Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

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Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support,Metal Base and 3D Aluminum Alloy Armrest Racing PC Computer Video Game Chair High Back PU Leather Office Desk Chair with Headrest Black

If you play games or watch web series you know that time flies by sitting in front of your computer or laptop. When the excitement goes up, or when you indulge in PUBG altogether you won’t even know you have been sitting in the wrong posture until you notice fatigue, backache, stiff neck and other problems related.

The best way to enjoy your gaming, even for the next 10-hours continuing is to invest in a good gaming chair. Blue Whale is an established name in the gaming chair world. Many of the brand’s products are popular and are ranking amongst the top gaming chairs. In this post, we look at the Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair.

Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair

The chair is specifically designed for big and tall guys. You know the problem with the long guys just does not end on the planes where they find crazy short-area for spreading legs. The same problem is not letting them off here in the gaming world as well. The guys just do not fit in a normal gaming chair, with their size the chair does not come with the weight capacity. So, the Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair is designed to tackle this problem and lets you stay comfortable while diving into Esports.


Design and Ergonomics

As with most Esports chairs, ergonomic sitting must be achieved through a sensible combination of the best possible comfort and the functions that contribute to the playing environment. The Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair not only looks great it also provides support to the spine, allows varying working postures and promotes a proper position to sit in.

Massage Lumbar Cushion

To provide some relaxation to the lumbar area and back, some chairs incorporate a massage function into the chair. This chair from Blue Whale features a massage function build into the lumbar cushion, it simply hooks up via USB connection.

As the chair is reclinable to a near-horizontal you may move the massage lumbar cushion to whatever part of your back is just screaming for relaxation. You can also take off the massager pillow altogether and put it on any other chair as well.

Sit in various recline positions

The chair comes with an adjustable backrest. You can recline the chair from 90-155-degrees. The rocking function lets you rock back and forth by about 20-degree. The chair also features a comfortable, moveable armrest. The armrest can be moved in four directions; left, right, up and down. You can adjust the armrest to any angle you desire without any big trouble.

All metal frame:

The chair integrates an all-metal frame. All components attach using solid steel bolts; no side of the chair is flimsy. The frame supports your body and its design is specifically engineered to improve the comfort and enjoyment of video games. It has a heavy-duty nylon base that comes with explosion-proof gas spring.  All this is rated to hold occupants of up to 400 pounds. Sound good, this should last a couple of years.

Plush comfort

The chair is designed to render ultimate comfort. With a flat wide seat, soft padding, premium PU leather covers.

By all sections, the chair is super comfortable and looks luxurious. The chair got a nice 20 plus inches seating area and a wide and high backrest. So big and tall guys should find ample space to sit in this gaming chair without any difficulty.

Adjustable height:

The chair renders adjustable heights. You can move it up and down as per your usage. The knob under the seating will let you move it up and down without any big trouble

Easy to put together:

When unboxing it, you find most part of the chair preassembled, so it very easy to put together. Within 30-minutes you will have it assembled. Make sure you read the manual before getting it started.


  • Big chair for tall and heavy guys
  • Strong Steel frame
  • Adjustable armrest and headrest
  • Fully adjustable backrest
  • Reclines back 155 degrees
  • Massage cushion
  • Good value for money


  • Electric massage motor may break


The Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair is made of steel frame and a metal alloy wheelbase. The chairs dimension offers ample space and comfort to occupants larger than the average person.

A maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds is a lot and one should expect such a strong chair to last a couple of years providing comfort when gaming for long hours or in the office while working.

Whether you really need a built-in massage pillow, everyone has to decide for themselves. It is sure a little gimmick to have.

Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support,Metal Base and 3D Aluminum Alloy Armrest Racing PC Computer Video Game Chair High Back PU Leather Office Desk Chair with Headrest Black
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