Kids Desk Chairs

kids chairs

Children are active and have a natural urge to play and exercise. Sitting still for a long time is not what children want. Moving about and playing is essential for mental and physical development. But kids start to sit early, in kindergarten, in school, and at home when doing homework for school, in front of … Read more

Are Bean Bags Good for Gaming?

gaming bean bag chairs

Sitting comfortably is the most important thing when gaming, otherwise it is only half as much fun. A cheap and simple alternative for console players who do not want to lounge on the sofa or have no space for a console chair, while playing their favorite game are bean bags chairs. In this post, we’ll … Read more

How Much Does A Gaming Chair Cost?

how much is a gaming chair

When you are planning to buy a gaming chair, the first question is often “How much is a gaming chair?” Well, gaming chairs can be quite cheap as some cost just under 100 dollars. On the other side of the price scale, there is hardly an upper limit and a high-end chair from a reputable … Read more

Are Gaming Chairs Important For You?

Gaming and esports have turned into a mass phenomenon and not just among the young generation. Gaming is highly popular in every age group. Games are easily available to everyone through mobile phones, consoles, desktops, laptops, and other gadgets. And if one spends hours of gaming, there is a good reason why only the best … Read more

What Type of Gaming Chair To Buy?

types of gaming chairs

The different types of gaming chairs, have one thing in common. There are designed for gamers and to make long gaming sessions as comfortable as possible. This is achieved through a clever design that combines ergonomics with cool looks and gaming-related themes. Built-in features such as speakers or vibration motors are great gimmicks to have, … Read more

Comparing Gaming Chair And Office Chair

gaming chair vs office chair

The whole hype about gaming chairs will not have escaped you, maybe you are already sitting in one and are convinced of its comfort. But are gaming chairs really better and how do they differ apart from the appearance?¬†One of the first things you will notice about gaming chairs is the way they are designed … Read more

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chair

Cheap vs Expensive Gaming Chair

You can buy a cheap gaming chair for less than $ 200. Good middle-price range chairs cost around three to four hundred dollars and the premium chairs cost well beyond that. Do expensive chairs pay off? From the first impression, they seem to be quite similar. But what about quality if you take a closer … Read more

Reasons To Buy A Gaming Chair

esports tournament

Gaming chairs have undoubtedly conquered the market in recent years. Everywhere these chairs appear and every gamer, twitcher or tuber is sitting on one. Due to the constant growth of the gaming industry and the huge amounts of money spend, be it direct in gaming-related products or through sponsors of esports events, gaming is more … Read more

Why Gaming Chairs Are So Expensive?

are gaming chairs expensive

There are so many gaming chairs that you can find right now. One of the common things that you will notice is they are all priced expensively. Why are gaming chairs so expensive, anyway? If you are a gamer and you are new to finding new gaming chairs, you may be wondering if you should … Read more

What Is Lumbar Support In A Chair?

The lumbar support of a chair is an external pillow or a feature embedded in the backrest that allows the lower area of the chair’s backrest to be adjusted to the back of the user. By supporting and stabilizing the lumbar spine, it ensures an upright and ergonomically correct sitting posture. This benefits the entire … Read more