I got my first computer way back when we had to hook it up to the TV. It was a Commodore VIC 20 with 5 kB RAM. That was it!! The code was called BASIC, games or programs had to be loaded from a tape recorder, and every time the thing was turned off, everything was gone.

Computers have gone a long way since. Today I am an electrical engineer working with data transmission and networking. To relax and switch off from work I fiddle with computers and play computer games with my friends. We build our own gaming racks and experiment with accessories and gizmos.

Like most people, I spend half my life sitting. The older I get the more do I value a relay good chair. And I now know that It is never too early to start sitting in the best chair you can afford. Obviously, throughout the years, I have owned many chairs, mainly office or desk chairs; there were no gaming chairs 10 years ago. Currently, I have an Epic at my desk.  Friends sit in AKracing chairs, Secretlab, and DXRacer. Here are our opinion and experience gained with the various models to help you find the best gaming chair.

At the beginning of being a gamer, your office chair or sofa may do you just fine, it is all we had years ago when computers learned to walk. But the longer you sit totally cramped in the wrong kind of seat, your back, neck and your whole body begin to hurt.  With bodily discomfort, your gaming gets worse too.

Today the ambitious gamer pay’s attention to perfect equipment. The best hardware, special mouse, and keyboard, big  HD monitor… But the Gaming Chair is a simple office chair?

There is a huge variety of gaming chairs with price tags from low to super expensive.

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