EWin Flash XL Gaming Chair 550 LB

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The E-Win Flash XL chair is a real giant among gaming chairs. Specially built for extra big and heavy users this chair supports up to 550 pounds. The E-Win flash XL chair has all the bells and whistles it needs and all that at an affordable price.

E-Win Flash XL Review

Founded in 2016, the Ewin Racing made a name for itself by manufacturing top-of-the-line gaming and office chairs. The company promises a thorough quality control and testing system to produce only the highest quality chairs. Made from the highest quality materials, EWIN chairs are a pleasure to sit in. In this E-Win Flash XL review, we take a closer look at the chair.

EWin Flash XL Specs

Chairs Size Large/Extra LArge
Recommended Max Weight 550 lbs
Recommended Height 5’8″ to 7’
Chair Cover Material PU Leather 
Foam Type High-Density Foam 55kg/m3
Base Cast Aluminum
Frame Steel
Armrests Padded,
Adjustable Back Angle 85-155 °
Extras Head & Lumbar Pilow
Warranty Length  2 Years

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EWIN Gaming Chair 550 LB

  • Usage – Gaming chair & office chair
  • Steel frame
  • Padding – Firm High density  55kg/m3
  • Stain Resistant PU Leather covers in many colors
  • Wide and durable Aluminum Base
  • Max Weight support – 550 pounds


The design of the EWin Flash XL differs little from most other modern racing-style gaming chairs. It is available in different colors and looks very stylish and impressive.

EWIN carefully selected the materials for this gaming chair. The plush cushioning makes it super comfortable to sit on and considering the number of hours gamers spend in their EWIN chairs, this would be best for them on long gaming marathons.

Made from PU synthetic leather, the chair feels like it molds itself around your body giving you a nice hug. E-Win has equipped the chair with a special high-density foam padding that is specially designed for heavy occupants and promises a firm but comfortable seating experience. Most brands often use lightweight foam to reduce the total weight of the gaming chair and make it softer but there is a problem with that. Lower density foams tend to lose their shape and elasticity over time and can even get moldy.


The backrest on the EWin Flash XL Gaming Chair is extremely comfortable and supports your back in all the right places. The thick and dense sponge shadows the shape of the user. The back can also bend up to 155 degrees but you won’t feel you are about to fall as you lean back, thanks to the “tilt lock” feature. It allows you to lean back to a position where you feel safe and not worry about tipping over when you get to that intense boss battle in a game.


The armrests are made from PU materials, with a steel plate at the bottom to hold them up and attached to the frame of the chair. Normally, your elbows and forearms sit on the armrest which can start hurting because of the harsh materials used to create the armrest.

The armrests feature a “4D” design allowing you to move to the left, right, vertically, and horizontally as well. What’s the benefit of a gaming chair if you couldn’t control the height? Well, even though this is a common feature, the height adjustment is smooth and easy to use.


The frame of the EWIN gaming chair is made from 1.5mm thick hollow steel. Most brands do not go over the 1.2mm mark, so this is a plus point. The frame is further coated in an anti-rust coating to ensure maximum longevity. Rated for a weight of up to 550 LB, it comes with a 2-year warranty just for the frame, isn’t that great?



  • Perfect for taller and heavy individuals
  • Heavy-duty 550 LB rating
  • Great Back Support
  • Fully adjustable
  • 24 months warranty
  • Absolutely not for small people

What makes EWIN chairs so good for big guys?

A very solid chair for people of large frame and above-average body weight. The ergonomic design allows individual adjustment for a healthy sitting posture. Good value in terms of price, build quality, durability and sitting comfort have made Ewin Gaming chairs bestsellers in the esports world. In its early years, Ewin was a bit underrated next to the big brands like DXRacer, AKRAcing, etc, but now Ewin has rightly its place and is a serious competitor to the other brands.

E-Win Flash XL Review Conclusion

The EWIN Chairs not only look good but legitimately feel good too! The back has an ergonomic design that supports your spine, so you reduce the risk of chronic back pain or getting tired after a long gaming session.

Available in various colors, there is something for everyone. If you need a quality gaming chair that is designed for heavy people and which can take a bit of a beating when you end up raging, this EWIN Racing Chair is the way to go. Not only do you get the value for your money but you’ll have a good-looking and durable gaming chair for your entire gaming setup.

The EWin Flash XL Size Series Gaming Chair 550 can be ordered directly from Ewinracing.com.

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Everyone is comfy in an EWin chair