Gaming Chairs – What is the best Gaming Chair?

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If you’re an esports enthusiast, you’ll likely to spend long sessions sitting in a gaming chair. But sitting in a monotonous position can cause back pain, especially when your chair is not comfortable or when the size of the chair is not right. Special gaming chairs are available to offer comfort and optimize the gaming experience. But what is the best gaming chair?

Thanks to the ergonomic design of modern gaming chairs, everyone can play video games and enjoy esports in comfort. Good chairs support your back, especially the problematic lumbar area. Along with regular breaks and a few exercises can they help to reduce the risk of sitting related problems?

What is the best gaming chair?

Some design features need to be considered, such as an ergonomic design, a tiltable backrest, comfy headrest, seat height control, adjustable armrests, etc., but the main criteria when choosing a gaming chair are:

  • Must fit the body size of the user
  • Needs to be individually adjustable to sit in comfort
  • Should promote a natural healthy posture of the spine

Make sure that its design promotes dynamic sitting and is effectively supporting your entire body, including arms, head, and back.

Ergonomic design

Gaming chairs must be ergonomically designed. Only then can the chair adapt to the body of the user and supports the movement of the chair occupant. They also need to be adjustable to your body size and height. All these adjustable features lead to a comfortable gaming experience.

Leather or mesh material

Most gaming chairs have covers made either of synthetic leather or mesh materials. Some expensive premium chairs are available with genuine leather covers. All materials used as covers have their respective pros and cons. Mesh material is suitable for users who tend to sweat a lot because this material is the most breathable.


The look of the chair is also an important factor in choosing the best gaming chair. It doesn’t need to be downright attractive, but it must look durable and comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. If you like flashy items you can choose chairs with bright colors. But, if you have a nonchalant personality, you can choose black leather chairs.

The look of the chair is an important factor for many users when choosing the best gaming chair. If you like eye-catching and fancy designs, there are many chairs with bright colors to choose from, but they must be durable and comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. However, if you place functionality before anything else, not so striking office chair designs are a good choice too.


Most gaming chairs are made for the average person. But of course, they do also come in different sizes. Make sure you choose an appropriate chair for big and tall gamers if you are rather large. A gaming chair that is not compatible with your body size, won’t be comfortable to sit in. You should always refer to the chair’s data sheet and the chair specs to find the best gaming chair for you. This Gaming Chair Size Guide may point you in the right direction.

What to look for in a good gaming chair

Comfort and ergonomic design

So good gaming chairs combine ergonomic design and aesthetics. They provide maximum sitting comfort to the gamer and ensure top physical performance during extended gaming sessions.

Ergonomic sitting in a quality seat and regularly getting up and stretching can reduce the risk of getting problems from playing too many esports.

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noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair - PU Faux Leather - Black

Every esports fan that has been looking into gaming chairs must have come across the german brand noblechairs. The company has three model series in its program, the EPIC, ICON, and HERO. noblechairs is known for well-designed chairs with outstanding ergonomic properties and features.


The noblechairs EPIC not only looks noble but also convinces with comfortable ergonomic design and high-quality materials that are precisely crafted into a truly great chair.

  • Design – noblechairs EPIC ‘s ergonomic design and features support a good posture by optimally adjusting the chair to the needs of the user
  • High Backrest with neck and lumbar support – The high adjustable backrest can be adjusted from 90degrees to 135 degrees. Support cushions for the neck and lumbar area complete the ergonomic sitting.
  • Rocking function – the seat can be unlocked to rock backward by 11 degrees, rocking resistance is adjustable with the large turning screw under the seat pan.
  • 4D Armrests – change the armrests hight, as well as their horizontal position forward/backward, in and out and their angle for best comfort.
  • Upholstery and upholstery – thick durable PU synthetic leather and genuine leather upholstery are available in various color combinations. The padding made of high-density cold-pressed foam padding feels firm but allows you to sit comfortably without sinking in.
  • Frame and Weight Capacity – the whole construction is built around a steel frame sitting on a height-adjustable gas lift. The base is made of cast aluminum.
  • Dimensions – The Epic gaming chair is recommended for gamers with a maximum weight of 260 pounds. The chair is likely a bit too big for people under 5’5, the Epic is rather designed for larger people.


  • High-quality ergonomic chair
  • Comfortable, breathable premium upholstery
  • Durable high-density cold-pressed foam padding
  • Recline up to 135 degrees
  • 4-D armrests
  • Strong welded steel frame
  • Base made of aluminum
  • Supports up to 260 pounds

Bottom Line

The EPIC Series Gaming Chair is a high-quality chair that is superbly and accurately finished. Best materials have been used for the upholstery, padding and interior life of the chair so that the end product is a sturdy and durable chair that you will comfortably sit on for many years.

A great chair for gaming and office. The price may seem high at first glance but is completely justified if you look at the features and compare the chair with other premium chairs.

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Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair with Footrest, in Red (RSP-110-RED)

Here is an affordable chair that got all the basic features you need from a gaming chair. Respawn Gaming Chairs are highly popular right now and sell a lot.


The Respawn gaming chair has a feature, not that commonly found in other chairs. As the backrest reclines the armrests move in sync with it. This adds some extra comfort for your arms when getting some rest while lying down.

  • Design and ergonomics – Gaming chairs are to support your posture, the Respawn chair with lumbar pillows and head cushion does just that. You can adjust the backrest for comfortable sitting or tilt it way back to a near-horizontal position if you need to relax.
  • Chair Size and Weight Rating – Dimensioned to provide comfort to occupants of about 6 feet and a bit, who put about 200 pounds on the scale. The chair itself has a maximum rating of 275 pounds, however, depending on how one is built, the chair may not be comfortable to such heavy occupants.
  • The backrest reclines to a near-horizontal position, really comfortable in combination with the footrest.
  • Armrests – can not be adjusted in hight but are in sync with the reclining backrest
  • Build on a steel frame that’s rated to support a maximum of 300 pounds, PU faux leather covers, Standard gas lift to adjust the seat height, Nylon chair base with casters.


  • Good deal with lots of features
  • Ergonomic design for comfort. Extra headrest and lumbar support cushion
  • Easy to clean and durable PU synthetic leather covers
  • Backrest adjustable from 90 to 155 degrees
  • Armrests are well padded
  • It has a footrest for those that like to stretch out on a chair.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on faults and material defects

Bottom Line

A rocking feature is something I would not want to miss as it adds to the comfort and is part of more dynamic sitting. But for a low price one can not expect premium features. The Respawn 110 gaming chair offers numerous adjustability features that make a couple of hours playing comfortable and enjoyable. The artificial leather covers are practical and easy to clean, the various color options look cool and fit every gamer’s paradise.

Overall a comfortable and practical gaming chair, that is really affordable, but probably not the choice of the hardcore  E-sports fan that demands the best.

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GTRacing Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair Big and Tall 350lb Gaming Chair Metal Base Adjustable Lumbar Cushion, High Back Ergonomic Leather Racing Computer Desk Executive Office Chair

The affordable GTRacing Gaming E-Sports Chairs are best-selling chairs. Available in different colors and an all-black version they are not only suitable as pure gaming chairs but also for office use.


Most of the Racing Style chairs look very similar in design and appearance. You have to look closely to see what sets them apart. GTRacing Gaming chairs can be adjusted in many ways to provide comfort. 

  • Ergonomic design – Hardly a chair these days that is not ergonomically designed to support the back when sitting for a long time. Additional head and lumbar cushions allow further adjustments to support the neck area and lower back
  • Chair dimensions – Comfort for people of average height and body weight. For petite people or people who are very big and tall, there are other chairs that provide better comfort
  • Adjustable backrest –  Reclines back to 170 degrees, a near-horizontal position
  • Armrests – can only be adjusted up and down
  • Build on a steel frame that’s rated to support a maximum of 300 pounds, PU faux leather covers, Standard gas lift to adjust the seat height, Nylon chair base with casters


  • Good value, lots of chair for little money
  • A range of colors available
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for comfort. Extra headrest and lumbar support cushion
  • Backrest adjustable and reclinable 
  • Easy to clean PU synthetic leather covers
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty  on workmanship and parts

Bottom Line

It’s impossible to find a low priced gaming chair of the highest quality. You have to compromise. This GTRacing Gaming E-Sports Chair just does that. Adequate comfort for people of average size and weight.

The price is clearly in the budget area, so the manufacturer has to cut costs somewhere. However, considering the ergonomic design, the number of features, and the comfortable seating in this chair, this is a great choice if you want to spend little money on a gaming chair.

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X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Leather Foldable Video Gaming Chair with Pedestal Base and Headrest for Adult, Teen, and Kid Gamers - High Tech Audio and Wireless Capacity - Ergonomic Back Support

This exciting gaming chair allows you to enjoy music through the speakers concealed in its headrest. It comes with an innovative subwoofer system that magnifies the quality of sound. Moreover, its pedestal base allows you to elevate, tilt and swivel for long-term comfort.


This gaming chair offers interactive audio features which makes it superior to other gaming chairs in terms of sound quality.

  • Wireless capacity – This gaming chair has a radio wireless receiver and a wireless transmitter that allow you to send audio files from any source to your gaming chair through a headset or RCA outputs.
  • Ergonomically adjustable base – Its base can be elevated, tilted and swiveled according to your preference.
  • Built-in control panel – The panel offers several features that optimize your gaming experiences such as split volume and bass controls. It also features some input and output jacks to link to other X Rockers for multiple game players.
  • Built-in speakers and AFM subwoofer – Two speakers are concealed in the headrest of the chair. Its subwoofer is powered by Audio Force Modulation (AFM) technology.


  • Superb sound quality – This gaming chair gives a realistic sound experience through its 2 speakers and a subwoofer powered by a 2.1 AFM technology.
  • Versatile – You have the option to connect your gaming chair with other X Rockers through its input and output jacks. This allows you to perform multi-player games with your friends. All the more, this chair can be used for other entertainment purposes aside from games, which includes movies and music.
  • Comfortable – This gaming chair has an ergonomic design that ensures optimum comfort. Its pedestal can also be tilted and swiveled for long-time comfort.

Things to be aware of

The chair tends to get squeaky after some time.

Bottom Line

If you are a gamer that wants to experience great sound immersion, then this gaming chair is for you. It also gives you the right comfort at a reasonable price.

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X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audi Pedestal Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Vibe SE Audi Vibrating Video Foldable Gaming Chair with Pedestal Base and High Tech Audio-Tilt & Swivel Design w/ Lumbar Support, Head & Arm Rests - Black/Red, 5125401

This versatile gaming chair can connect to any device with Bluetooth technology. It provides a great sound immersion with its AFM subwoofer system. It is available in red and black colors.


  • 1 AFM technology – The subwoofer comes with ‘2.1 AFM’ technology that allows you to experience great sound immersion. Together with built-in speakers, they offer a more intensifying and realistic sound.
  • Ergonomic design
  • The ergonomic design of this chair gives you optimum comfort. Built-in Bluetooth technology – This feature allows you to link your gaming chair with other devices, such as Xbox and PS4.
  • Multi-player capacity – You can link your chair with other models for multi-game plays through input and output jacks.


  • High-quality sound – With its 2.1 AFM subwoofer and speakers you can expect a high-quality sound experience.
  • Easy to assemble – Assembly is just easy as long as you follow the instructions manual. Make sure you have the right tools for assembling the parts, like screwdrivers.
  • Sturdy – This gaming chair has a robust structure that can guarantee long-term use. The material is quite durable. The base is strong enough to withstand body weight.

Bottom Line

If you like to play multi-player games then this gaming chair is perfect for you. Its speakers and subwoofer offer great sound quality for watching movies, listening to music and playing games and its strong ergonomic design guarantees maximum comfort.

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Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Style Swivel Chair

Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair, Black/Red

This chair gives a racing look with its black and blue color combination. It is made of high-quality materials that maximize comfort and style. Its base rests on 5 wheels to provide you steady support when moving constantly during intense moments of the game.


Its ergonomic design and features make it one of the best gaming chairs in the market.

  • Made of synthetic (PU) leather – This material allows you to clean the chair easily and sit on it comfortably. It gives a genuine leather look even though it is not made of real leather.
  • 360 Degree Swivel Rotation – This feature enables you to turn complete 360 degrees for more motion comfort.
  • Built-in gas spring – You can adjust the height of the chair according to your preference. You can level the chair according to the height of the table. This adds more comfort and convenience to playing games.
  • Seat tilts far backward – You can tilt the chair if you want to relax your back.


  • Lightweight
  • The chair weighs around 37.5 pounds and can be moved around easily because of wheels. Attractive design
  • The PU material gives it a genuine leather look. Moreover, the contours of the chair add style to its appearance.
  • Flexible

This chair can be rotated 360 degrees hence you can reach things at any angle without leaving your chair. Moreover, you can adjust its height to the required level.

Things to be aware of

The seat and back cushions do not have the same durability as genuine leather. Despite this drawback, the users are impressed with the style and comfort of this gaming chair.

Bottom Line

Choose this chair if you aim for style and comfort. This is definitely a good buy at a reasonable price.

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Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair High Back

Merax Ergonomic Gaming Chair High Back Computer Desk Chair Adjustable Swivel Office Chair w/Lumbar Support and Headrest Red

The ergonomic design of this reclining chair offers both comfort and functionality. Its body-hugging back provides remarkable lumbar support.


  • This chair has an aesthetic design and a good color scheme (white, blue, or red on black) that will go well with any decor.
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar pad – These features give more support to the area around neck and back. This makes you more comfortable when you sit for longer durations.
  • 360-degree swivel and pneumatic height adjustment – You can move the chair smoothly with its 360-degree swivel rotation. You can also adjust the height of the chair.
  • 90-160 degree reclining mechanism – You can recline as low as 160 degrees if you want to rest for a while. This is perfect for a short nap after playing a long game.
  • Curved armrests with soft cushion insert – This feature provides extra comfort when you rest your arms on the chair.


  • Luxurious style – The combination of dominant black and white, blue, or red accents give a luxurious feel to the whole chair. The synthetic leather material also contributes to its luxurious design. This makes it a beautiful addition to room decor.
  • Cozy – This chair offers cushions for the head and lumbar area making it very comfortable to sit in while playing games. It can also be used as a reclining chair for a short nap in between the games. Moreover, the armrests are padded and curved to give more comfort.
  • Adaptable – The height of the chair can be adjusted with its pneumatic height adjustment feature. It can also rotate 30 degrees for more motion security. You can also remove the headrest if you want.

Bottom Line

If you want to take a short nap after playing a game, then this chair is perfect for you. With its reclining mechanism, you can lower the back of the chair as low as 160 degrees.

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Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shift Mount

This racing style gaming chair provides both strength and comfort for racing simulations. It is a perfect piece of equipment for any racing and video game platform with its simple design, providing a near as possible to a real racing experience” in the comfort of your home.


Its ergonomic features give comfort for a long duration of playing games.

  • True car racing seat – This chair is designed to depict a real car racing seat with gear shifter mount found at the right side of the chair. It is designed ergonomically to give great support to the back, shoulders, and legs.
  • Compatible with any gaming consoles – This gaming chair can work well with any gaming console such as PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo. It is also compatible with PC games. Simply connect it and you can start a race simulation game.
  • Total adjustment control – This feature allows you to do all usual adjustment controls, like reclining back and gliding seat functions. Controls are also provided in moving the car forward, backward, upwards, and downwards.


  • Stable – The chair is made of polyester which gives enough stability to withstand frequent motions of users. The square tubing is also made of solid material and powder- coated to prevent corrosion.
  • Simple to assemble – This gaming chair can be assembled within 5 minutes. This is due to the fact that all needed tools for assembly are already included such as 2 crescent wrenches and 2 Allen wrenches.
  • Great racing setup

This gaming chair stays true of being a good racing seat simulator. It is complete with adjustment controls so you can recline and glide your seat. You can also get a complete racing setup with the inclusion of a gear shifter mount which is not included in most racing simulators.

Things to be aware of

Although this gaming chair includes a gear shifter mount, it doesn’t include a steering wheel, so you need to buy one separately.

Bottom Line

If you are a racing game enthusiast, this chair is ideal for you since it already includes a gear shifter mount. Moreover, it provides great stability with its durable seat construction plus comfort that you rarely find in most racing simulator chairs.

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So what is the best gaming chair?

The above chairs are just some recommendations on popular chairs that have been on the market for quite some time. For the latest additions, you may refer to the gaming chair reviews.

A good gaming chair is always highly recommended, not just for the serious gamer but for anyone who sits a lot. When you sit down for the first time in a quality ergonomic gaming chair, believe me, a “WOW” will usually be your first reaction. 

Don’t buy too cheap. Better invest a few more dollars and get a really good gaming chair – you back will thank you!