Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

Technology is developing so rapidly today that sometimes you can barely keep up with all the new terminology that tries to put former non-existent things into catchy phrases. Virtual reality, Augmented reality and Mixed reality. With so many new realities and our, what is perceived as real reality, it is easy to get lost. So what is the difference between virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.

Virtual reality vs Augmented reality

Virtual Reality allows the experience of an artificial- virtual world, to move around in, view, explore and interact and be part of it.  The user experiences a total immersion into the VR world and the real environment is no part of this virtual reality.

Augmented Reality is enriching the real world with virtual content. In augmented reality, the user moves around in the real environment and can view, explore and interact with real things and with virtual elements. The user is aware of his real environment. A well-known example of augmented reality is Pokemon Go.

Mixed Reality is a term that came up in  1994 by Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino. In simplified terms,  it is the inclusion of all possible forms of reality – that is, from completely real to completely virtual. All worlds are linked by the so-called virtual continuum.

How can you experience VR or AR or MR

In order to be able to immerse yourself in Virtual Reality, first and foremost, you need the right equipment.  The most important gadget without which none of this would be possible are VR glasses also called a VR headset. These come in several different designs and qualities and costs. The easiest way to get started is via the smartphone. Popular examples are the Samsung Gear VR and the Google Daydream View. You also need a powerful PC with a modern graphics card or a VR-ready console. For the most authentic virtual reality experience, a powerful computer, good VR glasses, and a simulator cockpit guarantee a “Wow effect”.

HTC Vive
The HTC Vive is the most popular Virtual Reality headset amongst Gamers. With over 100 games available, HTC has made it its mission to provide an awesome gaming experience. The Vive requires a fast processor and a powerful graphics card.

Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift comes a bit cheaper than the HTC Vive. It is a high quilty VR headset mainly developed for gaming at a great value price.

Samsung Gear VR
The Samsung Gear VR is designed to work with Samsung top-of-the-line phones to provide a VR experience. Since you probably have a phone anyway this is a great way of trying out VR without spending a lot of dollars.

Augmented Reality glasses?

Augmented reality is created by merging computer-created virtual content into the normal environment with the help of Augmented reality glasses.

Google Glasses
Google/Alphabet x has developed Glass, augmented reality glasses that merge virtual reality with industrial applications.

Microsoft Hololens
Microsoft HoloLens is a mixed reality goggle that allows users to interact with virtual 3D projections and the real environment.  The HoloLens projects light points that create holograms, information, and other content within your own field of view. Using speech, gestures and head movements, the AR glasses can be controlled.