What’s New In 3D VR Gaming?

what new in 3D VR gaming3D VR gaming is the hottest trend in gaming technology with new technologies and devices such as the El wire, which is eating up the market share like there’s no tomorrow. The experience that one gets with 3D virtual reality gaming simply cannot be compared with traditional 2D gaming. The reason for this is that 3D VR gaming truly immerses the gamer into the gaming experience. Here are some of the newest trends set to capture the imagination in 2019:

1. Google Expeditions

Want to take a holiday and visit an exciting place without having to worry about expenses or huge noisy crowds? This is an exciting app that allows you to go on a trip to some of the most famous places in the world without leaving your home. All you need are a good pair of VR glasses and you can take a tour of Mount Everest or even deep inside the human skin! Equally good for an educational trip or a leisure one, Google Expeditions is one of the things to watch out for this year.

2. Colosse

We’ve heard of 3D games, but what about experiencing a story in VR. Colosse is a free video experience in VR mode that takes you through a short story experience in real-time. Even though the narration is simple, the quality of the graphics is like nothing else in this world. You will have great fun watching this delightful story wearing your VR glasses in 3D mode.

3. Versatile VR sets

There’s lots of good news out there for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest VR sets. While traditional sets have become cheaper over the years, there are also new models of mobile and standalone sets that have taken the market by storm.
If recent trends are anything to go by, then the CES 2019 has shown some new exciting models to watch out for. The HTV Vive Cosmos might someday be connected to your phone to give you an excellent VR experience.

4. Beat Saber

One of the most popular games of 2019, Beat Saber creates a VR environment in which the player has to slash different colored blocks to the tune of a catchy rhythm. There are 10 different tunes to choose from, each with its own unique music and rhythm. The basic devices used in this game are a pair of motion controllers that let you win points by swiping horizontally and vertically in the air.

5. Doom VFR

3D VR Gaming

If the 2016 game of the same name was not enough to satiate your VR hunger, then the 2019 iteration of Doom will certainly touch the magic spot. This game is a VR version of Doom and offers a new story but with similar characters. With enemies coming in from all directions, this game is a real test of your reflexes and accuracy.

6. Oculus

This is a well-known brand in the world of VR gaming sets. The Oculus Rift lets you connect the VR headset with your PC to enjoy the best gaming experience. The 2019 model comes with the ability to deliver more vivid and brighter colors while minimizing the screen-door problem. The touch controllers come with a lot more precision and the device itself is ergonomically designed. This set has a long life and will remain one of the trendiest sets to have in the years to come.

7. Playstation VR

This is probably the most highly anticipated VR set to be launched a few years back. It still continues to rock the market with increasing sales year after year. Truly, Sony has captured the VR market thanks to the PS VR which is highly compatible with the PS4. The Dualshock controller is one of the best on the market as well as the Move controllers that make the entire kit look like the coolest thing ever.

Well, that’s some of the excitement that has been happening in the world of VR gaming this year. Next year is expected to be even more exciting as companies roll out better headsets and release many new VR games to entice buyers. The things to watch out for are more trade shows and gaming expos where the latest devices and games will be launched.