Dorm Furniture on a Budget

gaming chairs as dorm chairs

Are you looking to outfit your dorm room with the best furniture? You’ve come to the right place. With a little effort, you can find comfy and quality dorm chairs that will be perfect for studying or relaxing without breaking your budget.

A supportive and stylish chair is where you’ll want to hole up at the end of the day, so start your search now. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips when it comes to finding the best dorm room chairs on a budget!

Make Comfortable Dorm Chairs a Priority

After a long day of classes and work, you’ll want to veg out for a while in your dorm room before moving on to homework. If you only have a stiff desk chair in your space, it will be hard to feel like you truly can relax. So when you’re shopping for a chair to add to your space, make comfort a priority.

Look into the always popular bean bag chair or a floor lounger where you can stretch out your legs. You can sink into either of these padded options and let the stress melt away. They’re also the perfect spots for quick afternoon naps between classes.

And for those evenings when you need to get your game on, don’t forget to look into a gaming chair. You can find ones that either sit directly on the floor or attach to a base so you can move around with ease. With a proper gaming chair, your next date with the PlayStation will be a lot more comfortable!

An Ergonomic Chair Might Be the Way To Go

Since you’ll be reading and typing papers and emails from the comfort of your dorm room, it’s important to find study chairs that will offer enough support for your back and neck. If you’re slumped over typing all day, you’ll be demonstrating bad posture — and that puts you at risk for neck and back pain. But with a little effort, you can find chairs that encourage good posture and keep your body comfortable.

well-crafted ergonomic chair can keep you comfortable and prevent back pain from bothering you down the road. Most ergonomic chairs are designed to conform to your body and use flexible materials for ultimate cushioning. In other words, you can adjust the settings on the height and arms to achieve a chair that will be supportive and breathable.

You’ll end up being more productive when you’re sitting at your desk since your posture will be in good shape, and you’ll have the dorm chair that everyone on your wing envies!

Try a Retro Option

A chair has the power to be a statement piece in your dorm room, so why not make it one! If a bland, traditional chair doesn’t reveal your sense of style very well, upgrade to something flashier or trendier. A retro chair with more distinctive features might just be the way to go.

Check out a midcentury modern chair for a clean stylish look. Chairs in this style are trim enough to fit into any space, and you’ll be channeling the best from the 1950s. If you’re a fan of clean lines and minimalist design, you’ll crave this style.

A slipper chair is another sophisticated type of chair that offers both comfort and convenience. These chairs date back hundreds of years and remain a popular choice today. Since they lack arms, you can access and exit them easily.

Or you can reach back into the past century to go with an Art Deco-inspired look or Hollywood Regency style. With vibrant contrasts, shimmering gold accents, and impressive details, a chair in one of these styles will add a dash of glam to your dorm room!

Go For Streamlined Seats in a Small Room

Some dorm rooms are pretty tight on space, making your furniture selection a little trickier. In spaces that are low on square footage, choose a more streamlined chair style to fit — not overwhelm — the space.

Spruce up your dorm room with a  swivel chair. These chairs don’t have to chew up a lot of space, but they give you the flexibility to change the direction you’re facing without moving anything.

Accent chairs can add a smaller dose of beauty and comfort to your dorm room, too. You’ll lose nothing from a looks standpoint — but an accent chair won’t leave as much of a footprint in your space. Consider trying a bold color, like orange or baby blue, in a velour fabric for ultimate style.

Find a Chair with Storage Space

Storage space is at a premium in a dorm room, so if you can find a chair that provides it, you’ll have struck gold. The good news is that there are chairs that double as storage spaces.

Look into getting a storage ottoman for your dorm room. It will serve multiple functions and use your space efficiently. It can even be a great study chair if you’re prepping for a test with several friends in your room.

You can use a storage ottoman chair as a footrest, stash your board games or bulky sweaters inside it, or use it as a spare seat. When your friends from down the hall want to hang out, you’ll be able to offer up more seating space with a storage ottoman tucked in your room.

Set Up the Perfect Space

Having the right dorm chairs makes all the difference in a space. You want to be able to relax and be productive, and you need a chair that can help you do both when you’re low on space.

Know what your style preferences are, and you can find an ideal chair to suit your college living space. And when you’re ready to make the move, check with us for the best chair selection!