How Zero Build Mode Changes Fortnite Forever

When players consider jumping into Fortnite, there’s always one complaint that rules over the rest. While many gamers are eager to test their skills in this popular battle royale, the building mechanics are always daunting and seem too complex to learn.

Wrapping your head around the complex process of editing and building structures can be challenging, but thanks to the new “Zero Build” modes, you can now enjoy Fortnite without the need to become a virtual carpenter. While removing the building mechanics might seem like a simple change, this key alteration has fundamentally changed the way that Fortnite is being perceived and played. Today, we’re taking a look at how Zero Build is changing the Fortnite landscape and bringing in more players than ever before.

How Zero Build Mode Changes Fortnite Forever

Calling Fortnite a “popular game” is a massive understatement, as the free-to-play battle royale title quickly became a worldwide sensation just months after its release. While it was widely considered the most popular game of its genre, Fortnite‘s popularity has waned in recent months.

However, with the introduction of “Zero Build” modes at the beginning of the second season of Chapter 3, the game has seen a huge resurgence in popularity. Pro players and popular streamers who once abandoned the game have come back in droves, driving the concurrent player count through the roof. Now, Fortnite is enjoying a massive comeback, but will these changes stick around for good?

First, it’s important to recognize exactly how Zero Build affects the flow of Fortnite matches. Without the ability to produce an impromptu tower or quick cover, players have been forced to sneak through the map and rely on their shooting skills over fancy build-edits. Two new movement mechanics have been added in the form of tactical sprint and mantling, which allows you to briskly climb up walls and ledges with ease. In short, it feels like the skill gap between players has lessened, as there are no shortcuts or quick ways to dispatch inattentive players. This makes matches more intense and exciting, calling back to the early days of Fortnite.

The Future of Fortnite Zero Build

That said, the quick addition of Zero Build modes has exposed some points of weakness in the game’s current design, which will undoubtedly prompt one of two possibilities. Either Zero Build mode is here to stay and the game will undergo further changes, or this fantastic mode is just a flash in the pan for Chapter 3, Season 2. We’re hoping it’s the former, as Zero Build is highly entertaining.

However, the game will definitely need some tuning. First and foremost, there are more AI-controlled bot players than ever before, as the player population has been split between traditional building and Zero Build modes. The bots will need a bit of tweaking, as they are currently either too weak to stand up to real players or can be annoyingly deadly while driving vehicles like tanks.

Similarly, the map itself will need to be adjusted, as it’s obvious that certain areas were not meant to be traversed without the use of builds. The ability to mantle up ledges eases some of these movement difficulties, but it’s still easy to get caught in a ditch or find yourself unable to climb mountains due to the map’s design. Any new points-of-interest will likely need to be tweaked to favor both Zero Build and traditional modes to offer a more balanced experience.

While it’s true that Zero Build will need some modification if it’s meant to stick around, we’re excited about the potential that the modes bring. New weapons can drastically alter the meta in Zero Build, leaving the door wide open to new guns and items. The same goes for vehicles, which have found renewed importance in Zero Build. If Epic Games wants to double down on their success with Zero Build, the third season of Chapter 3 will need to make some significant changes.

If we’re lucky though, Zero Build might become a staple of the Fortnite experience, with the potential to pour over into the eSports scene. Ultimately, only time will tell if Zero Build mode will have any lasting effects on this iconic game. Either way, we’ve been greatly enjoying this unique experience and how it’s been able to shake up the game in a big way.

By: Matt   Matt started gaming at two years old with Wolfenstein 3D on the PC. His early days of gaming were spent on classic NES and DOS titles, growing his love for both retro action and point ‘n click adventure games. Matt is the creator of Super Gamesite 64 and he especially enjoys doling out the end-of-year awards. When he’s not playing the latest release for review, you can find Matt gobbling up movies and TV shows. Matt has a love for every aspect of gaming, and will surely be tapping away for as long as possible.