Massage Gaming Chairs

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Thanks to its ergonomic design, a good gaming chair ensures an optimal sitting position and enables long gaming sessions. An advantage that not only gamers appreciate, as you can see from the fact that good esports chairs are increasingly being used in many other areas of application. But even if you already have the most comfortable chair to sit in, long sitting can lead to tension and pain in the neck and back. Perhaps a good massage gaming chair is what you need to help relieve these tensions and reduce the stress caused by back pain.

Best Massage Gaming Chairs

Most people in our modern world spend the day sitting, which inevitably leads to a lack of exercise and in the end day to tension and back pain. This is usually due to persistent incorrect posture in a monotonous sitting position. A massage chair can provide relief in such cases. Its design and the built-in functions, help to relax muscles in the back and stimulate blood circulation. This can reduce fatigue, increase productivity, and generally contribute to physical wellbeing.

A very popular gaming chair with a massage lumbar cushion is the Blue whale gaming chair or the Elecwish gaming chair/with massage cushion

How Does A Massage Gaming Chair Work?

A high-end massage chair works with integrated mechanical tools, such as motors, gears, and rollers or in some cases with air cushions that are inflated or deflated to achieve a kneading effect. Which type of tools are installed in the seat depends on the quality of the model and the desired manipulating effect, as well as the price, of course.

Gaming chairs are simpler and just have vibrating motors in the lumbar cushions that create a feeling of well-being when seated. In more expensive and better-equipped chairs, complex devices are built-in, which enable targeted treatment of certain body regions and provide a surprisingly good massage effect.

In the higher price class, there are models with built-in massage balls that rotate and vibrate at the same time, massage on a deeper level, targeting tissues with muscle knots and tension issues, and providing a shiatsu-like massage.

So the inner workings of a massage chair are not that complicated. The chairs are electrically operated and, depending on the model, have a variety of different programs and different massage types that vary in intensity and duration. All this is controlled via the supplied remote controls.

Who Is A Massage Gaming Chair For?

Everyone who spends extended hours sitting in a monotonous posture will notice tension and back problems sooner or later. Regular breaks with stretching exercises are important so that the body is not permanently in rest mode. However, you may not always have the time or the will to get up because you still want to end this or that task. Seen in this way, a chair with a built-in massage function is something that many people can benefit from. As long as you have no previous illnesses or orthopedic defects, a massage gaming chair could serve you well. However, if you suffer from complaints, it is better to first talk to your doctor about the advantages or disadvantages of a massage chair.

What Are The Benefits Of A Massage Gaming Chair?

Massage gaming chairs are designed according to the physical demands of esports athletes. A good ergonomic chair allows a relaxed and dynamic sitting experience during long game sessions. Additional features such as built-in massage devices can also provide additional relaxation and also have positive effects on physical well-being and performance.

Less Back Pain

Wrong sitting in a monotonous posture leads to tension and incorrect posture. This can result in further complaints. If this tension can be avoided, a whole series of further complaints can be reduced or avoided. Tension in the shoulders, neck, and back leads to back pain

Prevent Headache

As a result of tense muscles, many people suffer from tension-type headaches. They often arise from cramping of the neck muscles, which leads to irritation of the nerves in the affected muscles. This is often perceived as throbbing pain in the back of the head. Special neck massage programs or Shiatsu Neck Massagers may work wonders and help to relieve these symptoms by massaging and loosening up the affected muscles. (learn more about Shiatsu Massage)

Improve Posture

If muscle tension and the resulting posture is avoided, the correct alignment of the spine and the vertebra are promoted. this in turn has a positive effect on the natural s-curvature of the spine and puts less pressure on the nerves and muscles.

Benefit Circulation

Massages relax the muscles, thereby activating and promoting blood circulation. This has many positive effects as transports nutrients through the whole body, ensures the removal of metabolic waste, and as such supports physical regeneration. The whole body benefits from a massage, from skin generation, boosting the immune system to the functions of the internal organs.

Less stress

All of this leads to less stress overall and helps your body to relax. When you are relaxed and sitting comfortably, your mind can concentrate better on the tasks ahead of you whether ist gaming or office work.

What to look for when buying a Massage Gaming Chair?

If you want to buy a massage gaming chair, you should pay attention to the usual criteria that should also be considered when buying a regular gaming chair. In addition to the personal demands and needs, the quality and workmanship are what matter most, and of course, choosing the right size chair.

Ergonomics and comfort

Comfort and ergonomics are, besides the right size, the most important selection criteria. The chair should fit your body size, offer sufficient adjustment options for the backrest and armrests, and be well upholstered according to your preferences.


A backrest must be large enough so that it can completely accommodate the occupant’s back and promote correct posture when sitting. A correct sitting position reduces the strain on the lower back. A Lumbar support system is desirable. In many gaming chairs, the massage function has been incorporated into the lumbar cushion.

The inclination of the backrest is an important comfort function to ensure a relaxed sitting position when leaning forward or backward. The inclination of the backrest should, therefore, be easily and conveniently adjustable to support dynamic sitting.

Rocking feature

With some gaming chairs, the inclination of the seat can be changed by simply shifting your body weight. The angle between the seat and backrest always remains the same thanks to a mechanism that has the inclination of the seat and that of the backrest synchronized.


The armrests of a gaming chair have two important functions. They should have a support surface wide enough for the forearms to rest comfortably on them and should have multiple adjustment options in several directions so that the armrests can also serve as an extension of the desk.


The density of the foam used for the upholstery is an important criterion for the seating comfort, depending on whether the upholstery is soft or firm. The denser the foam used to upholster a gaming chair, the firmer the padding. If you sit on the chair for a long time, so to speak, in permanent use, then a firm upholstery with high-density foam is recommended.

Material and workmanship of the covers

Clean seams and high-quality workmanship ensure a long lifespan for the chairs. The cover material used for the seat upholstery has different properties and advantages.

Fabric covers are relatively inexpensive. Fabric covers feel soft and warm. They are breathable and, depending on the features of the fabric, easy to care for, they can simply be brushed clean or vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, they are prone to stains.

Artificial leather: covers made of artificial leather are as cheap as fabric covers in a gaming chair. The material is often referred to as PU leather because it is made from polyurethane. The surface is very smooth and the feel is reminiscent of natural leather. Faux leather covers can be cleaned with a damp cloth and are usually very resistant to stains. Many manufacturers of gaming chairs use this material because of the low price and good appearance.

Leather: Genuine leather is a very noble material for the upholstery of a gaming chair. Natural leather is breathable, very resistant, and will last a lifetime if properly cared for. To keep the leather supple, the upholstery must be rubbed in regularly with a suitable leather care product. Without care, the leather dries out and becomes brittle. However, high-quality leather is very expensive and the aspect that it is of animal origin discourages some users.

Dimensions / Size

When choosing a gaming chair, you should always take a look at the dimensions of the chair. On the one hand, space is needed in the room so that the chair fits into it. On the other hand, the chair must also be large enough so that the user can sit comfortably.

Maximum load of a massage gaming chair

The maximum permissible load specified by the manufacturer must be observed, it is crucial to the life span of the chair. Also, consider that there are additional forces and loads that act on the chair when the gaming battles heat up. Always leave some room for improvement and choose a chair that can take a load of an extra 50 to 60 pounds above your body weight.

Quality and Workmanship

Buy from a reputable manufacturer, and pay attention to the small details. Make sure that all the seams on the massage chair are clean and even, inspect the upholstery and the padding, and how strong the chair smells.

Read the manual, familiarise yourself with the operation and test run all massage programs. If you discover quirks or malfunctions consider returning the chair right away.


What is often ignored, but what you should definitely consider is warranty and customer service. When buying a gaming chair or any product online that costs a considerable amount of dollars make sure it comes with at least one year Warranty. In any case of equipment malfunction due to faulty material or workmanship, at least you can be sure that your chair will be replaced.