What is an Ergonomic Keyboard?

what is an ergonomic keyboard

Conventional keyboards, force hands, fingers and arms into an unnatural parallel position that can cause tension in muscles, tendons, and joints. Working day in day out in an unnatural position will in the long term lead to physical discomfort that can result in various forms of RSI Syndrome. Repetitive Strain Injuries are caused by repetitive movements and … Read more

Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard Gaming

Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard Gaming mechanical vs membrane keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard vs Membrane Keyboard: Which one is best? As a gamer looking for the perfect hardware set up, you’re undoubtedly going to need to make a decision between mechanical keyboard vs membrane keyboard gaming. Each has their own array of pros and cons, but one has been proven to be substantially better than the … Read more

What is a RGB Keyboard? The Benefits of Keyboard Backlighting

What is a RGB Keyboard The Benefits of Keyboard Backlighting

When you start searching for the perfect gaming keyboard for your setup, there are going to be many different features you’ll have to go over and it can be slightly numbing to your brain. However, although the technical components such as tactile feedback and key assignments are important, you’re also going to need to think about aesthetics.