Reasons To Buy A Gaming Chair

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Gaming chairs have undoubtedly conquered the market in recent years. Everywhere these chairs appear and every gamer, twitcher, or tuber is sitting on one. Due to the constant growth of the gaming industry and the huge amounts of money spend, be it direct on gaming-related products or through sponsors of esports events, gaming is more than a niche industry.

The market is booming so much, that more and more classic providers in the PC segment are trying to get a share of the cake. Today you can walk into any office equipment store and admire a selection of gaming chairs.

But are gaming chairs really so much better than regular office chairs? Direct comparisons show that there are clear differences in terms of seating comfort and ergonomics.

Here are some popular reasons why gamers buy a gaming chair or a premium office chair

Unlike most other sports, esports is performed mostly sitting. Sitting extremely long is neither pleasant nor healthy. You just have to look into the offices of this world to notice, that almost everyone who spends the day in the office has back problems.


Gaming on a professional level is hard work and a well-made gaming chair has many advantages for someone who plays all day. Designated gaming chairs are designed according to ergonomic principles, which combine the latest knowledge about posture, anatomy, and work performance to make sitting as comfortable as possible for the player. High-quality upholstery materials support or relieve parts of the back and pelvis that start to hurt after just a few minutes on conventional leather or wooden chairs.

Optical elements incorporate gaming themes

For many gamers, it is also important that the gaming chairs look optically exceptional and match the general gaming setup up, themed gaming chairs becoming increasingly popular. Fortunately, modern gaming chairs are not only available in all possible colors and designs, but there are also many theme chairs to buy. These are chairs that are designed to match the gamers’ favorite game so that the chair could be an item of the game’s inventory. If this is not for you simply select from the many colors available so that it best fits your gaming den in the living room.

But what should be more important when choosing a chair,  is the level of comfort that a good gaming chair can provide.

Comfort and Adjustability

Conventional cheap chairs are usually only available in a size that is tailored to the average person. If you fall out of this standard pattern it will be harder to sit comfortably. Gaming chairs do not pose this problem. Most manufacturers have many different model series so that the right chair can be found in every size.

In addition to the size, individual customization options are also desirable. The seat angle and backrest inclination should be adjustable. A rocking function is a good feature to support dynamic seating. The armrests should be adjustable in all directions to allow optimal relief of the shoulder girdle.

Not everyone needs a head or neck pillow but good lumbar support, either built into the backrest or as an additional pillow, is highly desirable. High adjustability, 360-degree swivel, and castors are standard.

With such a multitude of individual setting options, long sitting is much more pleasant and the productivity remains longer.

Load-bearing capacity

The robust and tough design of a gaming chair is an important feature. This is especially true for fans of action-packed games that can push the chair to its limits with quick, jerky, and powerful movements.

For very big really heavy guys it is important to make sure that they have a high weight rating, which is above the bodyweight of the player because this is where very high additional loads occur.

Additional Gadgets and Features

Some gaming chair models are equipped with built-in technologies and with sophisticated gadgets that can only be valued by gaming enthusiasts.

So have some chairs integrated USB or audio connections, which turn the once so simple chair into a veritable multimedia tool. There are also models that have built-in motors that generate physical stimuli and thereby create a more realistic game feeling.

The simulator seats are another incredible design. Here whole cockpits can be built, be it for racing or flight simulators. Such setups, also in connection with Virtual reality, enable very special, multi-sensory, interactive gaming experiences.

Gaming chairs combine practicality and status

Even if gaming chairs are often simply referred to as ‘peripherals’ and are unfortunately have only a low priority for many, there are good reasons that almost all esports professionals use high-end gaming chairs. In addition to all the health benefits and the technical features a gaming chair provides, it is also an expression of a lifestyle and belonging to the esports world. However, the main reasons to buy a good gaming chair are its multi-adjustability features and the comfortable sitting in it.