Is a Gaming Desktop better than a Gaming Console

Video game enthusiasts can be divided into two groups. Some find gaming with a gaming console much better and others find that consoles are far inferior to their high-end rigs.

Does a Gaming Pc outperform a Gaming console?

Yes, in most cases a gaming PC outperforms a gaming console. High-end gaming PCs tend to have more powerful components than gaming consoles, allowing them to run more intense games at higher settings and resolutions. They also offer more flexibility in terms of customization, allowing users to update components as needed. Also, they often offer additional features such as keyboard and mouse support and the ability to run PC-exclusive titles.

Why a Gaming PC is the Best

The video gaming industry has experienced incredible growth in the last couple of years.  The games have developed from Pong (the first video game) to Virtual Reality Games that immerse you into fantastic worlds. Modern Video games allow people to experience spectacular worlds and gaming scenarios. Gaming computers and consoles have evolved too and video game companies are trying to think of the “next big thing” to keep their lively fan base engaged. They want the best games, the best graphics, the best console, and the best experience possible when playing a video game. But what is better for gaming? Computer vs console, each side got their fans.

Computer vs Console

The three popular consoles available for purchase today are as follows: the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 (owned by Sony, and with a VR console just released), and the Nintendo Switch (owned by Nintendo, just released to rave reviews and box office records). There have been multiple discussions every single year on what system is the best out of these three main ones. Since the Nintendo Switch was just released, you’ll find the other two usually compared with the Wii U, Nintendo’s previous system. These systems all come down to personal preference and people who prefer shooter games, or mature games, usually flock to either the Xbox One or PS4, while more family-oriented and party games are around Nintendo. Each video game company has certain games that are only released for that system, leading many video game enthusiasts to own all three.

Gaming Computers are way more powerful

However, even though these three consoles are outstanding, there is one way to play video games that I personally think is the best and that is PC gaming; many video game enthusiasts will agree with me on this matter. For some of you who are shaking your heads and wondering why let me break it down for you and show you why a gaming PC is the best way to play video games.

PC games are more affordable

If you walk into a video game store right now and look to buy a new video game for an Xbox or PlayStation, you can easily be spending close to $90. However, video games are often cheaper than console games. There are a lot of games priced for under $20. Even recently released games are almost always cheaper for the PC. This will save you money down the road and you can afford to buy more games.

Buying older games (considered classics) is easier

There is something so special about going back to play a game that was so important when you were younger. On PCs, this is easy to do because you can get emulators where you can play the oldest versions of games, even games that weren’t released on the PC but were originally made for N64, Sega, or NES. Even a few of the original Pokémon games for Game Boy can be found on emulators. It is a lot harder to find an emulator for a video game console, but the library of PC games is massive and there are thousands of older games to play available at your fingertips.

Modifying and upgrading a computer vs console

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why I think a gaming computer vs console is the better option: You can make modifications to the game itself. This completely changes the feel of the game, the way it is played, and even the look. So many “mods” are available for online gamers to turn some of the games that you are bored with into new pieces of gaming. There are thousands of “mods” available to you online, and it will transform an older game into a new experience. If you are tech-savvy as well, you can establish and create your own mods to share with the world. Please do, as I would love to play some new ones!

The power of a PC

At the end of the day, PCs are always going to be a lot more powerful than your average gaming console. They run faster, have a lot more storage space, and have video cards that are stronger than any console on the market today. As well, you can always make enhancements to your gaming PC, and it is easy to do so—not as much for the consoles as you risk damaging their long term. PCs offer the highest resolutions for graphics and there are games already released for the PC that is in 4K. This is the highest level of HD available today.

Playing online has never been easier

One of the biggest draws to video games these days is the online community you can be a part of. Anytime, millions of people around the world sit at their computers playing the latest MMOs or MOBAs, and that is something gamers want to be a part of. With PCs, it has never been easier to play online, and they hook up to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable easily and with zero hassle. Gaming PCs also have more power to have the fastest wireless speeds and the fastest speeds online. You will experience zero lagging and zero glitches, making it the way to go. On the PC, you can also experience some of the most iconic online worlds such as World of Warcraft, and there are multiple free-roam games available to you across the Internet.

Conclusion: Computer vs Console

Whether you are a fan of the PC or not, you cannot look past the fact that Gaming PCs are much more powerful and faster than any console on the market today. Even the latest top-rated gaming laptops can compete with the performance of a console while providing great mobility. If you are interested in buying one, there are plenty available at reasonable prices in-store and online.