OPSEAT Master Series PC Gaming Chair

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Making a foray into the world of gaming chairs isn’t easy. When you’re going up against chairs like DXRacer, any kind of advantage is welcome, be that in the chair’s design or a price difference that can tip the scales in one’s favor. OPSEAT is a dynamic and innovative company in its own right, producing chairs that have become favorites for streamers and pro gamers, not to mention a wide consumer audience. This high-back racer gaming chair is part of the Master series, a product line dedicated to people who mean serious business and need a trustworthy piece of gaming equipment to help them out. So, how well does it hold up?

OPSEAT Master Series gaming chairs are currently not available but take a look at the best chairs from E-win Racing

The Master Series is an ergonomically designed Racing Style Gaming chair that combines comfort and performance with style. Features such as a high backrest, lumbar pillows, and great looks make this gaming chair also a cool addition to the modern office.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Upholstered with high-grade PU leather
  • Completely removable back and neck pillows
  • Supports up to 300 pounds
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction

After its easy assembly is complete, you’re left with a chair that looks massive, in a positive sense of the word. It’s a little broader than usual, sure, but a lot of the bulk in its appearance comes down to exceptional padding in the backrest and on the seat. Keeping in line with the racecar seat theme, it has cool-looking racing wings off to the sides and a couple of holes underneath the head cushion which mimic a racing seat perfectly. This model comes in black as well as in a variety of bright colors that look nice and make the chair the center of attention. It should go well with equally-colored LED strips and high-end keyboards & mice whose lights can be aligned to suit it too.

Unlike the majority of gaming chairs that are designed for people of average size and build, this one will provide welcome relief to an even broader audience. With its high back and wide seating area, this chair provides comfort to tall people as well as to heavy guys. OPSEAT has made the chair much sturdier than average too, and it can seat someone weighing up to 300 pounds without problems.

Much of this can be attributed to its solid metal frame which won’t bend or break even under intentional abuse. The chair’s base is sturdy too, providing balanced weight distribution to five caster wheels which have no trouble moving confidently over wooden floors and rugs alike. A heavy-duty compressed gas cylinder takes care of the seat’s height adjustments and is very responsive either when you’re sitting on the chair or tinkering with it while standing next to it.

Getting the chair into the exact position you want it to be, is both intuitive and easy. The ability to recline is common enough among models like it, OPSEAT’s being able to lean back all the way up to about 135 degrees. You won’t encounter that many gaming chairs where the actual seat can be tilted too. A quick pull at a sideways lever makes it recline a maximum of 20 degrees, broadening your options without the loss of support.

A final note on all of the chair’s adjustment options has to do with the armrests. They cannot be tilted to the side, but pulling them in or out to bring your hands to the proper gaming desk height is easily done. Sadly, their construction isn’t as sound as the chair’s other parts. If you constantly fool around with their height, chances are that this feature will become unusable after a time.

The chair’s upholstering is made of synthetic PU leather, a material that closely mimics the real thing while being scratch and tear-resistant, not to mention much easier to maintain. It is mostly double-stitched together professionally, with the stitches themselves being a nice add-on to the chair’s look as they’re the same color as its accents. OPSEAT’s gaming chair is all about sturdiness, and the upholstering is no slouch when it comes to that.

A neck pillow and a lumbar support cushion help to have you ideally propped up throughout your back and ready to dig into a work report or your enemies in a game of deathmatch without being distracted by annoying back or shoulder pain. Being able to remove the pillows altogether is a nice touch. While you won’t be supported as well without them, the superb padding of the chair’s seat and backrest will keep you at ease. Even the armrests are thickly padded, adding to the luxurious feel experienced while using the chair.



  • Good reclining angle for the backrest and option of tilting the seat too
  • Stable caster wheels with good traction
  • A robust height adjustment system for on-the-fly correction
  • The sturdy metal frame supports up to 300 lbs
  • The chair isn’t easy on people with wide thighs. The seat’s sides are built to curve out and can dig themselves into the thigh. This tight-fit sitting attribute is typical to car racing seats, but in a computer chair, some might feel uncomfortable.
  • Armrests can only be moved vertically and are prone to breaking if they’re adjusted frequently


OPSEAT Master Series Gaming Chair is a strong and durable gaming chair that stands out through quality at an almost unmatched price.

Verdict of OPSEAT’s racer gaming chair

Should you give OPSEAT a chance to win you over with its high-quality Master Series gaming chair?

Provided you aren’t short and thinly built or don’t have considerable thighs, the answer is a clear yes. The effort which went into designing and constructing the chair with comfort and support by the manufacturer is evident.

It’s not the most expensive racer gaming chair, but in terms of what you’re getting, the quality of the chair’s build, and the potential for it to last as long as a new PC setup or longer, it embodies the phrase “bang for your buck”