The Best Video Game Movie Licenses

A few franchises have significant reach in today’s gaming world, but none quite match a big movie tie-in. Throughout gaming history, a game released with a movie has sold well; it’s already a popular brand and has a head start in a crowded market. Often, a movie tie-in meant big sales whether a game was … Read more

AndaSeat Esport Festival!

AndaSeat, one of the world’s leading gaming chair brands, is pleased to announce the ANDASEAT ESPORT FESTIVAL from September 16th to October 7th, available exclusively on the AndaSeat official US and UK website. During the highly anticipated AndaSeat Esport Festival, there will be amazing discounts on AndaSeat gaming chairs, gaming desks, and kits up to … Read more

Esports And Why Gaming Is Good For You

is gaming good for you

We are always reading articles or listening to interviews from experts telling us to reduce the screen time that we allow ourselves and children to have while been caught up in the latest game online. After all, in a pandemic, there isn’t much else to do but introduce yourself into the world of gaming as … Read more

Gaming Chair Specials and Sales

Gaming Chair Specials and Sales

If you are looking for a new gaming chair or any other product, then it can never be wrong to look around for special offers first. The market pressure is high so there are always some sellers that have some gaming chair specials going. With a little research and price comparison, you can save a … Read more

The Best Video Games Based on Game Shows

Video games are a great way to live out a life that you can’t actually achieve. Whether stalking through the streets of Grand Theft Auto in the fastest cars or winning the Super Bowl thanks to EA Sports NFL franchise, your dreams can be realized when playing good quality video games. As the technology gets … Read more

How Many Mbps Is Good For Gaming?

how manz mbps do i need for gaming

I’m sure all gamers have been there, that moment when you move in for that game-clinching moment, you pull the trigger and… Your opponent disappears, suddenly he is behind you and in two or three swift seconds your health is zero and the game is lost. A stable and fast internet connection is crucial for … Read more

Future of the Gaming Chair

future gaming chair

Gaming chairs have become a huge business. Multiple manufacturers are releasing multiple models onto the market, seemingly on an almost daily basis. Manufacturers aren’t stupid, there is a reason that this upsurge is happening, the marketplace for them, like all things gaming and esports, is expanding at a huge rate. Gaming chairs have become a … Read more

How To Increase WiFi Range In Home

router network wifi range

Do you want to increase your WiFi range or simply have a stronger WiFi signal so that there is no longer lag when streaming or gaming? Modern households are full of devices that need to be connected to the internet. Unfortunately, even if you already have one of the best WiFi routers in the house, … Read more

Two Screens? Dual Monitors for Gaming

You have probably seen the concept of dual monitor gaming through almost all present streamers and it has come to be quite a debatable topic on why dual monitor gaming setups are superior to the traditional single monitor builds. In this article we will discuss what dual monitor gaming is and its distinct advantages and … Read more

Types of Gaming Monitors?

types of monitors

If you are a gamer then the process of selecting a gaming monitor can be quite a tedious procedure and often quite confusing. Their different specifications and customizations that are available from different brands along with their unique advantages and disadvantages can deter users from making a clear choice. Types of Gaming Monitors? We have … Read more