Are There Cheap Gaming Chairs Under 50 Dollars?

gaming chairs as dorm chairs

Not everyone has a ton of cash to spare to buy an expensive gaming chair. So sometimes you have to try to find a good cheap gaming chair. But are there any cheap gaming chairs under 50 dollars that are worth it?  Well, there are not even some basic office chairs in that price range, … Read more

Pink Gaming Chairs

We have already seen that gaming chairs are available in all possible colors and designs. The one-color scheme that completely stands out from the crowd is the pink gaming chairs. When you see pink gaming chairs, you might think, well, they are only for girls and women or for manga fans. On the contrary, pink … Read more

Gaming Chair For Console Players

V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair Review

A gaming chair for console players differs from a normal desk gaming chair, as console gamers are not tied to a gaming desk and therefore expect different features from their chairs. Consoles Gaming chairs are often bulky in appearance and design and stand either directly on the floor with a rocking chair type base or … Read more

CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair With Fabric Covers

gaming chair t3

Corsair Memory Inc., based in Freemont, USA, is well known among computer gamers and esports fans for high-quality computer hardware. Other Corsair products include power supplies, fans, water cooling, enclosures, SSDs, USB sticks, keyboards, mice, headsets, and for some time now gaming chairs. CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair The T3 Rush is the successor to … Read more

AKRacing Gaming Chairs

akracing gaming chairs

AKRacing is one of the largest gaming chair manufacturers. Because of their high quality and good workmanship, AKRacing chairs are very popular among gamers, in the eSport scene, and among streamers. The company AKRacing was founded by Chard Lee in 2001 with its headquarters in Yangzhou, China. Initially, they where building racing-style seats for cars, … Read more

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

gaming chair

The ever-growing gaming chair market has new chairs and brands appear by the week. Many are very affordable simply because the large competition is pushing prices.  Devoko, a Chinese furniture maker presents a couple of models all in the budget range. Ideal for esports fans who want to buy a gaming chair without spending to … Read more

Musso Big & Tall ESports Gaming Chair


Not every chair is suitable for everyone. That’s all the more true, the bigger and heavier someone is, as most of the standard chairs either do not fit or cannot endure their weight.  Luckily, there are more and more chairs that are specially designed for big & tall Esports enthusiasts by chair manufacturer HugHouse. The … Read more

ELECWISH Racing Video Gaming Chair

green gaming chair

Like many other budget gaming chair manufacturers, ELECWISH is a Chinese producer that has established itself fairly quickly in the market through very competitive prices. These affordable China chairs do not have to be bad, as the Chinese have made extraordinary technical advances in recent years, have state-of-the-art production equipment and are able to achieve … Read more

Blue Whale Big and Tall Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

playing esports

If you play games or watch web series you know that time flies by sitting in front of your computer or laptop. When the excitement goes up, or when you indulge in PUBG altogether you won’t even know you have been sitting in the wrong posture until you notice fatigue, backache, stiff neck and other … Read more

RESPAWN-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

racing style gaming chair

If you are an avid gamer and love to spend time sitting before your gaming device, playing high-end games for an extended period of time, you should learn one thing. Playing video games is not harmful; in fact, it can sharpen your reflexes and eye-hand coordination, But sitting for prolonged hours, is not only destroying … Read more