What Type of Gaming Chair To Buy?

types of gaming chairsThe different types of gaming chairs, have one thing in common. There are designed for gamers and to make long gaming sessions as comfortable as possible.

This is achieved through a clever design that combines ergonomics with cool looks and gaming-related themes. Built-in features such as speakers or vibration motors are great gimmicks to have, but of particular importance is comfort and good support while sitting. So what type of gaming chair is best for esports?

A normal office chair that is designed for an 8-hour working day may offer plenty of comforts, after all, office workers have to get through the day in one piece.  But many professional gamers prefer specially designed gaming chairs that not only provide comfort but come with features designed to enhance the gaming experience and lead to better gaming performance.

This may not apply to Bean Bag chairs never mind how comfortable they are, but definitely to modern ergonomic gaming chairs or racing simulator seats.

Choosing the perfect type of gaming chair isn’t too difficult, it depends on what kind of gamer you are.

What type of gaming chair is best?

Some gamers just like to sit on their sofa for hours and have fun playing console games. At some point, however, you become uncomfortable and you no longer know how to sit. You probably know that from watching TV all afternoon and evening long.

With quite a few gaming chairs it may be the same, but not with all. Many are ergonomically designed, meaning they actively support sitting and reduce strain and aches on your back, neck, and even your legs, letting you concentrate and enjoy your favorite video game. Let’s take a look at the various designs and what type of gaming chair is best.


beanbagA beanbag is like a large pillow on which you can sit or, on very large ones, you can even lie on it. In the past, beanbags were actually filled with dried beans, hence the name. Nowadays, the beanbag consists of a “Sack” made of leather, faux leather, or fabric and a filling of foam polystyrene beads, or foam flakes.

Thanks to the flexible filling, each beanbag model adapts to the user’s body shape. In the 1960s and 1970s, the beanbag enjoyed the greatest popularity, while they had a brief comeback in the 1990s. Surprisingly, they are now making a comeback in the gaming community.

Beanbags are very affordable, even the high-end models. They don’t weigh much and you can easily move them from room to room. These chairs have no armrests, no lumbar support, and no headrests, you “shape” them the way you need them. Beanbags offer the ultimate comfort for young gamers, as you can sit or even lie down depending on the size of the chair. Beanbags are not recommended for older gaming fans.

Office Desk Chairs

lorell, office chairs under 200Long before there were “gaming chairs”, everyone was sitting in an office chair. It went well for decades until a clever guy turned office chairs in gaming chairs.

However, most good office chairs offer adequate back support because they are designed for office workers who have to last through an 8-hour workday. Therefore, they have to be ergonomic and well designed to avoid back problems and reduce work performance.

Good modern office chairs are very well designed and combine the latest knowledge of ergonomics with refined chair design for utmost comfort. They are not cheap either but are worth their money.

A variety of adjustment options such as height adjustment, inclination option, armrest adjustment, backrest adjustment, and integrated lumbar support, allow individual and comfortable sitting.

If you don’t want a flashy gaming chair, but just a simple-looking chair that properly supports your back and neck, then there is nothing wrong with using a high-quality office chair.

Racing Style Gaming Chair

dxracer gaming chair formula seriesBy now everyone has heard that good posture is important when sitting for long periods of time. But what is at least as important is the avoidance of pressure points that restrict the blood flow, especially in the lower extremities.

A comfortable and ergonomic sitting position can reduce this and can thus help to compensate for the negative consequences of extremely long sitting. However, this only works in conjunction with regular breaks in which you can move around and do a few exercises.

Back to the Racing Style Swivel Chairs. What is striking is often the color scheme and the bucket seat design that appears to be borrowed from the racetrack. On the track, the bucket design makes sense, because it ensures that the driver remains securely in the seat even with extreme centrifugal forces. But at home in front of your computer? Make sure it does not restrict your movement too much or create pressure points where it squeezes you into the seat.

In addition to such striking appearances, good bucket seats are ergonomically designed and have individual adjustability features. Most of these gaming chairs are equipped with a lumbar pillow and a headrest pillow. Better chairs even have Lumbar support integrated into the backrest. Height adjustment, adaptability of the armrests, adjustable backrest, and inclination options are now standard features.

Overall, modern racing-style gaming chairs offer a variety of features that provide excellent support for all types of video gamers.

Rocker Gaming  Chair

V Rocker 5130301 SE Video Gaming Chair ReviewFloor rockers have no legs and no base, instead, they stand directly on the floor. However, they have a rocking function, hence the name. They are an excellent choice for console gamers, but they are rather unsuitable for PC gamers because of their construction.

Gaming Rockers have a kind of curved L-shaped design that combines a thick, padded seat with a heavily padded backrest and headrest in one part.

The generous dimensions allow the installation of some gimmicks which are appreciated by many, mostly younger, gaming fans. There are models among the rocking chairs that shine with built-in audio systems, such as speakers and subwoofers. Other models have built-in vibration support for a more realistic gaming experience. Some models also have multi-player capacity – lets you link several chairs. As for connectivity, some connect to your network via WiFi,  Bluetooth, USB, or RCA connectivity to hook them right up to your Xbox or PlayStation,

While they are comfortable and allow a chilled, relaxed sitting posture, they are in no way to be described as ergonomically designed. But the comfortable sofa like “make yourself comfortable” is exactly what many console gamers prefer compared to sitting in a racing-style chair.

Rockers are also perfect for relaxing and chilling out or watching a movie. But overall this is more of a chair for console gamers, if PC gaming is your thing then there are more suitable gaming chairs for you.

Pedestal Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair ReviewGaming pedestal chairs are an intermediate between a swivel gaming chair and a gaming rocker. The pedestal gaming chair, as the name implies, is a gaming rocker that is mounted on a solid pedestal. This enables the player to rock and turn.

In terms of ergonomics, the Pedestal gaming chairs are slightly better than the Rockers without Pedestal. The straight backrest and the strong upholstery of the back and seat allow comfortable sitting and entice you to chill out. As they are basically a rocker gaming chair on a leg, they often have the same features built-in like speakers, subwoofers, wifi connectivity features, and can be linked up for multiplayer games.

The pedestal chair definitely has the advantage that you don’t sit so low on the floor and get up is much easier. Overall, they are very comfortable chairs for console gaming, watching a movie, listening to music, talking a book, or just relaxing.

Simulator Seats

If you are a fan of simulator games, whether racing or flying simulations, then this type of gaming chair is for you. Simulator seats are specially built to simulate the cockpit of a plane, spacecraft, or racing car and to create the feeling of sitting in one.

Racing Simulator Seat

Major Benefits Of Gaming ChairsA racing seat is a bucket seat mounted on a metal frame on which brackets for a steering wheel, a gear lever, foot pedals, and other gadgets are mounted. The whole thing often looks like it is straight out of a racing car.

You can buy everything in individual components, so it is possible to put together your own simulator seat. There are also complete setups that are equipped with coordinated steering wheels, gears, pedals, and other devices.

Simulator Cockpit

The ultimate package is a simulator cockpit. Here you get the complete setup any esports enthusiast would dream of. Complete cockpits with large screens, steering, pedals, and gear shifting, built-in motors that simulate G-forces and give the feeling of actually moving. High-end models may sit on hydraulics that conveys the feeling of moving in space. Great stuff that together with virtual reality headsets will really impress you.

What type of gaming chair to buy?

To be completely honest, it all depends on your personal needs what type of gaming chair will be best for you. Each type of chair has its advantages and disadvantages and is also more or less ergonomically designed, depending on whether it is intended for gaming or an eight-hour workday in an office.

If you are a PC gamer and you use your chair for office work, you might prefer to sit up straight. Then you need a chair that ergonomically supports your back and your whole body. On the other hand, you want to sit back in your chair while playing. Here a High Back Racing-Style Swivel Chair or a good office chair can be the best option.

If you’re a console player, you might prefer a beanbag, rocker, or a Pedastal gaming chair. The availability of features such as built-in speakers and vibration motors may be a benefit and can also influence your decision.

If you are a fan of simulator games, nothing can beat a simulator cockpit for the gaming experience.

When choosing between the types of gaming chairs, you need to pick one that maximizes your comfort, provides a good posture for you to sit, and fits into your gaming den. The right gaming chair can also improve performance and definitely adds to the gaming fun, especially if its design complements the gaming environment and atmosphere in your room.

As you may have seen, choosing the perfect gaming chair is not an easy task. There are so many types of gaming chairs with different features, prices, designs, and more.