Gaming Chairs For Short People With Regular Figure

If you are under 5 foot 6 inches and of a regular figure, the following gaming chair might be for you.

Formula Series for Short People With Regular Figure

  • Small chair for slim to average people
  • Recommended 4’9” to 5’8” tall
  • High backrest for full back support
  • Comfortable thanks to ergonomic design
  • Lumbar and head cushion
  • Tilt and Rocking Mechanism

DXRacer is a well-established gaming chair manufacturer. They have a variety of models in all sizes on offer, from this model here that appeals to smaller people to the tank model for plus-size users.

The Formula Series is the classic model based on the design of luxurious racing seats and is one of the best-selling chairs in the world.

The backrest is ergonomically shaped and relieves the spine and muscles. The comfortable cold foam padding offers a comfortable but firm hold. The backrest can be reclined to 135 ° and can be locked in any position.

Ergonomic support is provided by the integrated rocker function. The rocking function can be locked. Like all chairs from DXRacer, the Formula Series can be individually adjusted to your personal needs. The padded armrests can be adjusted three-dimensionally.

The pillow relieves the neck and shoulder area. The lumbar cushion promotes an upright sitting posture because it pushes the hips forward with light pressure. Both softly padded cushions can be adjusted in height to increase seating comfort.

The frame of the gaming chair is welded from sturdy tubular steel. The wide star base made of reinforced nylon provides the necessary stability. The casters for universal floors are quiet and protect the floor.

A well-made and comfortable chair from a reputable gaming chair manufacturer. The chair is comfortable for users who weigh less than 190 pounds (85 kg) at a maximum height of 5’8 ” (175cm).