How to Remedy Bad Computer Posture

How to Remedy Bad Computer Posture

Bad computer posture and monotonous back-loading can be the cause for neck and back strain or worse. With simple measures, one can effectively prevent painful discomfort when sitting in front of a computer? How to Remedy Bad Computer Posture Do you have bad computer posture? Many people do and don’t even know it. If you’re … Read more

The Health Risks of Sitting Too Much

sitting too much

If you kept a diary of how much you sit each day, you’d probably be surprised. When you take into account the time spent in front of the computer, the television, and relaxing while eating a meal – it really adds up. A new Australian study looked at the effects of sitting too much on … Read more

Are Gaming Chairs Better Than Office Chairs?

gaming chair vs office chair

Sooner or later, every gamer considers the thought of buying a quality chair, at the latest, when the back hurts. But what to get; a good office chair or a gaming chair? Are gaming chairs better than office chairs, just because gaming chairs look great and are known to be very comfortable? What makes such … Read more

What is a Caster Wheel? Gaming Chair Wheels

what is a caster wheel

Whether office or gaming chairs, most chairs out of the box are fitted with standard caster wheels. But what is the best caster wheel? After all the wheels of a chair are important to protect your floor as well as increasing workspace ergonomics. So there is always a better set of caster wheels you could … Read more

Chair Gas Lift Not Working? What are Gas Lift Springs?

chair gas lift not working

Gas springs, also called Gas Lift are very simple mechanical devices used for individually adjusting the height of gaming chairs and office chairs. Modern gas springs are safe and long-lasting devices. However, the chair gas lift not working anymore may happen after a couple of years of heavy use.  If this is the case in … Read more

How To Clean A Gaming Chair

how to clean a gaming chair

Taking a bit of care and occasionally cleaning your gaming chair will preserve the colors and looks of your gaming chair. Avoiding stains and dirt in the first place is best. But during everyday use, this is often easier said than done. Nevertheless, stains from drinks or food should be removed immediately. The longer the … Read more

Polyurethane Foam Padding for Upholstering Gaming Chairs

foam for upholstering chairs

Foam is all around us, it is so common and has become a part of everyday life that we don’t even think twice about it. Foams are found in beds, mattresses, sofas, in all sorts of furniture. They are part of about any chair or anything we can sit on, from car seats to the … Read more

How to adjust and how to sit in a Gaming Chair

sit in a gaming chair

Have you taken the time to study your new gaming chair with all its functions and actually adjusted it to your needs? A good gaming chair or office chair can only fulfill its purpose if it is used correctly. Prior to use, individual height adjustment of chair and desk must be done, to allow a … Read more

Fabric, Synthetic Leather Or Genuine Leather Whats Best?

Fabric, Synthetic Leather or Genuine Leather

There are a few criteria to consider when choosing the right gaming chair. Not only do you have to choose the style and functions, but also the cover material. There are various options to choose from: chair covers made of fabric, synthetic leather, or genuine leather. Fabric upholstery is very common and always feels warm … Read more

Features Of An Office Chair

office chair

People in an office job spend the day sitting at their desk.  An ergonomic desk chair must provide comfortable sitting to the occupant and reduce sitting-related health complications.  But even the best office chairs with good back support alone cannot prevent sitting related diseases such as back pain, overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and so on. You need … Read more