Why Does My Bluetooth Keyboard Keep Disconnecting

Bluetooth keyboards have evolved over the years in both reliability and speed to the point where it is even preferred by casual gamers. But even with the drastic evolution, we have seen over the years, these devices can often act up, and the most common problem of it is that the Bluetooth keyboard keeps disconnecting. The solution for this quite common problem can be surprisingly deceiving and many users have often given up on a complete solution. In this article, we will be discussing this problem and the possible solutions for it. The scenarios we will be going over can apply for both Apple and Windows users where necessary.

Turn of power-saving options

All computers that run on Windows come with power-saving features and if you are working on a laptop then this is enhanced in the form of several options to select from. However, these power-saving options can often interfere with wireless devices that are connected to the computer. This is mainly due to the feature where “ idle devices are disconnected”. We advise you to disable this feature by changing the current power plan through your control panel. We also recommend users to open the device manager and go to the properties of the relevant wireless keyboard, within the properties tab under power management there should be the option, “Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power”, uncheck this and hit the save to proceed.

Update the Windows Firmware

Windows often bugs out periodically and this is why Microsoft releases updates on a schedule for users to obtain. These updates contain the latest configurations and tweaks to keep your system up and running, if you have a certain issue with a Bluetooth device that may be OS-related, updating your Windows to the most recent release will most likely fix it for you. You can check for any updates by connecting to the internet and searching for Windows Updates through Cortana.

[ Before carrying out a Windows update it is crucial that you set a rollback point that allows you to withdraw the changes that are made to your system, this is mainly because certain updates can cause more harm than good]

Update the Devices firmware

All devices whether it is wireless or not come with their own distinct firmware, the firmware is an important part of the keyboard as it is what connects the PC to the device. As always not every software is perfect and along the way, certain bugs and glitches may pop out, and these bugs might just be what is causing your keyboard to keep disconnecting. The solution is quite simple;

Go to the developers’ website and download the most recent update for your wireless keyboards firmware. If you are using a Logitech, Razer, or a device from another well-known brand that has its own program to manage its devices rather than a standalone firmware, this task is even easier as all you have to do is update the software through its settings or set it to automatically update whenever a new version is available.

Check for any interference

All wireless devices use a specific bandwidth to transfer information, if your household, office, or working area has multiple sources in a specific instant it can cause interference. This is mostly experienced through WIfi and Bluetooth. Both WIfi and Bluetooth by default operate at a bandwidth of 2.4 GHz and since both are present at the same location, they can cause interference. The solution for this is quite simple; most modern routers have the second option of transmitting at 5Ghz, users can easily switch to this as an alternative allowing their Bluetooth connections to operate at their default frequency without any complications.

Reduce the distance

If you are operating the keyboard quite a distance away from the PC then it can start to show up problems. Although most Bluetooth keyboards support distances of up to 10m, it is quite impractical as the possibility of external obstructions increases. Wires, Fluorescent lights, metal sheets, and various other factors can dampen the signal of your keyboard and cause it to disconnect frequently without avail. The obvious solution is to reduce the distance and also to remove any possible obstructions between the keyboard and the user’s PC.

Check the battery level

Although most keyboards last for weeks on a charge, their batteries can often go dry prematurely. The reasons can vary from overuse, heat, humidity, quality, and various other factors. The lowered power levels available for the keyboard to operate from will diminish the connection’s reliability and will oftentimes fail repeatedly. This can be avoided by replacing the battery once its lifetime is over, or by preemptively replacing them to avoid this complication entirely.

This is a very common issue and most users experience this many times during a wireless device’s lifetime but most ignore the possibility, so it is better safe than sorry to change your batteries before replacing the entire thing altogether.

Faulty USB

Try plugging the USB receiver into a different USB port, although quite rare it could be that the USB port is malfunctioning; possible voltage leaks and such.

This concludes our guide to troubleshooting your issue with the respective Bluetooth device. While more often than not, like most things it can be fixed, by carrying out a step provided above but on certain occasions, it could be that the device is malfunctioning as a whole; in such scenarios, it is advised to return it to the seller if possible or to purchase a new one where necessary.

Are Bluetooth keyboards good for gaming

In summary, it can be said that despite the many conveniences that a Bluetooth keyboard brings, for gaming purposes I would personally prefer a wired gaming keyboard. The wireless technology comes with additional costs and, especially in the lower price range, may have performance issues that could cost you the advantage over an opponent when gaming.