Are Gaming Chairs Important for you?

Gaming and esports have turned into a mass phenomenon and not just among the young generation. Gaming is highly popular in every age group. Games are easily available to everyone through mobile phones, consoles, desktops, laptops, and other gadgets. According to a survey taken by Limelight Networks in 2019, there is a considerable increase in … Read more

What Type of Gaming Chair To Buy?

types of gaming chairs

The different types of gaming chairs, have one thing in common. There are designed for gamers and to make long gaming sessions comfortable.  This is achieved through a clever design that combines ergonomics with cool looks and gaming related themes. Built-in features such as speakers or vibration motors are great gimmicks to have, but of … Read more

Comparing Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair

  You have probably already heard that gaming chairs are really good, but whether they can also be better for your needs you are not sure about. One of the first things you’ll notice about gaming chairs is the way they’re designed. The idea is that they should look “cooler” than conventional chairs, which is … Read more

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chair

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chair

You can buy a cheap gaming chair for less than $ 200. Good middle-price range chairs cost around three to four hundred dollars and the premium chairs cost well beyond that. Do expensive chairs pay off? From the first impression, they seem to be quite similar. But what about quality if you take a closer … Read more

Back Pain From Gaming

sore back from gaming

I am sure you been here too? The new video game is out and you are looking forward to a few hours of discovering new worlds and the challenge of fighting your way through the next level. But suddenly the back hurts, you just can’t sit comfortably anymore, never mind how you slide around on … Read more

Reasons To Buy A Gaming Chair

esports tournament

Gaming chairs have undoubtedly conquered the market in recent years. Everywhere these chairs appear and every gamer, twitcher or tuber is sitting on one. Due to the constant growth of the gaming industry and the huge amounts of money spend, be it direct in gaming-related products or through sponsors of esports events, gaming is more … Read more

Why Gaming Chairs Are So Expensive?

are gaming chairs expensive

There are so many gaming chairs that you can find right now. One of the common things that you will notice is they are all priced expensively. Why are gaming chairs so expensive, anyway? If you are a gamer and you are new to finding new gaming chairs, you may be wondering if you should … Read more

What Is Lumbar Support In A Chair?

Unlike our ancestors, which were active and moved around every day, most of us sit around  90% of the time we are awake. Be it in the car, on a desk or in front of the  TV, etc, we sit too much. As a result, we are getting fat and suffer modern diseases. Unfavorable sitting … Read more

How to Remedy Bad Computer Posture

How to Remedy Bad Computer Posture

Bad computer posture and monotonous back-loading can be the cause for neck and back strain or worse. With simple measures, one can effectively prevent painful discomfort when sitting in front of a computer? How to Remedy Bad Computer Posture Do you have bad computer posture? Many people do and don’t even know it. If you’re … Read more

The Health Risks of Sitting Too Much

sitting too much

If you kept a diary of how much you sit each day, you’d probably be surprised. When you take into account the time spent in front of the computer, the television, and relaxing while eating a meal – it really adds up. A new Australian study looked at the effects of sitting too much on … Read more