What’s New In 3D VR Gaming?

what new in 3D VR gaming

3D VR gaming is the hottest trend in gaming technology with new technologies and devices such as the El wire, which is eating up the market share like there’s no tomorrow. The experience that one gets with 3D virtual reality gaming simply cannot be compared with traditional 2D gaming. The reason for this is that … Read more

Esports – The Future of Sports

gamers playing esports games

One of the most important topics currently in the gaming industry is esports. The growth in esports and the numbers of fans following esports games are dizzying. Many other industries can only dream of such growth figures.  Events and tournaments attract online audiences of millions of fans from around the world, and big companies sponsor … Read more

How To Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

How To Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming

Windows 10 is a great working platform either for office applications and for playing computer games. With a few simple steps, you can configure the operating system to give it a boost and optimize gaming performance. The following are some simple hints on how to optimize windows 10 for gaming without spending too much money … Read more

VRAM vs RAM – How much VRAM do I need?

vram vs ram

  It is easy to confuse RAM with VRAM. In this brief guide, we will tell you the difference between VRAM vs RAM and how much VRAM you need. What is RAM? The abbreviation  RAM stands for Random Access Memory which means the working memory of computers. RAM memory is a component of the central unit … Read more

What is UEFI? What Does UEFI Stand For?

what does uefi stand for

  If you are a Windows user then you have most probably heard of the term “BIOS”. Basic Input Output System is pretty ancient and has been around since the 1980s.  Since it has limitations, Intel has announced that it will replace the BIOS with UEFI on all of its chipsets by 2020. But what … Read more

Monitor Frame Rate – Best Frames Per Second For Games

best frames per second for games

Video gaming as entertainment is ever-growing in popularity, people spend hours playing their favorite games. However, many gamers ask what is the ideal Frame Rate (FPS) of a gaming monitor. The answer to this question varies a bit from person to person and what kind of games you are into. So let’s have a look … Read more

120 vs 240 Refresh Rate – Do I Need More Than 120Hz?

120 vs 240 refresh rate

Gaming Monitors have gone a long way in the last few years. There is a whole range of monitors at different prices, that look fairly similar. However, the specifications and features are not all the same and thus the prices are different too. In this guide, we will explain how important the Refresh Rate is … Read more

What is Decentraland?

Blockchain Technology is regarded as one of the most powerful and effective innovations of the 21st century and it has the potential to completely change our world. Decentraland is a Virtual reality platform that uses the Ethereum Blockchain. In this comprehensive guide, we will share everything you need to know about Decentraland. What is Decentraland … Read more

What Does It Mean to Overclock A Computer?

what does it mean to overclock a computer

If you are a tech enthusiast then you have probably heard the term “Overclocking” which is very commonly discussed on tech forums. Overclocking is the process of making your CPU faster. To overclock a computer has some benefits but there are some disadvantages too. In this guide, we will share everything you need to know … Read more

Are Cooling Pads Good For Laptops?

are cooling pads good for laptops

Today’s laptops are more powerful than ever while being compacter and slimmer.  Overheating is one of the most common problems in modern laptops. Overheating greatly compromises the performance of the laptop. It slows the system down, it becomes sluggish responding to input and in the worst case it simply shuts down. There are many ways … Read more