Gamer Chairs For People Under 5’6

This group includes a lot of people, all young people who are not yet grown up, as well as about 10 percent of all adult men and about 50 percent of all women. But of course, there are more criteria to select the best gaming chair for short people. The weight and the physique, whether you are slim, athletic or stout needs to be considered.

Are You Under 5’6 (< 170 cm) Choose your Body Type




Gamer Chairs For People Under 5’6 (< 170 cm)

There is actually a fairly large selection in this chair segment, which is of course due to the fact that many people fall into this size group. Half of the women in the world fit in this group, also about ten percent of all men and almost everyone under 12 to 14 years is less than 5 feet 6 (<170 cm) tall.

Especially for children and the younger generation who are still growing but are already sitting a lot, whether at school or at home doing their homework or playing on the computer, ergonomic chairs that are properly adjusted to their body size are very important. Otherwise, it can easily lead to incorrect development of the skeletal system and a resulting poor posture that will have health effects in years to come.