Gaming Chair Warranty And Customer Service

gaming chair warranty

The lifespan of a gaming chair depends on the quality of the materials used, a thorough manufacturing process, and the type of usage. Inexpensive gaming chairs most likely won’t last as long as high-quality premium chairs. So sooner or later every chair breaks, that’s normal wear and tear. But when a chair breaks, does the gaming chair warranty apply, and who to contact?

Gaming Chair Warranty

If you bought something and spent your hard-earned money on it, then you also expect it to work. New merchandise must be delivered without flaws and it must function for a certain time without any problems and without anything breaking. This is an “Implied Warranty”.

If a newly purchased product breaks within the implied warranty period contact the seller. This could be Amazon, Office Depot, Walmart, Wayfair, etc., wherever you bought the chair.

After the implied warranty, the manufacturer’s “Extended Warranty“, if offered by the manufacturer, applies.

So for a warranty claim, you either need to contact the seller or the manufacturer depending on when the fault appears. If something breaks after the manufacturer warranty has expired, then you could simply order spare parts online and install them yourself.

Manufacturers Warranty Contacts

Here is a list in alphabetical order with the most popular gaming chair brands, the duration of the warranty, and the customer service contacts.

Gaming Chair Brand

Warranty Period

Customer Service Contact

AKRacing5 years, 10 years on frame
AmazonBasics1 yearvia the ‘Help’ section of the Amazon website
Anda SeatLifetime warranty on the steel frame and parts
Arozzi2 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Blue Whale24 Month Warranty
Clutch Chairz3 Year Warranty Parts & Upholstery, Lifetime Warranty
Steel Frame
Corsair2 Years Warranty on Gaming Chairs
Cougar1-Year Warranty for chairs with steel frame,
2-Years Warranty for Argo’s aluminum frame and 5-star base.
Dardashti by Atlantic3 Years Limited Warranty
Devoko6 Month Limited Warranty
DXRacer2 Years on parts and workmanship, Lifetime warranty on the steel frame
E-Win2 Years on defective in material or workmanship, 10 Years on steel frame
Elecwish12 Month
Furmax6 Month
GT Omega Racing3 years warranty for chairs and simulator cockpits
GTRacing1 Year Warranty
Homall Direct6 monthhref=” or
KillabeeOne Year Warranty
MeraxOne Year Warranty
MussoOne year
NoblechairsManufacturer warranty: 2 years
Nokaxus2-Year NOKAXUS Warranty
OFM EssentialsLimited Lifetime warranty
Open Wheeler
Opseat2 Year Warranty
Play Seat60 Day Manufacturer
RespawnLimited Lifetime warranty
Secretlab2 to 3 years, 5 years through the extended warranty program
Vertagear2 to 5 years on parts, 10 years on frame
X Rocker90 days warranty against defects in material and workmanship

How Long Is The Gaming Chair Warranty

Each brand has its own warranty terms, but since everyone has to comply with consumer protection laws, the differences are not too bad. Differences are the length of the warranty and how quickly and smoothly the warranty claims are dealt with to customer satisfaction. It cannot be overlooked that budget brands have shorter warranty periods, are often more difficult to find customer service contact, and often also take considerably more time to fulfill the warranty claims.

What Are The Types Of Warranty

Legal language can be difficult to understand, what do the different warranties actually mean?

Implied Warranty

Implied Warranty applies to almost every product that you spend money on. It obliges the seller that the product he sells and that the buyer buys for a certain purpose must fulfill this purpose for a period of time. Implied Warranty may vary in different states and is often not particularly long.

Warranty on Defects In Materials and Workmanship

The manufacturer hereby promises that the product is carefully manufactured and that it is free from defects in materials and workmanship. Basically, this is a different way of expressing the implied warranty and means that the product is not faulty for the purposes for which it was manufactured.

Extended Warranty

Many manufacturers or sellers who are convinced of the quality of their products, therefore, sell their products with an extended warranty. The extended warranty varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the cheaper the chair, the shorter the guarantee. Quality gaming chairs from well-known manufacturers who are convinced of the long lifespan of their games often give very long extended warranties.

What is Covered

Normally the seller or manufacturer undertakes the repair or exchange of products or components that have defects in materials or workmanship within the warranty period from the original date of purchase.

If it is a justified warranty claim, the seller or the manufacturer will also cover the shipping costs.

What is Not Covered

  • Damage that is not related to defects in materials and workmanship, like accidents, abuse, misuse, carelessness, fire, water, or other force majeure
  • Improper or not authorized modification of the product or disregard of the instructions for use
  • Unauthorized repairs or repairs carried out during the warranty period without the sellers’ consent
  • Transport damage – the carrier is liable
  • Wear and tear through fair use
  • Damage occurring beyond the warranty period

What To Do If You Have Return or Warranty Issues

Usually, your retailer is your first partner for returns and refunds and for all your warranty issues. For any issues please contact the retailer you purchased from i.e. Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Office Depot, etc., or if you bought directly from the manufacturer contact them first. In most cases, they as reputable dealers will assist you with returns/refunds and warranty if your claim is still within the qualifying time frame.

If you have a claim outside of the mandatory warranty period offered by the retailer, then if the manufacturer offers an extended warranty on its products, the next step is to contact the manufacturer’s customer service for further warranty claims.

With many manufacturers, you can register your product after purchase. This often simplifies warranty claims and repairs.

Gaming Chair Warranty And Customer Service

When deciding to buy a particular product, there are more factors to consider than just the price. It is true that a product that is cheap to sell must be made from less valuable raw materials and cannot have the same workmanship. Therefore, you cannot expect the same quality and lifespan as for higher quality products for which you have to spend more money in the first place. This reflects too in the warranty terms. Cheap gaming chairs come with a short warranty, maybe 6 months or a year.

The warranty period for gaming chairs ranges from a few months on defects in material and workmanship to several years or even a “lifetime” for the frame or the whole chair. Products from well-known manufacturers often come with significantly longer warranty periods. In general, it should be noted that no matter how long the guarantee is, the probability is very high that the product is designed in a way that under fair use it will not break as long as it is under warranty.

customer support

Also important is the ability to contact customer service. A manufacturer can promise that the gaming chair warranty is 5 years, but this does not help if it is difficult to contact customer service. Before purchasing, make sure you can easily and quickly find contact details such as an email address, a contact form, or a phone number.

These are all little things that you often don’t even think about when looking for a new gaming chair, too often one centers on the price only. However, if there are any queries the customer service which often only well-established brands offer is appreciated.

But whether you buy cheap or expensive, the seller is responsible for ensuring that the goods he sells work reliably, are safe to use, and comply with the requirements of the licensing authorities. If this is not the case, the customer has the right to have it repaired for free or replaced as part of the warranty agreement.

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