Gaming Chair Spare Parts And Accessories

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gaming chair repair

Even the most durable and best gaming chair will break down at some point. Often it is easy to replace parts such as the wheel castors, the armrest, or the gas lift spring. As long as it is just small faults like that, a chair does not have to be replaced.  With the right gaming chair spare parts and a little skill, many things can easily be repaired or the defective parts replaced.

Gaming Chair Repair And Maintenance

By simply replacing the defective chair components, an apparently unusable gaming chair can often be quickly fixed. There are very few cases in which a chair cannot be repaired with the right spare parts. After all, when buying a new chair, it comes in parts neatly packed in a box and you have to assemble it yourself.

Gaming Chair Parts Names

When you need to get replacement parts for your gaming chair, it helps a lot if you can call the parts by name. Tell the customer service assistant the exact chair model and the desired replacement part, and they can quickly find the right one. Here is an overview of the main components and the names of the chair parts.

gaming chair parts names

Gaming Chairs Spare Parts

So if a part of your chair is broken, why not just order gaming chair spare parts online and do the repair yourself. Parts are not that expensive, so fixing is way cheaper than buying a new one, especially for high-quality expensive models. The repair will only be difficult if the chair is very old and there are no more spare parts available. But with a bit of skill, you can often find a solution to fix your gaming chair.

Chair Wheel Base

The base of a gaming chair is so to speak, the foundation of the chair on which everything else is built on. Good workmanship and quality are essential for comfort, stability, and security. The quality and resilience of the chair base depend on the material it is made of. With good gaming chairs, the base will last for many years, but should something break, it can be easily replaced.

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Caster Wheel

If the casters of a chair need to be replaced then take the following into account: do you roll your chair a lot, what’s the weight capacity of the chair, and what type of floor will the chair roll on?
Also, keep in mind that smaller wheels do not roll as easily. The bigger the casters, the better and easier they roll, especially on thick carpets.

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Gas Lift Spring

A defective gas spring that is not working properly anymore must be replaced completely. Never try to repair a gas spring or otherwise tamper with it. The part is under high pressure and there is a high risk of injury. Always replace gas lift spring completely.

Most chairs have gas springs with a standard diameter of 2 “/1.1” and a stroke of about 5 to 6 inches. When ordering a new part, measure the old gas lift for reference to make sure the replacement has the correct diameter.

Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Heavy Duty – Standard Size

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Chair Tilt/Rocking Mechanism

The tilt mechanism of the chair is a fundamental feature that is crucial for ergonomic sitting. The tilt-rocking mechanism allows the seat and backrest to tilt backward in synch. This provides a rocking chair effect that is conducive to dynamic sitting.

The mechanism is quite simple and consists of two plates connected by a hinge and a tensioned spring. A toggle tension knob allows the spring force to be adjusted as needed according to the weight of the user.  A lever allows locking any desired position.

The constant load during daily work leads to wear and tear and the tilting mechanism must be replaced in the event of a defect.

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Arm Rest Replacement

Armrests have to endure a fair amount of stress. If the adjustment mechanism no longer works or they are wobbly, simply replace the old parts with replacement armrests.

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Arm Rest Cushion

Many of the cheaper gaming chairs have armrests made of hard plastic that can become uncomfortable after a while. Soft foam padded armrests provide extra comfort and relieve pressure points.

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Lumbar Support Pillow

A lumbar support pillow supports the lower back area and ensures an ergonomically correct sitting posture. Anyone who sits for long hours, whether at the desk in the office, while gaming or even in the car, shouldn’t do without lumbar support.

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Massage Cushion For Gaming Chair

Sitting for long periods often leads to tension in the back. A massage cushion can contribute to relaxation and well-being. Massage cushions mimic pressure and kneading movements by rotating massage heads, which are often comparable to a real manual massage.

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Upholstery Fabric Faux-Leather Repair

Despite all durability and abrasion resistance, the covers suffer from constant wear and tear and will fade, become worn out, and sooner or later start to show cracks or even holes. Regular cleaning and applying upholstery or leather conditioner can increase the lifespan.

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Gaming Chair Parts

A gaming chair does not have to be replaced by a new one if something is broken. Most parts of a gaming chair can be ordered separately. With a bit of skill and elbow grease, you can quickly repair a broken chair.

All parts of a gaming chair, ready to assemble

You probably also assembled your new chair yourself. So you know how it works in principle. Replacing broken parts and shouldn’t be too much of a problem then

However, when too old and worn out you have to calculate whether it is worth repairing an old chair, or when it is better to get a new, better, more modern gaming chair that will last you many years again and provide you with good comfortable sitting.

Installation of gaming chair spare parts

New Wheel Base

Replacing the wheelbasewheelbase stuck can be a hassle. Due to long usage, the gas spring can become quite stuck in the base socket, requiring some force and hammering to loosen.

It may help to spray some CRC on the gas spring around the socket so that it loosens. Then it just needs careful knocking and tapping onto the top of the base around where the gas spring is in the base until the base finally comes off.

Fortunately, the diameters of the gas springs are standardized so that almost all standard wheelbases can be used for replacement. Nevertheless, pay attention to the specified specifications when buying.

Changing The Caster Wheels

Fortunately, replacing the chair casters’ wheels is fairly easy as they are not as tightly stuck as the gas spring. Pulling with a little force is usually enough to get ’em out of the stem socket where they are just simply pushed in.

If the castors are a bit stubborn and don’t want to come out, you can use a screwdriver and pry it a little until it comes loose from the socket. New chair castors can then simply be pushed into the socked.

The small stem of the chair caster is normally a standard size so that all chair castors are compatible with all wheelbases

Fitting the new Gas Lift

We have just seen that it can be quite difficult to get the gas spring out of the base. Because the thing is simply stuck through a long period of use. We will have the same problem if we want to get the gas spring out of the chair’s tilt/rocking mechanism

To get the part out, place the chair on its side, and use a pipe wrench or a vice-grip to grab the gas lift spring below the tilt mechanism. When you have a good tight grip, then turn with force but carefully until the gas spring starts to come loose, then with a slight pull away from the tilt mechanism continue wiggling back and forth until the gas spring releases from the mechanism.

Inserting the new gas spring is the easiest. Simply push it into the socket on the tilt mechanism and then stick the lot into the socket on the base.

Change the Tilt Mechanism

To replace the tilt mechanism, the gas spring must be removed from it. The steps to do this have just been described. This was the hardest part here.

The tilt mechanism is bolted to the bottom of the seat, simply loosen the bolts. Out with the old, in with the new part, align the screw hole, and bolt it back on.

When you buy a chair tilt mechanism replacement part, you have to pay attention to what mechanism your chair has. There is, for example, a single point tilt, simple synchronous tilt mechanisms, asynchronous tilt mechanisms or multifunctional tilts.

Replacing Armrests

Fortunately, the armrests are easy to remove. They are usually screwed into place with four bolts on the underside of the seat. Simply take out the four bolts, away with the old ones, get the new armrests, and bolt them to the seat.

When buying replacement armrests, you should perhaps measure the distances between the screw holes on the underside of the chair.

Compare this with the dimensions of the new armrest to ensure that the hole spacing on the flange plates fits.

Arm Rest Pad/Cushion

They usually consist of foam padding covered with an elastic material. This is open on the underside and has an elastic band sewn into the hem. Simply pull the opening apart and slip it over the armrest.

These are the easiest to attach. Another type of attachment is with elastic bands that are simply placed around the armrest. This is actually very easy and quick.