Chair Gas Lift Not Working? What are Gas Lift Springs?

chair gas lift not working
Gas springs, also called Gas Lift are very simple mechanical devices used for individually adjusting the height of gaming chairs and office chairs. Modern gas springs are safe and long-lasting devices. However, the chair gas lift not working anymore may happen after a couple of years of heavy use.  If this is the case in a cheap gaming chair, you may want to consider buying a whole new chair.  But if the chair gas lift is not working in a premium chair, then it is really worth the effort to replace the gas spring.

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Chair gas lift not working? How to replace the gas lift?

Replacing a worn-out gas spring in a gaming chair or office chair is usually fairly simple and can be done by anyone with a little elbow grease and a bit of technical know-how.

The steps and the procedure for replacing the spring may slightly vary depending on the design and construction of the gaming chair.

Careful – The cylinder of a gas lift contains pressurized nitrogen!

The internal gas pressure of a gas spring is quite high. The cylinder of the gas spring must not be damaged, cut, or altered in any way! If they burst, severe personal injury can be the result!

gaming chair gas lift

Replacing the gas lift spring in a gaming chair

Generally, a vertical disassembly of the gaming chair is necessary. If a backrest with tilt and tilt mechanism is present, the repair is recommended with retained backrest attachment. The chair can be placed upside down with the seat on a table edge.

You may need the following tools:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Pipe wrench
  • possibly penetrating oil (eg WD40)
  • Other tools such as an adjustable wrench, ratchet set, or Allan key set are needed when the spring is really stuck and causing problems coming loose

Proceed as follows:

Remove the gas lift from the chair seat

The gas spring is usually only pushed into the receiving bushing of the chair tilt mechanism and can be pulled out with some effort. Spray a bit of penetrating oil where the gas cylinder is inserted into the chair tilt mechanism. The penetrating oil will help loosen the connection a bit. While holding the chair at the base, tap the area around the gas spring evenly on all sides with a rubber mullet until the connection releases and the cylinder slips out.

Remove the gas lift from the chair base

Just as the gas cylinder is only pushed into the receiving bushing of the tilt mechanism, so is the gas cylinder only pushed into the gaming chair base. To remove, hold the base upside down. Use the rubber mallet to tap the outward-looking part of the gas spring until it releases from the chair base. Pay attention to it not falling onto the ground, catch it in a bucket or similar to cushion its fall.

Install the new gas lift spring

Installing the new gas lift is simple, you have done that before when you were first assembling your newly bought chair.

Place the chair base on the floor. Insert the new gas spring with the correct side into the receiving bushing of the chair base and push it firmly in. Then insert the gas spring into to receiving hole of the chair seat.

Then take the chair seat, line up the gas lift cylinder with the bushing of the tilt mechanism, and insert the cylinder into the bushing.

Sit down into it so that everything is pushed firmly together. Test the mechanism to make sure everything is working properly.

Where can you buy them?

The best source for a new gas spring is directly from the chair manufacturer. This ensures you get a genuine product that complies with the specifications and size of the chair. It is important to buy the right spring, as the wrong spring may be too weak or the lifting mechanism may not work as intended. Premium chair manufacturers can supply all the spare parts needed for the chairs they sell.

Heavy Duty – Standard Size Gas Lift 

Mass-produced gaming chairs have gas springs with a standard diameter of 2 “/ 1.1” and an up / down stroke of approximately 5 inches. Before you order, it is best to measure the old gas spring as a reference to make sure that the new one fits the chair.

What are Gas Lift Springs?

As the name implies, gas springs are gas lift devices that with the help of pressurized gas allow the raising and lowering of objects. Gas lifts used in chairs actually employ gas and a small amount of oil to provide compression and damping.

A gas spring consists of a steel cylinder containing pressurized gas (nitrogen) and a piston rod that slides through a cylinder through a sealing ring.

How do Gas springs work?

Gas springs consist of a cylinder, a movable piston that moves within the cylinder, a valve, and steel rods that connect the device to the base of the chair and respectively to the underside of the seat pan.

The springs cylinder is filled with a compressed gas usually, nitrogen. The gas is stored in chambers, on either side of the piston, separated by a valve. The chair gas lift not working anymore is usually the result of the sealing rings around the piston rod that have worn out.

A lever attached to the chair’s gas spring lets the user adjust the chair height by opening or closing the valve and allowing the gas to flow from one side of the piston to the other side.

When a force is applied, gas can flow through a small opening (valve) which allows the piston to move within the cylinder extending or contracting the length of the device, thus lowering or raising the chair.

A small amount of oil provides additional damping and lubrication.

Read in detail how gas springs work.

Height adjustment

The gas springs as used in adjustable gaming chairs allow the user with the help of a lever and its own body weight, to easily raise and lower. This saves the user a lot of power and time, to individually adapt the height of the chair to the size of the occupant.


To achieve a damping effect as well as to ensure a slower and smoother movement of the piston, part of the gas spring is filled with a small amount of oil. This also acts as lubrication of the seals between the piston and cylinder.

Safety First

The high internal gas pressure of gas lifts poses a significant risk of damage and injury. Installation and exchange of gas lifts should only be carried out by trained specialists. 

If you replace the gas spring yourself be very careful. If you are not 100 % confident in the procedure seek professional assistance!