Musso Big & Tall ESports Gaming Chair

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Not every chair is suitable for everyone. That’s all the more true, the bigger and heavier someone is, as most of the standard chairs either do not fit or cannot endure their weight.  Luckily, there are more and more chairs that are specially designed for big & tall Esports enthusiasts by chair manufacturer HugHouse. The Musso Big & Tall Gaming Chair by HugHouse with its wide seat and backrest and its high weight capacity of 390 pounds is their biggest model.

Musso Big & Tall ESports Gaming Chair

Using a comfortable gaming chair is one of the most important criteria for avid gamers who spend hours in front of computers playing games. The chair can only be comfortable if it matches the size of the occupant.


The looks of it

The design plays a big role in making a product stand out. This particular Musso gaming chair is available in various colors and designs, which are all really beautiful and make this impressive chair a real eye-catcher.

Its massive appearance with the extra-thick cushions and the wide-winged backrest exude comfort, flexibility, and robustness. It seems like the chair is much more expensive than it actually is.

Ultimate comfort

The chair has consistently quite high ratings from the customers, especially the comfortable sitting and the generous upholstery is always mentioned positively. The manufacturer advertises outstanding comfort through the segmented, padded design of the upholstery, which provides highly contoured support. The memory foam of the chair adapts perfectly to the user, the snug fit supports the body with soft cushioning.

The Chair has the obligatory lumbar support cushion, the headrest design is different from the usual as it is integrated into the backrest.

Tiltable Backrest

The wide comfortable Backrest is tiltable and can be adjusted from 90 to 170 degrees. The chair can rock back and forth by about 20 °, the rocking resistance can be adjusted with a knob below the seat.


Unfortunately, the armrests are adjustable only in height. However, they have another bonus as they are removable with the push of a button if you do not like having them on.

Good quality material

A chair with a high weight rating for big and tall guys needs to be built around a strong frame. HugHouse has built the chair around a robust steel frame and covered the memory foam padding with easy-to-clean PU synthetic leather covers.

It all sits on a cast Aluminum Alloy base supported by silent castors that roll smoothly on hard or soft floors.

Warranty policy

The HugHouse covers this chair with a one-year manufacturer warranty for faults because of damaged or defective parts.


  • Great comfortable gaming chair for a good price
  • Memory foam padding provides a snug fit and cushioning
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made of quality material
  • All metal frames
  • 390-pound capacity


  • Armrest only adjusts up/down


In a nutshell, if you are after a comfortable gaming chair for big and tall guys and that doesn’t cost the world, do not pass the gaming chair.

The Musso Big & Tall’s wide seat option, high backrest, the segmented memory padding renders optimum comfort and is a joy to sit in.

It’s a good chair at a fair price, and is made of durable and strong materials that will serve you for a long time, either at your gaming desk or home office desk.