs is possible, without thinking of and ergonomic hand and wrist positions.

Ergonomic Hand and Arm Posture

vertical mouseAn ergonomic mouse assures you have a neutral hand posture when using the mouse, thus causing less monotonous strain holding the mouse. This may well be the main benefit that makes an ergonomic mouse to be more effective in providing a comfortable and natural hand position to the mouse user.

A neutral hand posture makes it easy for anyone to handle the mouse. It gives the hand and wrist the proper positioning and ensures no pain for either your wrist or parts of your arm despite prolonged use.

Different mice vary from one another, so be aware of certain sizes and feels. You’re supposed to have a comfortable and easy performance when dealing with an ergonomic mouse, so it might take a few trials and errors to get the right feel for your hand.

In other words: it takes a quarter of an hour to use until you get completely used to using this vertical mouse. The buttons are assigned exactly as with a normal mouse, the guidance and handling is intuitive.

Lower Risk of Repetitive Strain Injury

Once you have a neutral hand posture, you’re can guarantee to reduce the risk of wrist and muscle strain. This is probably the main effect of an ergonomic mouse. It provides comfort when using the mouse.

You won’t have to worry about wrist pain due to long hours using the computer because using an ergonomic mouse gives you easier and healthier usage for your hands. You won’t have to deal with wrist, shoulder, or arm pain because ergonomic mice were designed to lower the chances of wrist pain and avoid the risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome.

Having an ergonomic mouse gives better support and a more comfortable hand and wrist position compared to just having a typical mouse.

If you’ve decided on investing in an ergonomic mouse, then here’s a list of what to look for when choosing which one you’ll be buying.


If there’s one thing to consider when it comes to purchasing the right ergonomic mouse, it’s the size. Choosing the right size mouse is just as important as choosing the right size gaming chair. If you are big and tall, you also need a large matching gaming chair that is the right size. Hands vary from one another, and so do computer mice. It’s important to check if the mouse is too big or too small for your hands, otherwise, you won’t get to experience the maximum potential of an ergonomic mouse. The ergonomic mouse was made to create comfort, so be sure to have the right size to achieve its goal.

Wireless or Wired

It doesn’t matter if the mouse is wired or wireless, but it helps in knowing what works best for you. A wired mouse won’t require any sort of batteries to power it up, but its cord connection might create unwanted entanglements. A wireless mouse, on the other hand, is a good choice for anyone who hates having to deal with wires and prefers a more futuristic design.

Sensor Sensitivity

The sensor is responsible for how fast or how slow your cursor moves. Sensor sensitivity is important especially with computer games. It is also a question of personal preference or habit and is therefore adjusted differently by each user.

Playing with high mouse sensitivity requires only short, weak movements out of the wrist. If you play with low mouse sensitivity, you have to move the mouse further to cover the same distance on the screen. The mouse is often guided with the entire forearm rather than out of the wrist.

In most gaming mice, the sensitivity of the mouse can be set individually using the mouse software. The finer you can adjust them, the better you can adjust them to your own needs.

Ergonomic Mouse vs Regular Mouse

Whether for an office workstation, your home office, or gaming set up, an ergonomic or vertical mouse is definitely a recommended alternative input device that will convince you of its benefits in no time.

Ergonomics as a whole is an important consideration for any work or gaming station where you spend time sitting in an ergonomic office or gaming chair at a desk for several hours. The advantage of an ergonomic mouse, even if it is only used for a few hours at a time, is that the mouse arm is less strained in a non-natural position compared to the horizontal mouse.