BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair, an affordable desk chair

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Are you looking for a new comfy office chair, but hesitant to spend a lot of money? The office chair market is filled to the brim with cheap, uncomfortable chairs whose quality is highly questionable. Then again, there are good chairs for gaming or office work, which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So here is one bestseller chair which certainly is not the most expensive desk chair but still provides some sound features across the board.

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair

This ergonomic office chair by BestOffice is a fine example of thriftiness and functionality, able to compete with some chairs that are well above its price range.


  • Expensive appearing
  • Metal base
  • PU leather upholstery
  • Adjustable height
  • Supports up to 250 pounds


Appearance-wise, this chair gives off the impression of being more expensive than it actually is. The classic contrast of black and silver brings out the best in it, and the metal chair base not only has a hefty feel to it but makes the chair look powerful. On the other hand, its broad seat and thick backrest are inviting to sit on and either get straight down to business or catch a breather beforehand. This executive style is highly sought after and will improve the appeal of a desk area, office or meeting room considerably.

Adjustments and Comfort

Adjusting the chair’s height and reclining level is easy and done through one handy lever. Pushing it activates the pneumatic pressure and makes the chair lower or raise the seat. Pulling it out gives you access to the reclining option, and pushing it back in locks the backrest from moving out of its current position. The ease with which the chair reclines is controlled by a separate knob nearby, so fine-tuning everything about the process is both easy and intuitive.


The armrests are held securely by four screws. They’re long and curl downwards so that your wrists can be perfectly at ease too instead of dangling freely. Since the armrests are an integral part of the chair’s construction in the sense that they help keep it in one piece, they can’t be moved or adjusted in any way. On the plus side, they’re padded and provide rest for your arms when you get a chance to use them.


The chair is entirely upholstered with synthetic, polyurethane leather. This gives it a nice textured feel akin to genuine leather but doesn’t suffer from the same drawbacks or fussy and costly maintenance. It’s particularly resistant to water and grease – the former slides right off without leaving a trace, and the latter can be dealt with using a cloth and some mild detergent. Apart from that, the material is textured so it doesn’t stick to your body on hot days, and won’t scratch or mar easily.


At first glance, the padding all throughout the seat and backrest might lead one to think that the chair is fluffy and that you’d sink right into it. In fact, the experience of sitting in it is quite balanced as the foam within puts up solid resistance and is cozy without limiting your movements. This is partially blemished towards the chair’s front as the very edge of the seat isn’t as well-padded as the rest of it. This forces you to actually sit up straight as intended since by leaning forward too much you risk it digging into the back of your legs.

Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair Computer Chair with Lumbar Support Arms Executive Rolling Swivel PU Leather Task Chair for Women Adults, Black

BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair is ideal for people whose work involves quick bursts of activity at their desk mixed with something else, or for gamers who usually get an hour or two of playtime in between obligations. For anything longer though, the chair’s support can prove to be insufficient as there’s no dedicated lumbar support.

The chair’s dimensions provide sitting for someone of standard height and average build. In its lowest position, the seat stands at 19 inches, which can be extended an additional four inches with help of the gas cylinder. The chair’s back will reach most people’s neckline at a height of 28 inches. As far as weight limitations are concerned, its steel frame and base support up to 250 pounds.



  • Looks like a much more expensive chair
  • Has a well-built frame and a metal base which makes it stable and resistant to wear
  • Affordable with superb value for the money
  • Height and back tilt can be controlled with a single lever
  • The chair’s upholstery can be easily cleaned
  • There’s no back pillow or any other kind of dedicated lumbar support
  • The armrests aren’t adjustable


The budget office chair convinces by its executive style and expensive appearance. Being solidly build and providing the basic features it is very affordable, no need to always look at the most expensive desk chair.
However, if you intend to spend very long hours sitting, be it in the office or at home gaming, here are some other affordable gaming chairs that provide features like neck and lumbar pillows, back tilt and adjustable armrests.

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Is the BestOffice’s ergonomic chair worth it

In spite of some minor problems which are to be expected when dealing with an office chair under 100 dollars like this one, BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair is worth giving a chance. Its handsome look, the overall quality of the upholstery and just enough tilt to squeeze that extra bit of comfort out of it when you need it the most put this chair on the map.

Are there better budget office chair chairs that provide a better long-term experience more padding and more diverse armrests? Absolutely, but good luck trying to find one that’s as affordable and generally reliable as this one is. A luxurious look, sturdy construction and the likelihood of getting more than a couple of good years of service from it ought to solidify its place in the budget-conscious buyer’s study or workspace.