Secretlab Gaming Chairs The Ultimate Comfort

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Secretlab takes pride in its constant innovation, always pushing boundaries with new designs and cutting-edge technology within the premium gaming chair industry. Their brand is globally recognized as one of the top gaming chair brands, famous for providing first-rate comfort and functionality. They are known for the dedicated attention that goes into each of their products.

Secretlab Titan Evo Series 2022

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Classic Gaming Chair - Reclining, Ergonomic & Comfortable Computer Chair with 4D Armrests, Magnetic Head Pillow & 4-Way Lumbar Support - Black - Hybrid Leather

Titan series is considered to be among the best gaming chairs on the market, and the credit goes to the top-notch elements that it offers to consumers. It has won numerous awards for its extraordinary durability. However, Secretlab has come up with the new Titan Evo Series 2022 that you won’t regret buying – the chair combines the best of the Titan 2020 and the Omega. Yes, you read it, right folks! The manufacturer has kept all the desirable features while coming up with the new series; instead, it has much more than that – how cool is that?

Features & Specifications


  • Multi-functional tilt mechanism that allows you to recline up to 165ᵒ. Even with the maximum reclined position, you won’t feel like you are slipping backward; rather, it offers more stability
  • Comes with a 4D armrest – lets you adjust the chair at your convenience from left to right to back to front & to up and down
  • Titan Evo Series 2022 features two types of gas lift – class 4 for small & regular sizes whereas, heavy-duty class 4 gas lift for large sizes that can accommodate occupants of up to 395 lbs (180kg)
  • Adjustable lumbar support in the backrest
  • Magnetic head cushion, strapless
  • Tilt lock function


  • Provides both head pillow and lumbar support.
  • Soft padding and cold-cured foam have the ability to mold as per your own positioning – giving you the ideal resting space.


  • Ergonomic built.
  • Aluminum alloy wheelbase.
  • Caster comes with PU coating.
  • The new Titan Evo Series is made with premium leather that is almost 12 times more durable the normal leather.
  • Constructed with a frame of steel.


  • Offers 3-year base warranty which can be extended up to 5 years.

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Why Buy A Titan

Improved Base Seat & Backrest

Without a doubt, the new titan series has been made keeping in mind the comfort and giving more personalized touch – loved by pro gamers worldwide. Additionally, the chair’s base is broad/wide, allowing you to sit comfortably from cross-legged to splaying your legs to coming back to a neutral position.

Furthermore, it has sufficient curvature that tucks neatly into the curve of your spine, ensuring you get optimum back support.

Three Sizes – For Best Comfort

Titan Evo Series 2022 – has done an exceptional job because they are offering personalized ergonomic support to every size without comprising the quality. Furthermore, the new titan series gaming chairs are available in small, regular, and large sizes. The chart given below will help you pick the best for you!

SizeRecommended SizeRecommended Weight
Small4’11”-5’6” (150-169cm<200 lbs (< 90kg)
Regular5’7”-6’2” (170-189cm)<220 lbs (< 100kg)
XL – Large5’11”-6’9” (181-205cm)175 lbs-395 lbs (80-180kg)

Magnetic Elements

You can’t just miss out on this feature; the new Titan Evo Series offers a magnetic system that allows you to install cable clips, different covers, or even remove a hatch. Also, the chair has a magnetic foam head which allows you to adjust the cushion easily.

Who Should Buy Secretlab Titan Evo Series 2022?

If you are someone who is into aesthetics and likes classy stuff, opting for; Titan Evo Series 2022 can be the answer to your needs. They are suitable for pro players, offices, and students.

To find out more about the Titan 2022 EVO and put together your individual model from a variety of design options and features, then go directly to the Secretlab Website where you will find a great deal.

Secretlab Omega

If you are somebody who loves watching twitch streams or YouTube gaming videos, you might have seen this chair used by almost every pro player. It is one of the best gaming chairs as it offers multiple designs and, the ergonomic built will take the pressure off of sitting at a desk table – whoa.

Features & Specifications


  • Multifunction tilt.
  • Backrest recline that goes from 85ᵒ to 165ᵒ – perfect for taking some rest or watching your favorite video games in a comfortable position.
  • 4D armrests that you can adjust in multiple ways.
  • Removable headrest and backrest.


  • Provides neck pillow support.
  • Upgraded omega gaming chairs have a thicker layer of cold-cure foam that offers support and extreme cushioning.
  • Lower back pillow support.


  • PU, faux, or leather caster and is 4 times better than regular PU.
  • Aluminum frame that provides impeccable stability.
  • Ergonomic design.


  • Offers a 3-year warranty that you can extend up to 5 years and has a 49-day return policy.

Why Buy The Secretlab Omega 


Omega gaming chairs offer an unparalleled sitting experience despite what you are doing for hours. It offers a diverse range of upholstery. Whether you are into basic designs or want something poppy or splashy colors – Secretlab Omega gaming chairs have all that fit the needs of your gaming station.

Moreover, it features a wide seat allowing you to sit comfortably, whether you want to splay your legs or sit in a cross-legged position. The leather is smooth with a subtle texture and not slippery at all.

Lumbar Support

Omega gaming chairs come with a slightly angled design offering improved lumbar support. You just have to place your back against the backrest. As soon as you lean back, the foam will compress on its own and will fill in the entire of your back, ensuring you get the maximum back support – simple yet effective – no?

Dreamy Foam Pillows

When it comes to quality and walking the extra mile for the consumers – Secretlab has done it all, so you get what you are seeking. Secretlab’s signature pillow contains a cooling gel that dissipates heat and keeps you cool during the hot season. Furthermore, a memory foam pillow is your new best friend as the velvety soft fabric lets you take a nap.

Who Should Buy Secretlab Omega Gaming Chairs?

Omega gaming chairs make an ideal choice for both office setups and elite/pro gamers. However, it’s more suitable for people up to 180cm tall and weighs around 240 pounds (110 kg).

More About the Secretlab TITAN EVO 2022 Series

Secretlab has upped the ante with the introduction of their new Titan EVO 2022 series of gaming chairs. With a high user rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars across 27,000 plus user reviews, the Titan EVO series is guaranteed to provide a reliable and luxury seating experience.

The defining feature of this range of chairs is the ability to provide a personalized seating experience, with size options of small, regular, and extra-large. Each size comes with the same adjustable ergonomically supportive materials best comfort and for lumbar and spinal support.

A proprietary-sculpted pebble seat base was redesigned and reshaped for improved ergonomic support and comfort. Flared edges give more room for comfortable sitting and free movement, while a gentle curvature in the chair’s backrest shifts your spine to a centered position for a healthy sitting posture. The SG patent-pending cold-cured foam formulation is designed to be medium-firm, which is the optimum balance for even weight distribution and pressure relief, providing a gentle, cradling effect.

Secretlab’s NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette covering provides the same quality as genuine NAPA leather used in famous sports cars, and is 12 times more durable than regular PU leather—improving the chairs’ longevity, even if used daily. The SoftWeave Plus fabric is an upgraded version of Secretlab’s classic SoftWeave technology, making it more durable and breathable. The new 4-way L-ADAPT lumbar support system adapts to your personal body type with in/out and up/down movements, contouring smoothly to the curve of your lower back for total back support.

The recline functionality lets you sit restfully, up to an angle of 165 degrees, while a new Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow (that can be removed with ease) keeps in place and fits to the backrest. The head pillow’s custom magnets embedded within the structure are equipped with better ergonomic support and infused with a cooling gel layer for enhanced thermoregulation for those hot and sweaty hours you remain seated in this chair. The memory foam head pillow also allows you to shift it up or down to your own preference for personalized comfort.

An aluminum wheelbase, reinforced with additional ribs and gussets for improved structural stability, provides maximum strength. The PU-coated wheels improve the stability of the chair so that you can glide across any surface with ease, and without damaging the floor’s structure.

These chairs now come with a 5-year extended warranty and an anti-counterfeit NFC tag embedded in the backrest, so that you can verify the chair’s authenticity—all you need to do is scan the tag to make sure you have received an authentic product.

Why A Buy Secret Lab Chairs

Secret lab chairs push the boundaries of gaming chair technology by investing millions in research and development to produce ever-evolving materials and components produced in their very own labs. This makes Secretlab’s gaming chairs a cut above the average gaming chair, offering maximum comfort, a sleek and stylish design, and durability that lasts for an ultimate gaming experience.

Quality and Durability fo Secret Lab Chairs

One of Secretlab’s mottos is “engineered comfort”, with every chair’s life beginning in their in-house lab and testing facilities. They design and test every minute aspect of their chairs, down to the stitching of the individual upholstery panels, to ensure their customers receive a gaming chair that is comfortable and sturdy. A team of engineers runs extensive research programs to gauge how people react to their chairs for optimal ergonomic support. Secretlab chairs undergo vigorous testing—being dropped and knocked over numerous times—so that they are as tough as can be.

Advanced computer simulations, combined with real users and an ergonomics advisory board consisting of academics and experts in biomechanics and orthopedics work closely with their engineers to produce technologically advanced gaming chairs with superior functionality.

Lumbar Support System

Lumbar support allows you to sit ergonomically correctly and effectively preventing back issues. Most cheap gaming chairs have an adjustable lumbar support cushion that can be adjusted in height. However, these are usually not really ergonomically sensitive and even tend to result in a crooked posture for many.

Secretlab has tackled this with adjustable lumbar support integrated into the backrest. It stabilizes the lumbar region much more effectively and ensures an upright sitting posture. Since every person has a different physique, counterpressure, the lumbar support can be individually adjusted with a rotary knob for the desired support.

This will likely become standard in gaming chairs, as the lumbar support integrated into the backrest relieves the load on the spine and the surrounding muscles better than with a pillow.

Wheelbase, Armrest, Backrest

An engineering team painstakingly shapes each chair for maximum ergonomic comfort. Their signature patent-pending cold-cure foam mix provides the perfect foam density for optimal support and is shaped and contoured to minimize peak pressure points. Secretlab’s magnetic CloudSwap™ replacement system allows you to upgrade to the materials of your choice, letting you swap out your armrests.

The newly designed Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow features a more aggressive upper curve to provide more support for the base of your head in a neutral position, with embedded custom magnets that allow the pillow to be adjusted over a wider range.

Material and Workmanship

The Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette, developed over 6 years in the Secretlab laboratory, exhibits a super smooth grain, while a unique resin top laminate is bonded to the base layer. A careful finishing process results in an ultra-smooth top hide that feels amazing under your skin. To avoid the peeling caused by exposure to moisture (as is with regular PU leather), Secretlab strips out the middle foam layer and reinforces the base layer with a tailored 3D structure of ultra-fine polyester fibers for exceptional strength, flex, and abrasion resistance.

Secretlab’s SoftWeave™ Plus Fabric is a technical knit, the first of its kind for performance seating and prolonged esports gaming. Interlacing loops of high-strength yarn fibers allow for smaller details to be incorporated in every stitch. This control over every thread and pixel allows Secretlab technicians to implement multiple layers of varying colors, shades, and tones, enabling them to plot complex designs into the fabric, including a 3D layered gradient on the side wings of each chair.

Secretlab chairs are engineered for lasting comfort over many years. With a devotion to searching for more durable materials and more creative designs, they are prepared to replace your gaming chair if it does not measure up to your expectations. This is why Secretlab has an industry-leading 5-year Extended Warranty.

Known as being on the high-end spectrum of gaming chairs, it is not surprising that Secretlab has branded its chairs as an entire experience. This has been attributed to their attention to the tiniest of details during the design process.

Design and Sizes

Secret lab chairs come in three size classes: Small, Regular, and XL. The benefit of this is that you will no longer need to look to a different model of chair to find the right fit, as they have something for everyone. The S chair has a 17.7” seat width and is recommended for people between 4’11”-5’6” in height and can hold a maximum weight of 285 lbs. The R chair has an 18.5” seat width and is recommended for people between 5’7”-6’2” in height with a maximum weight of 285 lbs. The XL chair has a 19.3 “seat width and is comfortable for people between 5’11” -6’9 “in height with a maximum weight of 395 lbs. If you are even heavier and need an even larger chair, then the Ewin XL Flash could be quite interesting for you.

You have two upholstery choices for the chair, both of which include Secretlab’s newest versions of the materials. On the faux-leather side, there is the NEO Hybrid material that the company prides itself in being 12 times more durable than regular PU leather. It’s smooth, sturdy, and holds up well.

The other upholstery option is the SoftWeave Plus fabric that’s available for $20 more than a similarly sized NEO Hybrid chair. Secretlab says it is 3.5 times stronger than its original SoftWeave fabric but is softer and breathes more.

Magnetic features make chair assembly an easy task in comparison to the usual assembly method.  Magnets are also found in the chair’s armrests. While the armrests are bolted to the chair’s bottom, the padding on top of the armrests attaches magnetically. This makes replacing and cleaning the armrests much easier. Secretlab also delivers full 4-D movement for their armrests, making them highly customizable and versatile to fit most desk spaces.

A big player in the Secretlab chair is the ability to adjust lumbar support, by extending and retracting internal support in 2-D. This can be adjusted while seated to get the support just right, together with the neck support pillow. The felt-covered memory foam head pillow foregoes the usual strap-in method and instead is lined with magnets to attach to the headrest. This makes it slightly easier to adjust.

Pricing of Secretlab gaming chairs depends on a number of variables, including chair size, fabric choice, and even color scheme.

Brand Overview

Secretlab started from a simple idea after founders Alaric and Ian became frustrated in their search for a gaming chair that caters to all their gaming needs—pushing them to rather develop their own. The idea was a simple one, but their mission is great—to revolutionize the gaming chair industry with a seat that brings together beautiful, eye-catching aesthetics and ergonomic design with the finest materials.


Founders Ian and Alaric first met in 2014 while playing Starcraft II semi-professionally. In May 2015 the first Secretlab series was released, the Throne V1, selling out its first 200 units within a week, allowing the company to swiftly break even. By October 2015 Secretlab had evolved even further to set the industry standard with the release of the Omega Throne series, combining a sleek and tasteful design with clean lines. In December 2015 Secretlab expanded its operations to Malaysia, and by November 2017 the brand had established operations in major markets like Australia, North America, Canada, and Europe, solidifying its spot as a global leader in gaming chair products.

Over the years, by consulting with multiple engineers, material scientists, and UX specialists, dozens of prototypes were developed by Secretlab, paving the way for their award-winning Secretlab 2020 series. Now there is even the 2022 EVO series, which has even further improvements on details, and we are curious how this model will be accepted by the esports world.

Consumer and industry recognition

As a trusted brand by industry experts and consumers alike, Secretlab’s name carries considerable weight within the global gaming chair business. Today, Secretlab is the number 1 choice for gamers and enthusiasts in over 50 countries.

They have received over 10,000 5-star ratings and numerous editors’ choice awards, including PC Mag, Business Insider, and Tech Advisor. Their real customer and press reviews rarely sink below a 4-star rating, confirming the powerhouse presence within gaming chair technology and solidifying their status as one of the best gaming chair manufacturers.

In 2019 PC Gamer awarded Secretlab the Hardware of the Year award, citing their products as being “the most well-made gaming chairs [they’ve] ever tested”, while CNET, ZNET, and IGN all named their TITAN 2020 series the best gaming chair series on the market, citing their chairs as being “the perfect chairs for long gaming sessions” and “the latest and greatest gaming chairs on the market recently”.

All products from Secretlab are BIFMA certified; the upholstery has numerous certifications for fire safety and durability; while the tilt mechanism and hydraulics are SGS and TUV certified, providing quality assurance.

Secretlab Customer Service

The chairs are solidly constructed and designed for many years of use. The mechanically moving parts – such as armrests, tilting mechanism, and hydraulics – are maintenance-free, provided they are used properly. If there is a problem then contact secret lab customer service for swift help.

How Long Is the Warranty

The standard warranty period is 3 years but can be extended to five years. If something breaks within the warranty period then you can contact customer service to get spare parts or replacement.

 How Long Does Secretlab Take To Ship

The company has several warehouses on every continent from which chairs and spare parts can be shipped quickly.

The warehouses for the US market are in Tennessee and Utah, and for the Canadian market in Ontario. Orders are usually processed and dispatched within one working day, the carrier may need another 1 to 3 days to transport the item to the customer.

Partnerships and sponsoring

Secretlab has partnered with some of the biggest names in esports and entertainment—like Deadmau5, HBO, Disneyland, PGL, Cyberpunk, and Riot Games to name but a few—and is the seat of choice for these global premier brands. Their success continues to grow as an increasing network of leading brands in pop culture, esports and gaming choose Secretlab as their preferred partner.

But above and beyond their industry and business success, Secretlab also wants to make a tangible difference by impacting people’s lives for the better. This is why they sponsor and partner with top esports athletes, production studios, and people who require a high-quality seating experience based on their specific requirements. Esports giants, Team Secret, and Invictus Gaming are some of their many esports team partners, crediting their gaming success to Secretlab’s state-of-the-art and luxuriously comfortable gaming chairs. Team Secret’s captain, Puppey, cites Secretlab’s chairs as being “perfect for long hours of training and even to take naps on in-between sessions”.

Since their goal is to provide the ultimate seating experience for anyone who spends long hours seated at the desk, becoming a sponsored partner of Secretlab is as easy as completing and submitting an online application form available on their website.