Gaming Chair Floor Mat – Effective Protection For The Floor

Floors are often much more sensitive and prone to damage than you think. A Chair Mat as an underlay is perfect for protecting sensitive floors such as parquet and laminate from unsightly scratches caused by the hard castors of office or gaming chairs.

Do I Need A Chair Mat?

Considering that a chair itself weighs around 50 pounds, add the occupant to it, and quickly you’re at 200 pounds or even more. The contact area of ​​the 5 casters is quite small so that weight puts a lot of pressure on the floor, it is even more, the moment you sit down or stand up with a swing.

If you then roll around and the floor is not immaculately clean, the smallest particles will grind into the surface of the floor and do irreparable damage. In carpets, the fibers and the knots are compressed and destroyed in the process. No matter what type of floor, the constant stress leads to damage.

To prevent such damage and avoid scratches on floors, floor mats are recommended for laminate, wooden floors, cork, PVC, linoleum, and even for tile or hard stone floors. A chair mat is much cheaper than the cost of having to repair a damaged floor.

What is a chair mat?

A chair mat is a kind of small carpet that is simply placed under the chair to provide practical protection for the floor. Whether at home or at work, the floor whether it is wood parquet, laminate, carpet, or tiled, is more sensitive than it appears at first glance. At your gaming desk or workplace desk, you are likely to have a desk chair with casters. These chairs are constantly being moved back and forth in a very small area. The floor surface under the chair is under permanent wear and tear from the weight of the chair plus the occupant. The constant rolling around of a chair in the same place will sooner or later show on the floor. Wear and tear lead to abrasion and gives the floor a dull, matt surface.

Advantages of a Gaming Chair Mat

An office chair mat that you place on the floor in front of your desk can prevent floor damage. Transparent or see-through models are hardly noticeable and are suitable for gaming rooms or your home office.

  • Floor-friendly – A chair matt protects against damage from chair castors, e.g. scratches, notches, grooves, and black stains on the floor.
  • Stain protection – If something falls off the desk, e.g. pens, glue sticks, knocked over drinks, all of that can leave stains. Even dark shoe soles can leave stains on the floor.
  • Sound-absorbing – Noise is absorbed or muffled resulting in a generally quieter calm working atmosphere in the office.
  • Rolling comfort – Casters sink into carpets and are slowed down, causing wrinkles in the carpet or damaging the fibers and the knots.
  • Lint and particle abrasion from the carpet get caught in the rollers so that they no longer rotate smoothly.
  • A chair mat evens out an uneven floor and makes rolling around easier.

How much is a desk chair floor mat?

The costs of a professional floor repair or the costs of a new floor far exceed the costs of a desk chair mat. You can find cheap office chair mats for under 20 dollars. However, the prices vary greatly depending on the material, its quality,  and obviously the size of the mat.

What different office chair mats are there?

There are different types of chair floor mats for different types of floors. Some chair pads are particularly suitable for carpeting, while others are suitable for hard floors.

Most office chair pads are made of plastics such as polycarbonate, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), or polypropylene. All plastic types can be manufactured cost-effectively and shaped into any shape. They are durable and last for many years. The material is

You should make sure that the material is emission-free odorless, scratch-resistant, 100% recyclable, and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Chair mats for Different Types of Floor

No matter what material the mats are made of, desk chair mats are specially designed for carpets and hard floors.

Mats that are intended for smooth laminate, parquet or stone floors must have a rubber anti-slip coating.

Chair mats meant to be used on carpets have that grips or knobs on the underside to prevent the moving chair from pushing them around.

What’s Important When Buying A Desk Chair Mat

Let’s just summarise what’s important when buying a gaming chair or office chair mat.

  • Should the mat be for hard floors or for carpets? Do not place a chair mat designed for carpets on a hard floor. The rough underside of the mat for carpets which prevents slipping may damage the hard floor surface.
  • What size chair mat do you need, how big is your ‘roll area’? Choose a mat that covers the entire range where you move with your chair. But don’t pick one too big, neither the desk nor furniture or filing cabinets should be placed on the mat.
  • What material & thickness? If the appearance is not so important, go for a transparent plastic mat. This material is tough, hardly wears out, and is cheap to buy.
  • Carpet chair mats – look really nice and can enhance the workplace and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Design & colors – Transparent mats blend in and let the original floor be visible. Colored mats can also contribute to the interior design or cover an already damaged floor.
  • Gaming chair mats – Then there are of course also colorful, printed mats or ones that have the theme of your favorite video game printed on and thus contribute to the individual design of your gaming room