Curved Vs Flat Monitor For Gaming

curved vs flat

Curved screens are taking over the flat screens big time! Gamers want to immerse themselves in the action and live in it. Next to Virtual Reality headsets, curved monitors seem to be the way to go. They promise a more realistic high resolution”three-dimensional” display to improve the gaming experience. All these requirements are being fulfilled by the curved monitors, whether it be for movies or Gaming, they are winning at everything!

Curved Vs Flat Monitor For Gaming

Not sure about whether to buy a curved or a flat monitor? Please sit back, we have looked at the benefits of curved monitors. We’ll be comparing a curved screen to a flat screen and give you reasons why a curved monitor might be better.

Sleek and elegant design

At first, the curved screens look luxurious. Their super slim futuristic designs are a feast for the eyes of technology lovers! All leading companies respond to customer needs with innovations by bringing ever finer and more elegant designs to the market. In comparison, flat screens are, you can say, very basic.

Immersion of the viewers

Time to back up the curved design with some scientific evidence. Curved screens improve the immersion. And therefore, they improve the visual experience. The screen wraps around our field of vision and provides a more three-dimensional view that boosts the visual perception of the viewers and lets them enjoy the scene that is very close to reality. The more real the display looks, the more engaged the audience is!

Contrary to this, flat screens work on the two-dimensional side. And therefore, a flat view of everything is perceived.

The dimension of depth

The slight curve of the curved screens provides the dimension of depth to the display that is more appealing to the human eye on account of being closer to reality.

Reduced distortion

The viewer sitting in front of a flat screen is at different distances from the center of the screen and the edges of the screen. Different viewing distances lead to a distorted image due to the different light projections from the center and the screen edges to the viewer.

Curved screens have got this problem covered! The curved screens wrap around the vision and eliminate the viewing distance differences that result in reduced distortion and a finer display.

Visual convenience

Curved screens provide visual comforts. The curve makes sure that the view does not go beyond the field of vision, and the person remains comfortable.

On the other hand, flat screens, if very wide, can go beyond the field of vision.

Less strain on the eyes

Visual comfort leads to less eye strain and requires less effort viewing. The viewer does not have to strain their eyes to focus on the whole image, as it falls within the visual field.
So, in a way, curved screens will make your eyes thank you.

Wider viewing angle

Curved screens with their slightly bent edges provide a wider viewing angle that is not the case in flat screens. The broader the view, the better the visual experience.

Theatrical effect

Curved screens provide a theatrical impact by bringing the edges closer to you, and the image surrounds you, providing you with a fantastic viewing experience!

The improved picture quality on different angles

The problem with flat screens is that people sitting at different angles suffer image quality degradation.
Curved screens better the viewing experience by providing us with a satisfactory range of viewing angles with a good quality image. The viewers sitting off-center can also enjoy the show!

Excellent dark image

Curved screens with their shape reduce the number of reflections from different angles and provide us with a better dark image display. (we should all consider watching episode 3 of the Game of Thrones season 8 on curved screens)

Reflection of light sources

Due to their shape, curved screens are prone to flare. Their flat counter-parts reflect light on uniform angles which is not the case in curved screens that reflect light in different directions that resulting in the formation of glares on the screen that can disturb the viewers. Flares can be minimized by making the screen face away from all the light sources.

Curved Screen Monitors for Gaming

Are curved screens suitable for Gaming or not?  Yes, they absolutely are! Curved monitors have a short response time and a high refresh rate. They enable delay-free gaming, for flawlessly smooth gaming fun.

The improved immersion with reduced distortion will allow you to have a fantastic gaming adventure. Sitting at the central position with the screen wrapped around you, giving you a whole three-dimensional gaming experience sounds impressive, right? It provides you with a wider viewing angle that helps you focus on the full screen without straining your eyes. The depth of the screen enhances the three-dimensional perception of the sight and lets the gamers be more engaged in their adventures.

Improved darker images facilitate you to play better and more accurately. Visual convenience provided by the curved screens makes you more comfortable during long gaming hours.

So what are the benefits of a curved monitor?

Curved screen or a flat screen, the decision is a subjective choice, but no doubt there are some benefits in curved monitors. They also offer advantages in terms of ergonomics and efficiency compared to large flat screens and dual monitor set-ups. Especially in HD and UHD resolutions and from a screen size of 27 inches and more, curved monitors are a sensible alternative.

If you do like the aesthetics and the benefits of a curved monitor for gaming; and don’t mind the extra bucks you need to pay to get them, then curved screens are just for you! But if you don’t like to spend money on some premium stuff then, there are flat counter-parts with the same sizes and providing the perfect quality images and gaming fun for a lower price.