How To Increase WiFi Range In Home

router network wifi range

Do you want to increase your WiFi range or simply have a stronger WiFi signal so that there is no longer lag when streaming or gaming? Modern households are full of devices that need to be connected to the internet. Unfortunately, even if you already have one of the best WiFi routers in the house, … Read more

Two Screens? Dual Monitors for Gaming

You have probably seen the concept of dual monitor gaming through almost all present streamers and it has come to be quite a debatable topic on why dual monitor gaming setups are superior to the traditional single monitor builds. In this article we will discuss what dual monitor gaming is and its distinct advantages and … Read more

Types of Gaming Monitors?

types of monitors

If you are a gamer then the process of selecting a gaming monitor can be quite a tedious procedure and often quite confusing. Their different specifications and customizations that are available from different brands along with their unique advantages and disadvantages can deter users from making a clear choice. Types of Gaming Monitors? We have … Read more

Benefits of 4K Monitors for Gaming

Benefits of 4K Monitors for Gaming

4K resolutions came into the market of gaming a couple years back with the introduction of the 1070 and its Ti counterparts. Of course, back then the prices that involved 4k gaming was astronomical and impractical and to make things worse, not many games supported the concept of 4k; only a handful of games were … Read more

When Will PS5 Be Revealed

Update October 3, 2020: The time has finally come, the PS5 will be available in stores on November 12, 2020 -Fans in the rest of the world, UK and Europe have to be a little more patient, they will be able to purchase a PS5 from November 19. All just in time for Christmas. But pre-orders … Read more

PS5’s Dualsense Controller – All We Know


As the new generation of gaming fast approaches, we are slowly being introduced to the tech that will dominate our lives for the next few years. One of these interesting pieces of tech is the PS5 dual sense controller. We finally know what this controller will look like and have an idea of the features … Read more

Finger Tracking and the Future of VR Gaming

vr finger tracking

Virtual reality has been booming for several years. The idea, which was previously limited to science fiction, has been turned into a well-founded reality. Which is now being commercialized for wider use in industry and gaming. Finger Tracking and the Future of VR Gaming The tech companies, now, have the means and the incentive to … Read more

Curved Vs Flat Monitor For Gaming

curved vs flat

Curved screens are taking over the flat screens big time! Gamers want to immerse themselves in the action and live in it. Next to Virtual Reality headsets, curved monitors seem to be the way to go. They promise a more realistic high resolution”three-dimensional” display to improve the gaming experience. All these requirements are being fulfilled … Read more

What’s New In 3D VR Gaming?

what new in 3D VR gaming

3D VR gaming is the hottest trend in gaming technology with new technologies and devices such as the El wire, which is eating up the market share like there’s no tomorrow. The experience that one gets with 3D virtual reality gaming simply cannot be compared with traditional 2D gaming. The reason for this is that … Read more

Esports – The Future of Sports?

gamers playing esports games

One of the most important topics currently in the gaming industry is esports. The growth in eSports and the number of fans following eSports events are just mind-blowing. Many other industries can only dream of such growth figures. Events and tournaments attract an online audience of millions of enthusiasts from around the world. The events, … Read more