How Long Does A Gaming Chair Last

No gaming chair lasts forever, be it a cheap or an expensive chair, it will wear out and break. But it is fair to say that a premium chair from a reputable manufacturer should outlast a cheap chair. Careful handling as instructed, occasional maintenance, regular inspections, and repair of minor faults, can increase the lifespan of a chair.

My chair after two years of use

how long does a gaming chair last

Seams and upholstery after 2 years daily use for about 6 hours

seams and upholstery

How Long Should A Gaming Chair Last

Very hard to say, as there are many factors besides the price that affects how long a gaming chair will last. If you buy a cheap 100 dollar chair and you use it every day for a couple of hours, it might last a year or two. 

However, the more you spend on a chair, the better quality and better material you can expect and thus an essential longer lifespan. Good premium chairs can last 5 to 10 years even with daily use.

So obviously, what influences the lifespan of every gaming chair to a large extent is the degree of usage. If you sit in it for several hours a day, the chair wears out much quicker than if it is used only for a couple of hours on the weekends. Where the first signs of wear appear can vary too and depends on the quality of the chair. Often, however, it starts with the wear of the covers, a bit squeaking, and then it starts to wobble.

Gaming chair parts that wear out and may break

Most of the parts that make up a chair can be ordered online and are very easy to replace:

  • Caster wheels

The plastic wheels break under load, the stem breaks out from the wheelbase, the roller axle breaks, the bearings wear out and crunch. Fortunately, chair casters are very easy to replace. Lay the chair on its side, pull out old casters, insert new ones, done.

  • Chair base

The base of the chair simply breaks if the material is undersized, the welds are weak, or the workmanship is poor. A chair base made of metal can usually take more load and longer.

  • Armrests

The padding becomes hard, mechanics of adjustment jams, screw connections too weak or loose, armrest wobble.

  • The gas lift

The chair sinks down or the seat will not lower or raise, are typical signs that the gas lift mechanics are faulty, the cylinder seals are worn out or that gas has escaped. Sometimes the gas lift is too weak and not really designed for the maximum load specified in the specs. Always check the maximum load capacity of a gaming chair gas lift, and make sure it has enough margin.

  • Chair Base Tilt Mechanism

The locking washer wears out, worn-out plastic liner,  tilt mechanism can no longer be locked or unlocked, seat wobbles.

The following components are actually difficult to replace

Depending on how bad the damage is, buying a new chair is a more sensible choice.

  • Cover material

The covers are exposed to daily wear and tear. Colors fade, fabrics wear out, artificial leather becomes stiff and brittle, PU coating flakes off the carrier fabric.

  • Padding

The padding loses its elasticity, which means it won’t rebound (bounce back) as much after it has been compressed. As a result, you sink in more, the cushioning effect becomes less. High-density foam padding used in more expensive chairs will last longer and the padding stays firm longer.

  • The metal frame

How durable and long-lasting the frame depends on the type of steel used, the thickness of the metal and the quality of the welds. If the material thickness is too thin or if the welding work is poor, the frame can bend or break at a weak point. In that case, you can hardly replace anything and it is best to buy a new chair.

What To Do If Your Chair Is Broken

If your gaming chair breaks, you have several options.

Should the chair break while it is still under warranty, then of course the first step before you do anything yourself is to contact the seller. A well-known manufacturer with good after-sales support will be helpful and possibly send you the replacement part or even replace the chair.

If the chair was already delivered with defects, you should return it and request a replacement. When unpacking, check the contents for completeness and check all parts for damage before assembling. When buying a new product, the seller is obliged to provide you with a fully functional item that is free of damage.

If you have been using your chair for a long time and it is seriously damaged, or if the chair is very old, it is often not worth repairing, and buying a new chair is the better solution.