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Streets of Rage 4 gives gamers a beat ’em up experience that’s equal parts retro and modern, with tons of fun unlockables and some classic action gameplay. Across the game’s 12 stages, you’ll go toe-to-toe with some intimidating foes, fighting your way through the city streets. In an effort to topple a newly formed crime syndicate in Wood Oak City, it’s your job to rid the streets of criminal scum and take down their leaders, the Y Twins. Your adventure might be more challenging than you expect and there are plenty of hidden secrets to discover, so we thought we’d lend a helping hand. To help you beat the Y Twins and save the city, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints as well as the locations of every hidden retro level in the game. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be smashing through baddies and raising that combo meter the entire way to victory!

Three Tips for Beating Streets of Rage 4

If you find yourself continuously getting a game-over or struggling to defeat some of the tougher bosses, don’t worry! By following these handy tips, you should be smashing through enemies with ease and racking up high scores in no time. Whether you’re a beat ’em up veteran or a newcomer to the franchise, be sure to take this advice into consideration, as Streets of Rage 4 can be brutally difficult at times.

1. Don’t Be Embarrassed to Play on Easy First

If it’s your first time playing Streets of Rage 4, things can be a bit overwhelming at first. It’s easy to get caught up in all the combat and lose a few lives, and if you lose all of them, you’ll have to restart the level. Some levels can be exceptionally tough, especially when the end-level bosses start connecting with attacks, so don’t feel the need to start on a harder difficulty than you are comfortable with. All told, Streets of Rage 4 is a shorter game that’s meant to be played multiple times, so it’s probably best to start on the easiest difficulty and work your way up.

2. Play as Cherry

There are four main characters to choose from in Streets of Rage 4, with a plethora of unlockable characters available after a few playthroughs. Out of the four original characters, Cherry is arguably the best, as she’s the only character with the ability to run. In addition to her quick movement, Cherry’s attacks are easy to link together, resulting in high-damage combos that catch multiple enemies at once. Whether it’s your first time playing or your fifth, Cherry is always a solid pick for staying alive and evading attacks.

3. Use Your Special Attacks For Big Combos

One of the most notable changes that Streets of Rage 4 makes to the formula is how special moves work. As always, using a special attack takes away a bit of your health, but in Streets of Rage 4, you can recover that lost health by successfully damaging enemies. This encourages players to stay on the offensive and figure out combos, as special attacks are helpful with linking together other attacks. Although it might feel counter-intuitive at first, be sure to use your special attack when the going gets tough, as you’ll be surprised at just how much damage it does.

Locations of Every Hidden Retro Level

Stage 2 – Police Precinct

The first retro level can be found on the second level towards the beginning of the stage. After you move vertically up the hallway and fight two prison cells full of enemies, you’ll encounter a handful of guards. Some guards carry tasers, which you’ll need to unlock the retro level. Once you have cleared the enemies and have a taser in hand, walk up to the arcade cabinet hidden in the room between the two locked doors. By hitting the arcade cabinet with the taser, you’ll be transported into the first retro level!

Stage 4 – Old Pier

The second retro level is located on the fourth stage, a few screens into the fight. After you dodge the holes in the pier and battle the baddies with baseball bats, you’ll walk in front of an arcade. On the next screen, you’ll fight two shield officers and two guards. Here, you can find the taser needed to enter the retro level. Once you’ve cleared the enemies, you can enter the arcade from a doorway on the right side, walking to the left to access the hidden cabinet.

Stage 5 – Underground

At the halfway point of this stage, you’ll enter into a bathroom covered in graffiti and fight your way through a bar. After battling a few of the large biker women, you’ll engage in a huge bar fight with a variety of enemies. The arcade cabinet to reach the retro level is in plain sight, but it’s located towards the center of the action, so be careful not to destroy it by accident. As soon as you find a taser, rush to the arcade cabinet and enter the level!

Stage 8 – Art Gallery

The final retro level can be found in the backroom of the art gallery, towards the middle of the stage. The arcade cabinet is out in the open on the left side of the screen, surrounded by gold statues of health items. You can find a taser on the ground in front of the cabinet, but it’s hidden by the foreground decorations, so you might not be able to see it. Once you’ve got the taser in hand you’re free to access the final retro level in Streets of Rage 4!

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