PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X

In just a couple of months, both Microsoft and Sony will be releasing their next-generation video game consoles. Just in time for Christmas, they make a great Christmas present that might be a highlight under the tree. On November 10th, Microsoft will be launching the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, two powerful systems that will utilize the strength of their cloud gaming services to provide gamers with tons of games on-demand. Just two days later on November 12th, Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital consoles, both offering incredibly sharp graphics, awesome games, and that classic PlayStation UI.

The PlayStation 5 vs the Xbox Series X

While both consoles are surprisingly affordable (more on that later), the new Xbox and the PlayStation 5 are arguably similar in terms of hardware power and available games. There’s no clear choice on the “best console” to buy, so we’ve prepared this comparison article to help you make a decision. Either way you cut it, gaming is about to get much more advanced in November when Xbox and PlayStation face off again in the never-ending console war.

PlayStation 5

As stated in the introduction, the PlayStation 5 will available for purchase on November 12th for $499. There is a cheaper, digital-only version of the console that costs $399, as this console does not contain a disc-drive. It’s important to note that beyond the disc-drive, both the standard PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital version contain the same amount of power in terms of game performance. If you’re a gamer who doesn’t buy physical software anymore, you can rest assured that the PlayStation 5 Digital will not take any shortcuts when it comes to technical prowess.

Speaking of games, the PlayStation 5 has an exceptionally good line-up of games in its launch window, so there will be no shortage of fun titles to try out. Unfortunately, some PlayStation 5 games (including the highly anticipated remake of Demon’s Souls) will cost $70 to purchase, a $10 increase from the standard price of a new game. This price-tag will persist on several of Sony’s exclusive games, so be sure to check pricing before diving in. You can also try out Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the new PlayStation 5, although a version of the game will also be available on PlayStation 4. Other titles include the colorful platformer Sackboy: A Big Adventure, the third-person action game Godfall, and other AAA titles like Call of Duty: Cold War, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and more.

If paying for brand new games sounds a bit too rough on your wallet, you’ll be happy to learn that PlayStation has also introduced the “Plus Collection” as a free service on PlayStation 5 for any PlayStation Plus subscriber. The service will contain a wide variety of classic Sony exclusives, including the likes of God of War, Bloodborne, The Last of Us: Remastered, and the Uncharted series. This service will come at no additional charge, so as long as you already have a PlayStation Plus account, you’ll have dozens of games to play on your PlayStation 5 on launch day.

Xbox Series X

Once again, you’ll be able to pick up an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S on November 10th, when the new systems release in various regions around the world. The Xbox Series X will also cost $499, while the digital-only console, the Xbox Series S, will cost $299. While the digital-only Xbox is around $100 cheaper than the PlayStation 5 Digital, the hardware inside the Xbox is slightly less powerful than in its disc-based counterpart. If you grab an Xbox Series S, you’ll still be able to play all the latest and greatest games, but not at the level of graphical fidelity you’ll see on the Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series S will target a 1440p resolution and 60 frames-per-second in gameplay. When compared to the 4K resolution, ray-tracing capabilities, and higher frame-rates of the Xbox Series X, the Xbox Series S offers a slightly less “next-gen” experience.

While the new Xbox won’t have as many exclusive games as the PlayStation 5 during its launch window, there is a larger selection of games available. This is due in part to both the Xbox Game Pass service, which offers over 100 games direct-to-download, as well as the “Smart Delivery” system, which upgrades qualified Xbox One games to the Xbox Series X counterpart. This is the biggest leg up that Microsoft has on Sony in terms of software availability. For example, if you choose to buy Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox One this October, you will instantly be upgraded to the Xbox Series X game at no additional charge if you decide to purchase a new system. Conversely, PlayStation owners will be required to buy the full game twice. The Smart Delivery system also ensures that your game progress will persist across multiple systems, whereas PlayStation players will not have access to cross-platform save functionality.

When it comes to actual game titles you’ll be playing, there is a wide smattering of genres and experiences to enjoy. Like on the PlayStation 5, you’ll be able to enjoy titles like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, NBA 2K21, and Dirt 5. There are a handful of Xbox exclusives that will receive graphical upgrades, including Gears 5, Gears Tactics, and Tetris Effect: Connected. There are a handful of games that you’ll only be able to play on the Xbox Series X, including RPG Time: The Legend of Wright, Bright Memory, and The Falconeer. Generally speaking, there are more games to enjoy on Xbox Series X at launch than on the PlayStation 5, but when it comes to exclusive games, the PlayStation 5 still reigns supreme. That might change soon though, as Microsoft recently announced their purchase of Bethesda, the developer/publisher behind huge games like The Elder Scrolls, DOOM, and Fallout. Any new games by Bethesda will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass, so fans of Bethesda might want to wait and see how that shakes out.

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