American Made Gaming Chairs 

  Are you looking for a gaming chair made in USA? These days it seems that everything comes from abroad, commonly China, even when you buy American brands there is a good possibility the product itself was made overseas. This applies to gaming chairs as much as any other product. The gaming chair market has … Read more

Replace Gaming Chair Height Control Tilt Mechanism

height control tilt mechanism

Gaming chairs are expensive, even entry-level chairs can cost several hundred dollars. The height control and tilt mechanism on these chairs are one of the fundamental features and one part that is most prone to failure. In this article, we shall have a look at how to replace the height control mechanism and the most … Read more

Evolution Of The Gaming Chair

gaming chair and gaming desk

Now that comfort has become a topic of discussion in the world of technology, there is no denying the fact that the demand for gaming chairs is skyrocketing in almost all parts of the world. Gaming chairs are mainly designed to ward off inconvenience and provide video game players with maximum comfort throughout the day … Read more

Are Gaming Chairs More Comfortable Than Regular Office Chairs

Are Gaming Chairs More Comfortable

Well, the question of whether gaming chairs are really more comfortable than office chairs seems to be an endless debate. Gaming chair fans are convinced that gaming chairs are better than office chairs, at least as long as the purchase price of both is about the same. However, office chair specialists consider gaming chairs to … Read more

What Is An Ergonomic Workspace And What Are Its Benefits

ergonomic gaming station

In an ergonomic computer workplace, desk, chair, monitor, keyboard placements, and workplace considerations such as room temperature, light, and noise level, are optimized and adaptable to human needs. Adaptation of working conditions to the human and not vice versa, minimize work-related stress as much as possible to improve well-being, health, and work performance. Most people … Read more

Long-Lasting Gaming Chairs

long lasting gaming chairs

The gaming industry has come a long way since the first game was released in 1958. Fast forward sixty years later, the gaming industry is making $152 billion each year. The graphics, storyline, and consoles for games are becoming more advanced, realistic, and entertaining. You could literally spend hours playing and never get bored, which most … Read more

7 Major Considerations When Buying a Console Gaming Chair

console gaming chair

About 67% of U.S. citizens consider themselves gamers, and 43% of those prefer gaming with consoles. If you’re an avid console gamer, you know how important it is to find an excellent console gaming chair. And when gaming on a console, you’re not sitting in front of a desk, you’re sitting on a sofa or in … Read more

Gaming Chair Size Guide

Browsing through the multitude of chair models from so many manufacturers can be a real headache. And on top of that, there are so many gaming chair sizes. But size matters most. This gaming chair size guide helps you to choose the right size gaming chair so that you sit in comfort with the best … Read more

Best at Home Office Chairs

home office chairs

Is your office chair barely cutting it? If you’ve got an aching back and hips by the end of the day, but your kids interrupt you if you sit anywhere else, then your work at home situation needs to change. It may be time to shop for office chairs. Here are several factors to consider when … Read more

Dorm Furniture on a Budget

gaming chairs as dorm chairs

Are you looking to outfit your dorm room with the best furniture? You’ve come to the right place. With a little effort, you can find comfy and quality dorm chairs that will be perfect for studying or relaxing without breaking your budget. A supportive and stylish chair is where you’ll want to hole up at the end … Read more