Sea of Thieves – Pirates on the Seven Oceans

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves brings the awesomeness of pirate roles into a video game. It is fun to play and has a lot of things to keep you engaged for some time. After playing the game for quite a while now, I have tested the different aspects of the game like gameplay, graphics, etc. In my campaign, I also thoroughly enjoyed the crew management, which takes the overall experience to the next level. In this review, I will tell you everything you need to know about Sea of Thieves.


Graphics play an important role in the success of any game and there is no compromise in the graphics department of Sea of Thieves. Graphics of Sea of Thieves are the best which you can expect from any top-level game, the environment and characters have great attention to detail.

One thing which amazed me in the game is the ocean. Being a pirate, you will spend 80% of your time on the ocean and the British game developer Rare has done an amazing job with it. The ocean uses the special state of the art waves’ mechanism which makes them look realistic and it complements the theme of the game.

Overall graphics of Sea of Thieves are top notch and I’m very much impressed with them.

Gameplay Sea of Thieves

The gameplay of Sea of Thieves is also very impressive and just like other games it also has its highs and lows which we will discuss in this section. In the game, you will be playing as a pirate with a group of other players to complete the missions. It also has the solo missions which are not interesting and if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest then go for multiplayer option as it allows you to truly experience the role of a pirate.

In the sea, you will be sailing your ship and you will also come across the other ships where it depends on the players to either engage with each other or ignore them. During the voyage, you will be assigned to different tasks like sailing, managing weapons, steering, etc.

sea of thieves krakenDuring your missions, you will encounter the Kraken which is a massive octopus-like creature that will surround its arms around your ship. Kraken’s arm can grab your ship or you sailors from the deck so you will need to hive the massive damage to earn the victory. In your early mission, it will be fun to encounter the Kraken but as the game will progress you need to make sure to avoid the Kraken as you will be tackling it in the same way and trust me there is no fun in it.

The combat in Sea of Thieves is also kind of good, if you are playing in a multiplayer match then you will have real fun. When battling with other ships, you will have to make sure that your team is working properly and performing the task like orienting your ship, load and fire the cannons, etc. In my campaign, I also noticed the fact that the combat was good but not great as almost all players have the same tools, Developers could have done more to make the combat more interesting and complex.

Gold is the in-game currency of Sea of Thieves which can be earned by completing the mission. So you will go in the sea to complete the three types of tasks, you will capture the pigs, snakes and chickens for merchant Alliance, a treasure for Gold Hoarders and Kill powerful skeleton for the order of souls. On the land, you will encounter the skeletons and only skeletons which in my opinion is the downside of Sea of Thieves. You only have the skeletons which you can kill with your gun but there are no other enemies to give you a tough time.

Completing missions for these alliances will earn you the gold and missions will get difficult as you complete the previous missions. The gold which you will earn from completing missions can be used for cosmetic upgrades like a new eye patch, new pistol skin which doesn’t make any difference.

Comparison: Xbox One vs PC

Sea of Thieves is a cross-platform game which means players who have the Xbox One can play with the players with the PC versions of the game. However, there are some differences in both versions of the games. Pc version has great attention to detail which is missing in the Xbox One version. Xbox One version also has good graphics but if you are the person who likes the extreme graphics then the PC version is good for you. The PC version also has high frame rates as compared to the Xbox One version which is locked at 30 Fps.


Sea of Thieves has amazing graphics that look very interesting and can easily attract a number of players to play the game but at the same time game is kind of hollow.  So take a seat and play it for the first couple of days until you will feel that don’t really progress in the game you will notice that you are playing the kind of same missions again and again which is very frustrating. I hope that it will bounce back with a lot of new missions, enemies, and a variety of tools. Overall, if you like the pirates and looking for a good game then Sea of Thieves is a good option.

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