Whats A Good Gaming Headset For PC and Console

So, now you have the best gaming chair and the best gaming keyboard, how about the best gaming headset to maximize your gaming experience? You might ask, what is so special about a gaming headset? We want to answer it with a counter-question. Do you enjoy watching movies at the theater with immersive surround sound … Read more

Why Does My Computer Get Blue Screen Of Death

why does my computer get blue screen

Windows is one of the most popular Operating System in the world, it is known for its useful features and user-friendly approach, it is installed on gaming computers as well as on office computers. But as with all Operating systems, there are some issues in Windows and Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is one of … Read more

What is LoJax virus?


Computer viruses are a serious threat to computers these days. Companies spend billions of dollars every year to make their products as secure as possible. Still, consumers and companies lose billions because of damage caused by computer viruses and trojans. Continuous efforts are necessary to reduce vulnerability. Replacing the BIOS with the comparatively more secure UEFI … Read more

AMD Processors Compared To Intel Processors

amd processors compared to intel

There are fans of Intel processors or people that prefer AMP processors.  These two companies are rivals in the chip-making industry. If we look into history, we see AMD struggle to keep up with the progress of Intel and but today, the scenario has changed. AMD’s Ryzen lineup is challenging the supremacy of Intel. In … Read more

Can You Get Sick From Playing Video Games?

can you get sick from playing video games

Video games are always under criticism. There are many prejudices, for example, video games make gaming enthusiasts aggressive, some even blame video games be the reason for shooting massacres or other crazy things.  All nonsense I think, and so far little is scientifically proven about the negative effects of video games. To date, too few … Read more

PC Cooling – What Is Too Hot For A CPU?

pc cooling, what is too hot for a cpu

Sitting in front of your gaming computer, you can get into some heated online battles.  Anything that works produces heat in the process. Gaming computers and especially Gaming Laptops are no exception. Equipped with a powerful processor, up-to-date graphics card, fast HDD or an SSD, motherboard, and a power supply, there are many sources of … Read more

Virtual Reality Headsets – Virtual Reality Video Games

Virtual Reality, or simply VR, are computer-generated three-dimensional worlds. With the help of  VR Glasses or VR Headsets, the user can be immersed in theses artificially created virtual reality worlds. VR technology is rapidly evolving and finds new applications almost every day. Besides having started a new trend in video gaming, it’s used in medicine, … Read more

SSD or HDD for Gaming

ssd or hdd for gaming

Solid State Drives (SSD) have become very affordable and reliable by now. Adding one to a gaming rack as a primary drive and installing the system programs to it can be a good idea. It will really give the computer a boost, programs open in a flash and it will boot so much faster. The … Read more

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

virtual reality vs augmented reality

Technology is developing so rapidly today that sometimes you can barely keep up with all the new terminology that tries to put former non-existent things into catchy phrases. Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Mixed reality. With so many new realities and our, what is perceived as real reality, it is easy to get lost. So what is the difference … Read more

Is a Gaming Desktop better than a Gaming Console

Why a Gaming PC is the Best The video gaming industry has experienced incredible growth in the last couple of years.  The games have developed from Pong (the first video game) to Virtual Reality Games that immerse you into fantastic worlds. Modern Video games allow people to experience spectacular worlds and gaming scenarios. Gaming computers … Read more