When Will PS5 Be Revealed

Update October 3, 2020:
The time has finally come, the PS5 will be available in stores on November 12, 2020 -Fans in the rest of the world, UK and Europe have to be a little more patient, they will be able to purchase a PS5 from November 19. All just in time for Christmas. But pre-orders are already sold out and it may still be difficult for a while to get hold of a PS5. Numerous games will be available for the PS5 at the release. More titles are scheduled for release in 2021.

When Will PS5 Be Revealed

The big PS5 reveal event that was announced for June 4th is now postponed, probably because of the current situation in the USA. Console fans from all over the world were looking forward to this PS5 event, where not only numerous game titles should be shown, but probably also the console for the first time. This makes us all ask a massive question?

When will the next PS5 event be and what will it announce?

Could we finally see the PS5?

We’ve seen the controller for the PS5 but we haven’t seen what the actual PS5 will look like. But we have seen the new Xbox Series X a few months ago, which is expected to hit the market later this year. And now with the postponement of the PS5 event, we again don’t know what will happen and when.

We don’t even know yet what the console will look like. Even though most PS fans might still buy the system whatever it looks like, the specs are what matters.

Some hardware details of the PlayStation 5 were revealed by Sony’s console architect Mark Cerny in March 2020. Here are the key performance data:

CPU: eight-core Zen 2 with 3.5 GHz clock rate
GPU: 10.28 teraflops, 36 CUs (RDNA 2)
Hard drive: 825GB SSD
Extended storage: SSD slot
Drive: 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive

So much for the hardware specs of the PS5. It remains to be seen how the new console will look, one can assume that it will have a new color scheme and a great futuristic look. Let’s hope that before the official release there might be an event from Sony that will satisfy our curiosity about what it will look like.

Will we get more game announcements?

Next to the appearance and technical details of the PS5, the second biggest announcement and probably the most likely as its an hour event is obviously game announcements. One of the main reasons to actually buy game consoles. There have been some rumors of what games could be announced at the event. This includes the long-awaited Demon Souls remake that might be closing the event. That’s pretty much the only rumor with information which could be likely and somewhat proven but all the others are speculation.

The biggest announcement that could come from the event would be some massive sequels. Including Spider-man, God of War, and no other than Horizon Zero Dawn. If even one of these games got announced in the event, it would really cement the event to be amazing. We can’t really guess on anything new as there haven’t been any rumors but we might get some information on already announced games. Most likely Godfall as it’s one of the biggest exclusives confirmed to be on the PS5.

What else could it be?

There is one tumor that could be announced in the event that isn’t game or console reveal related. Even though it’s not at the same level as the PS5 reveal. For months there have been speculations that the second generation of the PSVR will come onto the market after the release of the PS5, but nothing has been confirmed. In any case, an announcement of a PSVR 2 would be news that would provide a further push in the development of future PC VR systems.

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