GTRacing Pro Series GT002 Gaming Chair

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GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic (Red)

GTRacing gaming chairs are best-selling gaming chairs. The company has been in the market with its popular gaming chairs since 2011. They pride themselves on affordable chairs that are not only stylish but also highly comfortable. The ergonomic design and the many features make these chairs ideal not only ideal for your gaming room setup but also for use in your home office.

The Pro Series GT002 is the classic model from GTRacing. It’s the first chair model that the brand released into the market and is now the best-selling gaming chair in the world. Except for a few small improvements, this is still the original Pro Series GT002.

The GT002 is available in attractive colors that catch your eyes on the first look. However, the trance doesn’t stop there; when you sit down in it you be surprised at the comfort they provide. To top it off, you have two accessory pillows. One to give you support to the lower back, while the other is built purposefully to provide comfort to your neck and head. Furthermore, the Pro Series GT002 gaming chair features will make you feel like you are sitting in an actual racing bucket seat. Let’s look at some of the features in detail.

Features Of The GTRacing Pro Series GT002

Chairs SizeStandard
Max. Recommended Weight300lbs
Recommended Height5’5″ to 6’
Chair Cover MaterialPU Leather
Foam TypeHigh Density 
BaseNylon plastic
Armrests2D, up&down, left&right
Adjustable Back AngleTilt Locking: 90-170 degree
ExtrasHead and Lumbar Pillow
Warranty Length1 Year

Ergonomic Design

The GTRacing GT002 is ergonomically designed to support your spine’s natural curvature. Sitting on it for a long time won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the lumbar pillow is perfect to make some adjustments to support your lower back.  It is still advisable, though, to get up and stretch every once in a while, to do your body some good and reduce the risk of complications from sitting too long.


The GTRacing Pro chair is ideal for people of average height and weight. Those who are taller or heavier may sit comfortably, but it depends on their build. Occupants who are plus sizes and have a broad body may find the chair a bit tight.


The lumbar pillow and the headrest give the GTRacing gaming chair a few extra points in terms of comfort. Whenever you feel like relaxing, you can recline the backrest (down to a 170 degrees)  and enjoy a short nap with the headrest working as your makeshift napping pillow. Not only that, the entire gaming chair is covered with high-quality PU synthetic leather which provides maximum comfort and softness.


This GTRacing Pro Series Gaming Chair is available in exciting colors such as orange & black, all black, black & red, and blue & black. The all-black design would look great in an office too.


This chair is fully adjustable and can be twisted and twirled in almost every way to allow individually adjusting the seat. Press the lever underneath the seat and you can alter the height of this game seat – a great tool for short-height folks who are at a disadvantage using generic office chairs. There is another lever on this gaming chair that lets you adjust the backward tilt anywhere from 0 to 170 degrees. And that’s not all! When it comes to adjustability, even the armrests are customizable. You decide the height of your armrests with the press of a button.

Pros & Cons of the GTRacing GT002 gaming chair

Here are a few pros and cons, which give a good idea of what you should expect from this product.



  • Good value for money
  • Extremely comfortable
  • A range of colors available
  • Highly adjustable
  • The headrest and backrest are detachable
  • Plastic Base

Should I buy a GTRacing Pro Series GT002 Blue Gaming Chair

The GTRacing Classic chairs are sturdy, durable, and stylish. They are available in cool racing-style colors as well as in a more executive style so they can be a great addition to your gaming room or your home office.

The Classic models are really comfortable for the average-sized gamer, and if you are of a larger build and weight, you will find the large models that have a weight rating of up to 350 pounds to be suitable.  Should that not be enough and you would need even larger chairs you may consider looking at some other chairs that are designed for large people.

When it comes to design, the GTRacing GT002 with its side wings looks very much like a typical racing-style seat as you would see it in flash sports cars and rally cars.

This GTRacing Pros Series are affordably priced in the budget chair range. But looking at the number of features the GT002 comes with, its design, and comfort amenities, then this is a very good choice when looking to spend only small money on a gaming chair.

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