Gaming Chairs For Tall And Slim People

Especially tall skinny people over 6 feet need a gaming chair with an extra high back that ergonomically supports the entire back and spine. It is essential to pay attention to the dimensions of the seat and height specification by the manufacturer. For some users, the weight recommendations may be of secondary importance when choosing the best gaming chair for tall skinny gamers. By exchanging the standard gas lift with an extra-long stroke model, the usable height of the chair can be increased.

Chairs that are ideal for tall and slim people

Tall and skinny people must pay attention to the height recommended by the manufacturer. Otherwise, the backrest may be too low, so that the spine is not adequately relieved and the head is not supported either. Tall people need a gaming chair with special requirements:

  • Extra high backrest
  • Ergonomic backrest with sufficient padding for a healthy, back-friendly sitting posture
  • Head and lumbar pillows with extra adjustability
  • A seat that is not too wide, otherwise there may be a lack of lateral support
  • The seat must have enough seat depth so that the back can be leaned against and the thighs have enough space to rest without protruding and without support too far over the edge of the chair. Pay attention to the 90-degree angle between the upper and lower legs
  • Extra-long gas lift to adjust the seat individually to the tall size
  • Armrests that might require extra low-enough positioning

Some chair models that might be suitable are:

CORSAIR T3 Gaming Chair

Arozzi – Forte Mesh Fabric Ergonomic Computer

VERTAGEAR Gaming Chair Racing Seat, S-Line


For tall and skinny people, the best gaming chairs are those that provide a good balance of both support and comfort. Look for chairs with adjustable lumbar supports, adjustable backrests, and adjustable armrests to ensure you can customize the chair to fit your body. It is essential to look for chairs with high backrests to provide additional support to the shoulder and neck. Watch out for the proper seat height and make sure your legs are not dangling off the edge or getting lifted off the seat at the highest position. In any case, you could replace the gas lift with an extra long one. This will help to keep your spine in a comfortable and healthy position. Finally, make sure the chair has an adjustable height to ensure it fits your body correctly.