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Is your office chair barely cutting it? If you’ve got an aching back and hips by the end of the day, but your kids interrupt you if you sit anywhere else, then your work at home situation needs to change.

It may be time to shop for office chairs. Here are several factors to consider when looking for your new chair.

Office Chairs for Working At Home

During the pandemic, more and more people began telecommuting. With Zoom, all things are possible, at least a lot of at-home work is possible. While that meant pivoting to a home environment and plenty of distractions, it also meant finding a new work zone.

Many people are getting used to the idea that working from home will be a long-term situation for them. Some companies have committed to this being a permanent option for their employees, sending them on the hunt for the most comfortable office chairs.

Finding a permanent solution for an at-home office chair is a difficult task. You won’t be sitting in it only part-time anymore.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

If the first idea you have is searching for “office chairs near me,” then stop for a minute and consider other factors. Besides availability, you also want to have a chair that makes it possible for you to work as long as you need to. Finding a chair that’s ergonomic will go a long way to being able to sit down and get projects done for hours at a time.

The principles of ergonomics encourage you to work in neutral postures. You should be able to look at a screen directly in front of you without angling your neck up or down. Everything should stay within your reach and be at the right height.

Your ergonomic chair should also minimize fatigue and promote endurance in the chair. While every position will eventually get uncomfortable, an ergonomic chair reduces pressure points so you can have some longevity in your seated position.

Using What You Have

You also have to consider the space you have. Even if you want a larger home office chair, you can’t look at Staples office chairs that are too large for the space. You have to shop for what fits with what you have.

Evaluate your home office. Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the measurements of the room?
  • How high off the ground is your desk?
  • Would a bigger chair fit in here?
  • Does this have to be my office? Is there a place in the house that would be a better space?
  • Will any modifications to the space happen in the foreseeable future (painting, remodeling, overhauls)?
  • Will anyone else be using my chair?

These will help you think about the space you already have and the purpose it serves. Before you buy a new chair, make sure that it will fit with any modifications you’re planning, or else complete those first.

While you may spend the most time in it, you still may want to share the chair with others. Take into account other people who will be using your office space and their needs.

Unique Office Chairs

You don’t have to choose from a limited selection of office chairs that your company approves of now that you’re furnishing the space yourself. Your office is your own space, and you’re confined only by the limits of your imagination (and also your ability to actually get work done).

You can make your office as unique, interesting, and conducive to work as possible. Do you want a corner where you can do 5 minutes of chair yoga every hour?

Do you want ten new potted plants to give life and better air quality to the room? Do you need a toddler sensory table in the corner to make sure your littles have a place to play while you attempt to get work done?

You can also choose a unique office chair that goes with your personality and needs. It doesn’t have to match or look like the rest of the office, and it doesn’t have to fit with what your boss thinks of as a standard office chair.

Other Details

Sometimes you’re looking for a specialty chair. Even if you think your dream chair isn’t out there, it’s worth looking.

Whether the unicorns you’re seeking are heavy-duty office chairs or armless office chairs, do some preliminary searches before you give up on it. Don’t settle for something less without doing the research first.

Consider the style of wheels and the number of ways the chair adjusts. Consider the color and style of the chair. Decide whether you want a convertible chair so you can use it at a high-top desk or a sitting desk (some desks convert to standing, so you’d need a chair that can adapt, too).

If someone in your Zoom meeting needs to see the wall behind you (like in a virtual teaching situation), it can affect your chair. Do you need to think about the shape of the chair back and how it blocks or reveals the background?

Will you use a virtual background? If so, do you need a chair that blends in (like a green screen) or one that meeting attendees can see?

Your budget will also be a consideration. Finding a chair with all your favorite traits that also fits in your price point is a challenge.

Decide ahead of time what you can afford to spend. Finding the perfect chair and then discovering you can’t afford it only sets you up for disappointment. It’s better to be able to filter by price and eliminate expensive results that you don’t even want to see.

Sitting Pretty

Hunting down the right office chairs for your extended work at home time is no small task. Yet, with considerations like ergonomics, unique features, and space limitations, you’ll be on the right track in no time.

Did you find this article helpful? Check out home office chairs on this page for more info. Here are some of the best and most ergonomic chairs for your home office!