Benefits of 4K Monitors for Gaming

4K resolutions came into the market of gaming a couple of years back with the introduction of the 1070 and its Ti counterparts. Of course, back then the prices that involved 4k gaming were astronomical and impractical, and to make things worse, not many games supported the concept of 4k; only a handful of games were programmed to work with resolutions as high as 4k. But over the years, the increase in technology has lowered the prices of these monitors and the equipment needed to run 4k environments by a considerable amount making the choice of 4k gaming a viable one to make.

Benefits of 4K Monitors for Gaming

Considering the money that is invested in the idea, you might wonder what are the benefits of having a 4k setup for gaming; that is exactly what we will discuss in this article. The benefits of a 4k monitor in a gaming perspective.

What is gaming at 4k?

Gaming at 4k is not in any way comparable to what you would experience on a 1080 HD display, 4K monitors are dubbed to be ultra HD and hold nearly four times the pixel count as a similarly sized 1080p monitor. The image quality and clarity are incomprehensible, as is the depth of the image, the fascinating colors and the fascinating immersion are incomparable.

The most commonly found resolution is the 3840×2160 resolution along with the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Quality of image over performance

Although this sounds contradictory let us give you a quick explanation. 4K gaming provides you with rich pictures and images that have astounding depth. When it comes to gaming the resolution provides the quality of the image and 4k resolution provides the best in the market(lower resolutions distort the image and cause pixelations). This does mean that the quality of the image is at its peak but as a compromise, the frame rate of the games being played will suffer. This compromise is what caps the performance, lower framerates, and motion stability for increasingly high-quality image detail.

But isn’t that bad?

Not always.
Higher framerates are a concept that is tied to competitive gaming where every mechanical advantage is required by gamers to hold an edge over their opponents. If you are a casual gamer that wants to experience the game with breathtaking visuals then 60 frames per second are definitely more than enough and thanks to the new 2080 RTX line of GPUs this can easily be fueled by cashing in a bit of money.

AAA title compatibility

All triple-A titles and modern games are now being developed with the idea of 4K gaming in its mind. A few years back it took upscaling and various tweaks to make 4k gaming work but now it is completely supported by developers preventing any complications. Newer games will have better graphics and effects allowing you to get the maximum benefit from a 4k monitor as it will enhance these graphics to their maximum potential.

This point also applies to open-world games and games that have an incredibly high demand for visual clarity. Games like The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 and many more upcoming titles are going to be quite a treat when experienced through the windows of a 4K monitor.

Being future proof

Right now the standard gaming resolution is moving from being 1080p to 1440p, while 1080p is still in the market and is still supported by every game out there and probably will be for a good number of years to come, it is still degrading in lifespan. 1440p is coming round the corner and with how fast technology is increasing and how quickly the prices are dropping it will not be ages before 1440p gets replaced as well. This means having a 4k monitor essentially future-proofs your gaming setup. You have got nothing to worry about in the department of upgrading your monitor as you are already comfortably set for many years to come.

Modern Consoles

The PS5 is causing quite a storm among gamers in the recent past as it introduced the aspect of 4k gaming at an affordable price. Now if you manage to acquire a 4k monitor with an acceptable size, then you can essentially pair it with the new upcoming console models to easily satisfy your demands for a 4k rig. The new generation of consoles is coming in at $600 which is not even as expensive as a 2060 super GPU, making the switch to a console for 4k gaming not only viable but advisable.

Everyday use

Even if the primary purpose of buying a monitor with 4k resolutions is for gaming, you can not deny the fact that you will most likely use it for everyday applications such as watching videos and movies. The visual clarity that comes with 4k videos is quite a treat and is sure to be a worthy side investment when paired with a monitor that can present it appropriately.

If you are into designing, maybe for video editing purposes that are connected to gaming or such, the true color experience provided by a 4K monitor is a godsend.

That concludes our list of benefits of gaming through a 4K monitor, while the concept of 4K gaming sounds exciting the prices involved are still quite high. Getting the best gaming monitor and high-end graphic cards can still add up to some big bucks. But if you are capable of putting in an investment that holds true for the future then this is going to be an upgrade that you won’t regret jumping into.