Why Gaming Chairs Are So Expensive?

are gaming chairs expensive

There are so many gaming chairs out there, that you’re spoiled for choice. One of the common things you will notice is that the really good models are all expensive. And that’s not going to change anytime soon, in today’s world prices only know one way, up. Why are gaming chairs so expensive anyway?

If you’re a gamer and maybe you’re just looking for a new better gaming chair, you might be wondering whether you should buy an affordable one or a more expensive one.

Why Gaming Chairs are so Expensive?

So what are the reasons why gaming chairs are so expensive? It is not only the chair’s appearance that can make them more expensive than other chairs, though.

  • It is mainly the special features of gaming chairs that influence the price.
  • Another cost factor is the material used in production and the effort and precision involved in processing.
  • Perhaps the biggest price driver is the branding and the advertising effort that a label runs to convince potential buyers that you absolutely must have this chair.

Gaming chairs differ in design, adjustability, comfort, and quality from conventional office chairs. In all points, good gaming chairs are superior.

  • Quality: High-quality materials are extremely important for durability and comfort. Conscientious and professional workmanship, high-quality materials, and stable construction are crucial.
  • Design: Gaming chairs come in a wide variety of designs, from simple and functional to extravagant. Regardless of the look, the chair has to be ergonomically designed.
  • Adjustability: Only a really ergonomic chair can be individually adjusted to the user. The more components that can be adjusted, the higher the ultimate comfort.

Pro gamers and everyone who is seriously into esports pay attention to these special features.

Racing Chairs

Imagine playing your favorite racing games with racing chairs. It will make you feel like you are driving the vehicle. A racing chair will make you feel more immersed in playing your games. Most of them will be shaped just like the chair of race cars.

They may also come with gear and even foot pedals, so you will feel like you are driving. Some available kits will allow you to build your gaming chair. It will be your choice if you think that this will be effective for you or not.

The materials that are used to create this type of gaming chair is usually more elaborate and more expensive than the usual chair. It also has a lot of mechanisms and features that other chairs will not have. Most racing chairs will have speakers so that you will hear the sound of your vehicle as you ride your car on the racetrack.

Are racing chairs worth it, though? It will depend on you. A lot of gamers usually choose chairs, depending on their emotions. If they feel that the gaming chair is worth it, they will push through with it. If you are planning to purchase a gaming chair, you need to know if the price tag of the gaming chair is worth it.

Features to Consider

Gaming chairs will always come with a multitude of functions. Some may be needed by some but not by most. You need to know precisely what you need to find so that you can make the best choice.

Steel Framework

If you want to make sure that the price that you are going to spend on the gaming chair is worth it, you need to find one that it has a frame that is made out of steel. This type of chair will be able to take all of your movements, especially when the game that you are playing is already intense.

Cheap chairs will also have some framework, but it is possible that it will not be able to take your leaps whenever you can defeat the boss or if you get defeated. You want a chair that will be able to take your weight for a lot of years, especially if you are going to spend hours playing. Chairs that are made out of hard plastic will not be sufficient for your needs.

Find A Chair with Steel Base

The base of the chair will allow it to stay in place, especially when you are moving around too much. A lot of the chairs that you will find right now will come with an aluminum base. This is not as expensive as the typical gaming chair, but it will not be as durable either.

You may also want to steer clear of purchasing chairs that come with nylon bases. Aluminum is also elegant, especially if you want something permanent but will not be as expensive or heavy as steel chairs.

Consider Gaming Chairs with Wheels

We have already discussed the different features of gaming chairs. But there are also differences in the chair bases. There are some with wheels (most popular because they are practical), some with feet, or even with wide pedestals. And then there are the beanbags which are placed directly on the floor, they are very popular with young folks. But if you want a true gaming chair that’s comfortable and practical, look for one that comes with wheels.

Well, and as you can imagine, among those chair castors there are of course a lot of different types of wheels. High-quality castors with coated treads that glide smoothly and silently on soft and hard floors naturally cost more than cheap uncoated plastic castors

Find Adjustable Armrests

With cheap chairs, the armrests are often not adjustable in height, they are fixed, which caused problems when you work at the desk.

Armrests that cannot be lowered far enough for the chair to slide a little under the table often mean that you cannot get really close to your workstation and are therefore forced to lean slightly forward in an odd position. If you are playing using your PC, this may be one of your main issues too.

The most versatile are gaming chairs that have armrests that can be adjusted in all four directions. The term 4D adjustable is often used in this context. You want to look for gaming chairs that come with 4D adjustable armrests, that such armrests, which can be adjusted in many directions, incur additional costs and thus a chair equipped with them costs more is not surprising either.

Covers And Upholstery

The upholstery and the covers of the chair are not to be neglected. They are a big cost factor and can drive up the price of the chair. Cheap plastic covers become brittle after a while, flake off, and are often not very breathable. As far as the padding is concerned, you notice that a cheap one does not retain its shape and you will sink deeper into the seat after a couple of months of use.

Expensive gaming chairs are known to come with durable long-lasting foam paddings and excellent cover materials, and the immaculate stitching cannot be denied. They are not costly for nothing. You can be sure that they are made to last for a long time.

Are the expensive chairs better?

The overall build quality of the chair and the quality of the materials will affect how the entire chair looks. You have to keep in mind that the craftsmanship is worth paying for. This is one of the main criteria that you need to consider when purchasing the right gaming chair.

Good workmanship and materials also affect seating comfort. A gaming chair will not be ideal if it is not comfortable, so make sure to get something that will allow you to stay seated on your chair comfortably for a long time.

Maybe you don’t really want to buy a gaming chair that’s the same as all the other gaming chairs out there? You may want to have something unique, a chair that will stand out when you place it inside your room. Then you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

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