Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair

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High-profile gaming chairs can cost a pretty penny; the good news is there are alternative models out there like Merax’s ergonomic gaming chair. It has everything needed to make sure you’re sitting up straight and comfortably no matter how long you need to use it without feeling cramped or broke afterward.

This reclining chair is similar to a luxury car style. In its price class its one of the most comfortable gaming chairs. Its backrest is designed ergonomically to give more support to the lumbar area. It is built with a 360-degree swivel function and a pneumatic gas lift for adjusting the height according to your preference.

Features of the Merax Gaming chair

  • Inspired by a racing car style suitable for home and office use
  • Made of synthetic polyurethane (PU) leather and breathable mesh fabric for easy cleanup
  • Adjustable armrest of up to 160-degree angle
  • Pneumatic gas lift for adjustable height function
  • Recline function (90-150 degrees) for quick naps
  • Ergonomic design with removable headrest and lumbar cushions
  • 360-degree swivel, tilt and smooth rocker mechanisms for better movement
  • Maximum load capacity: 225 pounds

You’ll have to assemble it yourself out of the supplied parts which shouldn’t take long or be much of a hassle since a detailed instruction manual is included that, if followed, will have you sitting in your new chair in about half an hour.

In the looks department, the chair attracts attention with the good use of contrast, elegant lines and a color scheme one can’t help but notice. Its silver armrests and parts of the chair base give this model a metallic sheen which goes surprisingly well both with the black leather and violet mesh.

The chair’s upholstery consists of PU leather and synthetic mesh fabric on the seat. Both materials lend themselves well to maintenance as a little light cleaning is all it takes to keep them in shape. Likewise, the gaming chair maintains a cool feel during all but the most sweltering summer days, while the mesh fabric makes sure that you can sit comfortably for hours on end without getting sweaty.

The lower back and neck support this chair offers is very good. The headrest can be moved up or down depending on one’s height. The lumbar support pillow cannot as it is protruding out from the chair and isn’t separate, but its shape and positioning will suit most users just fine, especially when tilted backward as it becomes more prominent then.

The star-shaped base is made out of metal and is very sturdy. The plastic caster wheels that the chair moves on are of average quality and work best on a carpet. Rolling on smooth surfaces isn’t unpleasant, but it’s definitely slower and requires a little more effort on your part due to the way the wheels tend to slide on them rather than roll. The base is connected to the cylinder which controls the chair’s height. Doing that is as easy as pulling a lever and letting the gas inside the cylinder do its thing.

Most racing-style gaming chairs these days have the ability to recline, but finding one whose armrests go along with this isn’t that common. With Merax’s gaming chair, you’re able to tilt the armrests upwards, which helps retain a more natural arm position if it is set to a degree suitable for reading books or watching movies.

Speaking of reclining, the chair can be set to recline back considerably, letting you lean back and watch a series or catch some z-s in comfort. A useful locking function keeps the back at the desired angle for even more enjoyable lounging. You won’t be able to put it in a totally horizontal position, but not far off. The mechanism responsible for this feature is a bit stiff and you’ll have to use some force to get the chair into position. Once there though it works well.

A general downside to this chair is that it isn’t designed for tall people. The farther one is from the 6-foot mark, the less comfortable it becomes, which is especially noticeable with the pillow as it can’t reach your neck even at its highest setting. The same goes for weight. People weighing under 200 pounds should have no trouble using this chair for years, but it does become less stable and starts squeaking faster the more weight it has to bear.


  • Strong base

The base of this chair is made of metal to provide great stability and durability. Due to its strong base, it can hold as much as 225 pounds of weight. The leg wheels make it easily transportable to any area of your gaming zone.

  • Sleek design

This gaming chair is inspired by a luxury car seat hence the entire design gives a sleek look. The blue highlights of mesh fabric match the black color of the leather seat. This can serve a nice decoration item for your home or office.

  • Flexible

Its reclining mechanism feature allows you to take a short nap after playing a strenuous game. The height of the chair can also be adjusted through the pneumatic gas lift function underneath the seat.

  • Easy to clean

The PU material is so easy to clean with a dry cloth. The mesh fabric is a breathable material that requires less maintenance because the sweat may not be absorbed by the chair it will easily evaporate.

  • Excellent lumbar support

This chair adopts the traditional design of a body-hugging back as seen through its deep-sided design. The removable pillow is cushioned well to support the head while you play and rest. Meanwhile, the lumbar pad gives enough cushion support to your lumbar area for maximum comfort.

  • Great value gaming chair

In the price class of gaming chairs under 200 dollars, this is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs.


  • Flimsy armrest material

The plastic material of armrests wears off after some time because it is not so durable. If you like a more durable armrest, you can try Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair.

  • Size – for small occupants only

The size of the chair appears to be rather narrow because it is designed to hug your back snugly. As a result, there is not too much space for large people with a wide shoulders. For larger chairs try other brands like X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audi Pedestal Video Gaming Chair.

  • Uncomfortable for people with short legs

People with short height will find this chair a bit uncomfortable. If this is the case, you can always adjust the height to get the right level off the ground. You can also transfer the head pillow close to your head since it is removable and put more cushions in the lumbar area.

Summary of the Merax Ergonomic Reclining Chair

This Merax gaming chair is a perfect choice if you like a good reclining chair with great features and comfort without digging too deep into your pocket. It is complete with all the basic features of a 360-degree swivel function, adjustable height, and rocking mechanism. The best thing about it is you can recline it for naps. This chair fits snugly around your back, therefore it is recommended for occupants who want maximum support to their lumbar area. It is an ergonomically designed chair suitable for use in the office as well as for the children’s desk doing computer or homework. For the price of this chair, it is a great deal.


Even though Merax’s high back chair suffers from a few drawbacks, none of them are so severe that they’d take away from its exceptional value. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a sturdier, more balanced chair at such a low price that’s this attractive. Where other companies cut corners, homeware manufacturer Merax makes their chairs with as much quality as their price will allow. Couple that with its eye-catching look, and the prospect of getting this gaming char starts to look even better.

As an entry-level gaming chair, you’d buy if you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, or a 2nd chair to have around if your friends decide to visit and play a round of video games together, it can hardly be beaten. If your budget allows for only so much, spending it on this gaming chair won’t be a decision you’ll regret as it will most likely look great and offer an enjoyable sitting experience now, and a year or two down the road as well.

The Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair is currently not available. Why not have a look at the highly popular Musso Gaming Chair