Why My Computer Crashes And Restarts When Playing Games

computer crashes and restarts when playing games

Gaming is fun as long as the computer works properly. However, computer crashes and restarts can make your gaming experience unpleasant, lets look at common problems that can cause your computer to crash and restart. Why my computer crashes and restarts when playing games? If your gaming computer keeps crashing while it is running then … Read more

Can You Upgrade A Laptop GPU?

can you upgrade a laptop gpu

Laptops have become an important part of our workflow no matter if you are a student, blogger, businessman or freelancer. Technology is improving day by day, the complexity of the applications are also increasing, it is difficult to keep up. Many applications especially games need dedicated resources to work properly and if your Graphics Processing … Read more

What are Cores in CPU?

what are cores in cpu

Computers have come a long way since their inception and we have seen their evolution, from having a room size computer to the small size laptop which can fit in our lap. We have also seen the evolution of the computing power of the computer. Just to put it in perspective, today, a low-end laptop … Read more

Why Does My Laptop Overheat When I Play Games?

why does my laptop overheat when i play games

Do you ask yourself; why does my laptop overheat when I play games? Powerful CPUs and dedicated graphics cards produce a lot of heat which has become quite an issue in modern laptops. This is because of the compact design, the flat and slim cases, which give modern laptops elegant looks and lightweight build. But … Read more

Whats A Good Gaming Headset For PC and Console

So, now you have the best gaming chair and the best gaming keyboard, how about the best gaming headset to maximize your gaming experience? You might ask, what is so special about a gaming headset? We want to answer it with a counter-question. Do you enjoy watching movies at the theater with immersive surround sound … Read more

Why Does My Computer Get Blue Screen Of Death

why does my computer get blue screen

Windows is one of the most popular Operating System in the world, it is known for its useful features and user-friendly approach, it is installed on gaming computers as well as on office computers. But as with all Operating systems, there are some issues in Windows and Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is one of … Read more

What is LoJax virus?


Computer viruses are a serious threat to computers these days. Companies spend billions of dollars every year to make their products as secure as possible. Still, consumers and companies lose billions because of damage caused by computer viruses and trojans. Continuous efforts are necessary to reduce vulnerability. Replacing the BIOS with the comparatively more secure UEFI … Read more

AMD Processors Compared To Intel Processors

amd processors compared to intel

There are fans of Intel processors or people that prefer AMP processors.  These two companies are rivals in the chip-making industry. If we look into history, we see AMD struggle to keep up with the progress of Intel and but today, the scenario has changed. AMD’s Ryzen lineup is challenging the supremacy of Intel. In … Read more

Can You Get Sick From Playing Video Games?

can you get sick from playing video games

Video games are always under criticism. There are many prejudices, for example, video games make gaming enthusiasts aggressive, some even blame video games be the reason for shooting massacres or other crazy things.  All nonsense I think, and so far little is scientifically proven about the negative effects of video games. To date, too few … Read more

Polyurethane Foam Padding for Upholstering Gaming Chairs

foam for upholstering chairs

Foam is all around us, it is so common and has become a part of everyday life that we don’t even think twice about it. Foams are found in beds, mattresses,  in sofas, in all sorts of furniture. They are part of about any chair or anything we can sit on, from car seats to … Read more